The elderly wife had just been pregnant for a month, and her husband even wanted his wife to give birth to divorce, and the father -in -law even supported

"He wants to divorce."

"Without half a year of marriage, he was going to divorce, and he didn’t have half a year. He wanted to divorce! He thinks a person is good, and then he thinks he can meet a good woman in the future."

Wang Sui is 36 years old. She has been married to her husband for many years and has never had birth.In August of this year, she finally checked her pregnancy, but her husband was abnormal, not only did he not want this child, but he proposed a divorce with her.It stands to reason that both husbands and wives are first married and have no children.At first, she ended her pregnancy because of an accident, and now she was pregnant. Her husband Lin Kun even asked her to give up the child?So, what did Wang Sui’s husband Lin Kun think?

Wang Sui

"He wants to divorce."

"Without half a year of marriage, he was going to divorce, and he didn’t have half a year. He wanted to divorce! He thinks a person is good, and then he thinks he can meet a good woman in the future."

Wang Su said frankly that for half a year of marriage, her husband proposed a divorce because he had no freshness. Later, after running -in, they all agreed to have a child to stabilize their feelings.Now that he is pregnant, the husband has proposed another divorce and even moved away from the original rental house.So what happened between husband and wife?

Wang Sui’s husband Lin Kun, when he saw his wife’s arrival, he ran away, and Wang Sui also chased his belly in the back. At the same time, he kept away from his husband and did not dare to approach.Good luck comes, why did Lin Kun escape?

Lin Kun

"I am pregnant, who knows if it is my child?"

"I don’t admit it anyway. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do this. She couldn’t move me to lose money. What kind of husband, don’t talk about these two words. I listen to it."

"I have been married for so many years, and I have always been divorced. I have been divorced in the fourth year of this year."

"She was pregnant, and I was pregnant with her to get married and married her. I didn’t care about it." I ignored it. "

Lin Kun and Wang Sui did not have the emotional foundation. In 2015, they married and married.After getting married, his wife had an unexpected abortion. He proposed too much, but Wang Sui had been entangled.But if you have a divorce, why did they live together for four years?How can Lin Kun turn a blind eye now?

"A person who has no ability to eat, one does not cook, and does not go to work.

"Editor, multiple points."

"Have you ever done in class?"

"Why not?"

"Also work, three days of fishing and two days to dry the net."

Lin Kun said that since he got married, his wife’s work was three days of fishing, two days of sunbathing, and did not bear housework at home. Making money and life were Lin Kun alone.

"She wants me to disconnect with my family. My parents don’t want it, go to you. My parents didn’t find her noisy, the second didn’t find her to make trouble, and the third didn’t find her trouble. She also scolded my parents."

Lin Kun said that his wife was strong and repeatedly blocked him to contact his parents, but Wang Sui said that it was because his in -laws had for a long time to ask his son for money, but the elderly was obligated. How could this become a difference between husband and wife?At this time, Lin Kun suddenly became emotional,

"You have to jump off the building when you can’t move."

"He hit someone, do you not beat people, do I call me 110?"

Lin Kun’s impulsive personality, and Wang Sui deliberately irritated her husband many times.So, what contradictions between husband and wife will cause the relationship to deteriorate to this extent?

Lin Kun is 35 years old and Wang Sui is 36 years old.In April 2015, they met in the wedding agency. After exposure to one month, they became husband and wife.Because Wang Sui was pregnant at the time, they were married.In the past four years, Lin Kun learned to play a competent husband. He gave all his income to his wife, and he was also responsible for his father -in -law.So, now, why is his wife who is pregnant, why is he so indifferent?Today, Wang Sui finally got pregnant. Why did Lin Kun insist on divorce?What is the relationship between the differences between Lin Kun’s absence of the elderly?

"The two of us were recognized by the marriage agency. At that time, it was equivalent to saying that they were conscious and wanted to be a home. It happened to be introduced by the wedding agency. After three months of getting along, I received a certificate.In all aspects, there is a problem, and he has a bad temper. "

In March 2015, Wang Sui and Lin Kun met in the marriage. At that time, Wang Sui, 32, wanted to enter the marriage as soon as possible at May 4, 2015. After spending three months, they married.EssenceThe marriage of a hasty marriage is an endless contradiction.

"He is now affected by his parents, maybe affected by his father?"

"His father wanted him to divorce, he asked him to come back, raise his parents, his wife can change."

