The endometrium is thin and it is difficult to get pregnant. Don’t toss the uterine environment!Effective pregnancy of traditional Chinese medicines

Ms. Zhang has not been able to succeed in two years of pregnancy. The husband’s sperm is fine during the examination, and the fallopian tubes are normal. I can’t find out which link is wrong, so I found me to confirm whether it was physical reasons.

During communication, I learned that Ms. Zhang had undergone abortion surgery. After the operation, the menstrual flow began to decrease sharply. Every time I couldn’t use a pack of sanitary napkins, after learning about this, I arranged for her to do a B -ultrasound and found that I found that I found that I found thatThe thickness of the uterine endometrium is only about 5. After continuous monitoring of the menstrual cycle next month, it is found that the endometrium is still thin.

According to Ms. Zhang’s clinical manifestations, tongue coating conditions and examination forms, she opened her prescription for her.To 9mm.Then he guided the rest of the room to get pregnant smoothly, and now the fetus is stable.

Good endometrium and high -quality embryo are two important conditions for successful pregnancy.The thickness of the endometrium determines the quality of the embryonic growth environment. If the endometrium is still very thin during ovulation, the chance of successful pregnancy will be greatly reduced.I have seen a lot of infertility patients who are very confused about this. Why do the endometrium become thinner?

In fact, there are many reasons that lead to thinning endometrium, including age factors, surgical operations, drugs to promote drugs, endometrial tuberculosis, genetic abnormalities, and so on.

Like Ms. Zhang was caused by abortion surgery to destroy the environment of the uterine cavity, more than 90%of the uterine cavity adhesion is the result of the abortion after abortion.During the repair process, the damaged endometrium will cause fibrous adhesion between the endometrium, which is directly manifested as the low menstrual flow and the failure of the embryo. In severe cases, it will cause recurrence and premature birth.

Uterine endometrium is a common disease of women. Under the influence of a certain estrogen, it cannot reach 7mm during an ultrasonic examination, and it will be judged as thin endometrium.In the case of insufficient endometrial conditions, the probability of pregnancy will be reduced. Even if it is successful, the risk of biochemical pregnancy, natural abortion, and ectopic pregnancy will increase accordingly.For women who assisted pregnancy in germ technology, the endometrium is too thin, and the embryo transplantation will also be canceled, which adds a double burden on patients with economic and psychological.

There are many ways to treat thin endometrium clinically. The common is estrogen supplement, and the intrauterine in the uterine cavity is used to enrich platelet plasma.

Estrogen therapy: currently commonly used orally, intramuscular injections or partial application of estrogen.

Polycin plasma (PRP): PRP is an extraction of platelet concentrated substances extracted after fresh blood is deducted. It contains a large number of growth factors, cytokines, protein and other substances, which are used to promote endometrial growth and embryo.By bed, increase the chance of pregnancy.

However, it should be noted that the harm of hormones is very large. Long -term use will lead to organ failure, the immune capacity decreases sharply, etc. It is not recommended to take it for a long time. If it has not been improved for more than 6 months, it needs to be adjusted. Surgical therapy is generally applied to the treatment therapy.The endometrium caused by endometrial adhesion and damage is thin. After the cold equipment can be treated under the laparoscopy, the anti -adhesion treatment can be performed.

The endometrium is a place for nourishing life. It is necessary to protect the endometrium from being damaged, so it is necessary to reduce unnecessary intrauterine operations.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause of the thin endometrium is a diverse syndrome, which is the kidney deficiency, the lack of blood, or qi stagnation and blood stasis, causing the cell palace to be adopted, and the child cannot be taken into a fetus.Kidney deficiency is the main cause of thin uterine endometrium. Therefore, the kidney is mostly used for conditioning in the treatment, and the thickness of the endometrium in the uterine endometrium is improved by improving the endometrial blood supply.

The endometrium is the soil where the fertilized eggs are bed. Its state determines whether it can be successful. Therefore, once the woman in the pregnancy is thin, it must be actively conditioned.

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