The endometrium after the abortion is thin?Dr. Shandong: Eat the endometrium like this good food

The endometrium grows and falls off with the changes in the menstrual cycle, and the endometrium thickness standards are different in different periods, so if you want to consult my own endometrium thickness, you must remember to tell me that you areThe menstruation is checked on the first few days, so that you can make more accurate judgments!

The first day of menstruation began to calculate, until the day before the next menstruation was a complete menstrual cycle.

Determine whether the endometrium can meet the requirements of conception. It is generally recommended to check before and after the ovulation period. See if the thickness of the endometrium is synchronized with the development of follicles. The thickness of the endometrium when the B -ultrasound detects the follicle growth to 1.8cm or above the thickness of the endometrium reaches the thickness of the endometrium and above.More than 8mm is a relatively good state!

First of all, you must pay attention to the balanced nutrition, especially if you lose weight, you must pay attention to the diet of three meals during the conditioning endometrium, and eat more foods with high protein content, such as fish, lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, Especially for beans with rich plant estrogen, it is very important for promoting the growth of the endometrium!

The second is exercise. Exercise can effectively drive the blood circulation of the whole body. This is very helpful for promoting the metabolism and cell regeneration of the body, just as the body of our people is more "spicy", and any problems can be carried.It will be more conducive to endometrial growth!

In addition, you should pay more attention to rest. The stable and regular life and rest is more conducive to the stability of the overall endocrine level of the body, and it also plays a vital role in the recovery of the endometrium!

Is the body’s endocrine disorders?

Or is it due to pelvic adhesion?

Or did the uterine base layer of the uterine base many times?

Or is the congenital uterine developmental deformity?

If the endometrium caused by endocrine disorders cannot grow, look at the hormone level at different stages. Which stage of which hormone is not qualified, and then replenish it in targeted, so it is okay!

If the endometrium is thinner caused by pelvic adhesion, it is necessary to use surgery to clear the open adhesion and then use anti -adhesion drugs to achieve the purpose of treating the endometrium.

If the endometrium caused by multiple curetts of people cannot rise, it is necessary to consider whether it hurts the endometrium base layer.At this time, first look at the current hormone level. If there is a problem with hormone levels, you can refer to the treatment of endocrine disorders.If there is no problem with hormones, it is because there are more people who can’t rise in the endometrium. This kind of periodic medication needs to be performed during conditioning, and it slowly promotes the recovery and growth of its endometrium.-6 months, and continuous conditioning medication is needed during the conditioning process, so there are certain requirements for professionalism!

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