The elementary school student "Pregnancy" is on fire, teacher is speechless, netizens: This child is too imaginative

Throughout the developed countries, they have put the imagination and creativity of cultivating children in a very important position, which also ensures that those countries will have sufficient reserve talents in the future.

As a rising star, we should work hard on the cultivation of these two capabilities to create a social atmosphere of emphasis on imagination and creativity.Only in this way can we chase or even surpass developed countries in the future to maintain the vitality and development momentum of the country.

Our Chinese nation has a history of 5,000 years.In ancient times, there were four inventions and four masterpieces.This shows that we have a very good gene, and once we have launched the wings of imagination and creativity. With the spirit of hard work, I believe that the Chinese nation will show wings to the forest of the world.Intersection

For children, their imagination and creativity are very rich, and their ideas are more divergent.As parents, they cannot limit their thinking and destroy their imagination prematurely, so that they will limit them to their small range prematurely, and it is difficult to innovate any more.

Children’s imagination is very rich, and they can fully reflect their writing. Elementary school students really have anything.And it makes people feel particularly interesting. There is a elementary school student who wrote a composition called "Pregnancy". After reading it, people laugh.

Because my mother told me that the child would get pregnant lightly, the child was particularly embarrassed, because he accidentally kissed the dog.The puppy is pregnant, so he is very doubtful whether the puppy’s child is him.

People can’t help crying and laughing. After laughing, they also came to a conclusion that children could not fool him casually.

Because it is easy to cause something unexpected, and their thinking is more divergent, so after thinking about what the mother said, it will be sad for several days.

In addition to being unable to get rid of the child, children can easily tell some truths, and they will not think like adults, and they will not hurt others.

For example, there is a elementary school student. He wrote an essay called "My little aunt". There are some good words in it that they do not write, they are replaced by Pinyin, but we can still understand what the child wrote.This child is really too honest.

1. The standard answer also limits the child’s imagination

You should leave a space and freedom for your child appropriately, so that the child’s imagination and creativity will be more abundant, but it is a pity that the Chinese children’s ability to calculate according to the survey is particularly strong.But imagination and creativity are countdown.

The mathematical ability is relatively strong because we will learn a lot of oral calculation skills when we are in elementary school.But children lack imagination because when they are very young, all questions will have a standard answer.

Tell your child what is the right answer and what is reasonable, so the child’s prematurely frame in the frame.Therefore, children will only do it according to the standard answer, and they lack a lot of imagination.

2. The importance of imagination

Imagination is very important, because there are many things that need to be imagined in order to realize it as a dream, and the imagination will also promote the progress of the world. It is also the beginning of creativity. Only when people come out and then people will create changes to changethis world.

If you only know how to read books, it is easy to become a nerd in the end, and it is difficult to become a particularly excellent creator. Children will have unlimited possibilities since childhood, so children should have unlimited imagination.

Many parents thought about it, how can they improve their children’s imagination?This has a very direct relationship with parents. Like many Western countries, children’s imagination will be particularly rich and have strong creative ability.

If you want to improve your child’s imagination, you can start from these aspects:

1. Do not give your child standard answers

When the child is still young, there is no need to give the child a unified answer to the child, and parents do not have to observe the children’s books.

This is the idea of standard answers. Some strange ideas of children must be encouraged and affirmed, so that children can have more imagination and creativity.

2. Let children come into contact with some electronic products

Now you can find that no matter where you go, you can see a lot of children, holding a mobile phone in playing games or playing with mobile phones, children can easily be fixed by the contents inside.

Children should read more books, because reading can allow people to think about problems, imagine, and make children’s imagination and memory better.

3. Guide children’s freedom imagination

Every child is born with a blank piece of paper, and is full of curiosity about the world, and there will be 100,000 why.

When the child asked the parents’ questions, the parents should not be impatient and should actively respond and encourage them to guide the child and find the answer through their own ideas.Essence


The children are really naive, their imagination is very rich, and they can treat anything as a prop that they can think of. They can create anything they imagine. The creativity is not exclusiveBabies have potential, creativity imagination is the basis for children to learn and develop and grow in the future. The "naughty" child’s continuous exploration behavior shows that they are working hard to cultivate their various potentials.Power and imagination space.

Children’s imagination is very precious, and they must let them look at the outside world from the age of 6 before the child 6, and don’t hold a mobile phone all day.

Parents should also guide their children to think more, use more brains, develop their children’s brains, and allow them to have more imagination and creativity.

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