The endometrium is thickened, what should I do?

A fan asked me like this: I checked in the hospital, saying that the endometrium was thick.Some doctors suggest that the palace is cured. Some doctors recommend taking medicine. They do not want to sculpt the palace, nor do they want to take western medicine, and want to use the traditional Chinese medicine method to condition. What should I do?

Today I talk to you about the thickening of the endometrium.

The thickened endometrium is a disease detected by modern medicine. As the name suggests, the endometrium of the uterus is too thick.

What will happen if the endometrium is thicker?In my opinion, thicker is thicker. This is almost the same as the weight of the weight.

However, modern medicine does not think so. They believe that the thickness of the endometrium can affect pregnancy and may cause uterine cancer.EssenceEssenceetc.

Seriously, "uterine endometrium thick" is the name of western medicine. They are "professional". I am very unprofessional.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, is the endometrium thick?Who is so boring, go to test your endometrium thickness?

Excuse me: The endometrium is thick. Is it over if you open the palace?Do you have to grow again if you scrape it?Do you grow again?

What is the reason or result of the endometrium thickness?If you think about it with your feet: This is the result.

The endometrium thickness and uterine cancer are all results, okay?

If you really think that the endometrium is thick is a problem, let’s start with the reason for the reason, isn’t it?

If you do n’t have a problem, you want to control or suppress it.

So the question is, why is the endometrium thick?

In fact, the thickness of the endometrium of women has always changed dynamic.If you don’t believe it, you can test it once before menstruation, and then test it again after menstruation.

In other words, some people are diagnosed with thick endometrium, but they are actually misdiagnosed.

If you go for a check every time, and each time you are thick, you can try it after the examination next time, it may be normal.

In addition, the endometrium is thick and related to physical fitness.

There are three kinds of people, which are more prone to endometrium thickness.

In the first, people with heavy and dampness are prone to endometrium thickness.

The second type is that people with heavy weight and weight are prone to endometrium thickness.

Third, people with blood stasis are prone to endometrial thickness.

Why is this so?In fact, people who understand Chinese medicine understand it at a glance.

The endometrium is thick. In fact, it is also an empirical in nature. It should not be in the body.

What should I do in my body?It is nothing more than cold dampness, phlegm dampness, blood stasis.

Women are the best time to discharge blood stasis during menstruation, but because the uterus is too cold and too wet, it can not be discharged from blood stasis. There is no way.On the endometrium, slowly, the endometrium can only get thicker and thicker.

Therefore, in Chinese medicine, the method of thinning the endometrium is to find a way to discharge the cold and dampness, phlegm, and blood stasis in the body.

How do you discharge it?

I’m going to recommend soaking my feet again, because soaking my feet is not easy to make mistakes. I am really afraid that you have no concept of Chinese medicine at all. There is no basis at all.In the end, we also pushed responsibilities to others.

If it is a person with a very heavy cold and dampness, the first choice is the four inverse cold bubble feet.

If it is a person with heavy phlegm, the first choice is Chaiwitun Dan soup.

If it is a person with blood stasis, the first choice is Erdan Decoction feet. If the menstrual volume is small, the effects of the menstrual bubbles are doubled.

In addition, don’t stare at the thickness of the endometrium in your eyes, you have to regulate menstruation.

The endometrium is too thick or too thin, and has a lot to do with menstruation. When you adjust the menstruation normally, the thickness of the uterus is often normal.

How to adjust menstruation?In fact, it is nothing more than the cold and heat of the uterus.

Menstruation is the same idea. It is normal for the cold and heat to adjust the reality, and the problem is solved.

In addition to soaking feet, there are many ways to solve such problems in Chinese medicine. The most important thing is the direction and ideas. You know where to go, how to go, and it is naturally closer to the target.

Finally, remind everyone: The best idea of these detected problems is to start with conditioning constitution.

If you have a good constitution, many problems are solved.

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