The emperor is pregnant, the world wonders#

The emperor was happy, this is really amazing news.One day, Yuan Min suddenly felt wrong because her menstruation had been postponed for half a month.So she summoned the doctor’s female van and asked her to give herself a pulse.When the pulse of Bamboo Bamboo, her face became strange.Yuan Min asked her: "What’s wrong?" Xuan Zhu replied: "Your Majesty, you are pregnant." This sentence surprised Yuan Min, and she couldn’t believe her ears.As a little emperor dressed as a man, Yuan Min often spoils different concubines in order to cover up his identity.Therefore, the concubines of each palace are very scared, because Yuan Min is pregnant now, which is easy to expose her identity.To avoid this, Yuan Min decided to drink saffron soup to abortion.However, before she had time to drink soup, she heard that Xiao Shuo was searching for her palace.Xiao Shuo is the regent king, and he has already controlled the real power. Now he is looking for the original condemnation of him.Yuan Min knows that if she does not take action as soon as possible, her plan will be broken by Xiao Shuo.Therefore, she asked the Bamboo Bamboo to make saffron soup immediately.She took the soup bowl and was about to drink, and Xiao Shuo came in.Xiao Shuo’s eyes swept through her medicine bowl, and the corners of her mouth were sneered.He knew that if Yuan Min really wanted to have a miscarriage, she would not drink this medicine.Therefore, he suspected what Yuan Min was covering up.Xiao Shuo said, "Do you want to come with a bowl? Maybe there will be surprises." Yuan Min replied: "No, I have decided to have a miscarriage." Xiao Shuo said with a smile: "If you really want to have a miscarriage, then I willLet’s help you. "Yuan Min froze, she didn’t understand Xiao Shuo’s meaning.Xiao Shuo said, "You don’t have to worry, I will let you have a safe abortion." Yuan Min was relieved after hearing his words.She knew that Xiao Shuo would not hurt her.She asked Xiao Shuo, "What plan do you have?" Xiao Shuo said, "You don’t need to care, just do it as I said." Yuan Min nodded, and she believed that Xiao Shuo would protect her safety.

Xiao Shuo told Yuan Min that he had been assassinated in the camp, and he smelled a special fragrance on the assassin.He has been looking for a month, but he has not found this fragrance.Until yesterday, he found the spice in the warehouse of the palace.He asked Yuan Min: "Do you know what this spice is used for?" Yuan Min shook her head, she didn’t know what the spices were useful.Xiao Shuo told her: "This kind of spice is used to make perfume." Yuan Min thought about it, and she felt that this kind of spice could be related to her concubine.So she told Xiao Shuo: "You can ask those concubines, maybe they know the purpose of this spice." Xiao Shuo nodded, and he decided to go to the concubines to ask.

Yuan Min’s queen Xie Yaohuan learned of this, and she came to Yuan Min to discuss.Xie Yaohuan told Yuan Min that she felt that this incident was related to a concubine.She asked Yuan Min: "Do you believe in me?" Yuan Min hesitated, but in the end she chose to believe Xie Yaohuan.She told Xie Yaohuan: "I will investigate this matter, but I need time." Xie Yao nodded, she knew that it was very important and could not be easily handled.

Xiao Shuo found the concubine, and he asked her, "Do you know the purpose of this spice?" The concubine was frightened, and she didn’t know what she had done wrong.She told Xiao Shuo: "I don’t know the purpose of this kind of spice. I just got something in accordance with the order." Xiao Shuo knew she was lying, but he had no evidence.He told the concubine: "You’d better tell the truth, otherwise I will let you pay the price." The concubine did not dare to conceal, she told Xiao Shuo: "This kind of spice is used to make perfumeKnowing why it appears here. "Xiao Shuo heard her, he felt that it was not easy.He decided to continue the investigation and find out the truth behind the scenes.

Yuan Min knew that this was very worried about it afterwards. She knew that this could not be dragged down anymore.She decided to take action to prevent Xiao Shuo from continuing to investigate.So she made people kill the concubine, but her plan failed.Xiao Shuo knew about it in advance. He took someone to the scene and saved the concubine.

Yuan Min was very angry, and she decided to take it in person to solve this problem.She found the concubine and was ready to kill her.But she found that the concubine was not the real murderer, and she was used.

After investigation, Yuan Min finally found the true murderer behind the scenes.It turned out that some people wanted to overthrow Xiao Shuo through this, but they did not expect that things would become so complicated.Yuan Min decided to seize this person and clear suspicion for himself.

In the end, Xiao Shuo solved the problem, and he proved his innocence.Yuan Min also understands the truth: the greater the power, the greater the responsibility.She decided to manage the country well and no longer be as willful as before.

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