"His father’s meaning said, I have raised your younger child. You also raise my old, just let him not be a family in the future. If you have a wife, you will be an elderly wife.Mom, you must raise it, you have to manage it. "

Wang Su said frankly that because of support, his in -laws also supported his son’s divorce. As the only son of the family, Lin Kun was now difficult to get pregnant. Why do the elderly support their divorce?

"I think if I have no problem, I will not fall to this day."

"If I speak no problem, I won’t marry him."

It turned out that from the beginning, Lin Kun was not Wang Sui’s best candidate, but her congenital cleft lip and palate, for this reason, she reduced her own mate selection criteria.Because she was unclear, she did not have a job for more than three months.Similarly, in her emotional life, this has also become her fatal weakness.However, since the husband and wife have been concluded, the two sides must accept the deficiencies of each other. Why should the husband now give up his wife and children for his parents?

"In the past four years, she has induced the output twice and miscarriage twice. The doctor said something ambiguous, and she hurriedly induced the labor."

"I told him, even if you were born with shit."

It turned out that Lin Kun had always wanted to have a child, but in the four years of marriage, Wang Sui had miscarriage twice and induced labor twice.This behavior has made the relationship between husband and wife’s deep feelings weaker.Until 2017, his wife banned him from visiting his father, and the relationship between the husband and wife completely broke.

"My dad’s three rib fractures. My dad said that I asked me to go to the hospital to see him. She would not let me go, and she didn’t tell me why I would not let you go. She did not, she just had you at home every day.My parents’ birthday, she won’t let me go back. She said, "You don’t need to go back, what are you going back, you go back to ask for money, how can you give money to the family, I have no money myself.""

Since getting married, because his wife was unwilling, he rarely returned to his hometown to visit his parents.In 2017, his father was accidentally fractured and his life was hanging, but his wife blocked it and did not agree with Lin Kun to visit his father, which completely ruptured their feelings.But this time, Wang Sui was pregnant again. This is an opportunity to repair their feelings. What will the Lin family’s parents attitude?

Lin Kun is an older young man in his hometown. He finally got married. With a child, the family attaches great importance to it, but he did not expect to become a empty.Downstairs, Lin’s father trembled out of the room. Father Lin was more than 60 years old this year. The most unacceptable thing for the Lin family was the daughter -in -law regardless of others and induced labor.From the beginning of joy to the end of his expectations, the Lin family began to question this marriage.

Lin Kun’s father

"When Guiyang was hospitalized, we called him (Lin Kun), and she wanted to sign it. She would not let him come, only sign."

When his father needed help most, Lin Kun did not show up in order to maintain the relationship between husband and wife. He felt guilty and regretted it because of the accumulation of these grievances.The parents of the Lin family are not optimistic about this marriage.So why is Wang Suo so exclusive to his father -in -law?What is the reason for her to terminate her pregnancy three times?

"Ask our family to ask for money in a year, you might as well ask outside."

"Because there are many parents, he will post it back. He will not ask his children. Many people around me. Their parents will help. The children will not ask him to divorce."

Wang Sui was born in a working family.His father has a stable retirement salary, and his sister also has stable jobs. Not only does the family not need her to support it, they can even help her life.And Lin Kun is the only son in the family in the countryside. He wants to end the elderly for the elderly. The difference in essence of thought makes their marriage thorns.

"We have no ability, if he takes 10,000 a month, then I am willing."

"I think we should not get married at the beginning. He should find a woman who works like him, or that woman is willing to raise their family. He should meet another person, and I should meet one.The man’s parents don’t need to raise him. "

When Wang Sui was young, her mother died. She was the little daughter in the family. Coupled with congenital disability, her father and 14 -year -old sister held her in the palm of her palm until she became old, and hoped that she also hoped that she also hoped that she hoped thatCan find a life that can rely entirely.However, the road was selected by herself. Since she has been married, why should she destroy the child’s advent again and again?

"Two times have to induce labor and have sickness. What doctors say, say that there is a problem with genes, and if you give birth in the future, there will be a lot of diseases, and it takes a lot of money."

Because of the congenital disability, Wang Suo has suffered a lot of psychological blows. She hopes that her children will not repeat the same mistakes, so she becomes careful, sensitive and fragile.But now she is pregnant again. When marriage goes to the cliff, how will she choose?

"Then I won’t attract, even if there is a problem, I won’t be attracted. I want to let him raise it, so that he will continue to invest in it every month."

When the marriage came to an end, when the hatred blinded her eyes, Wang Sui became paranoid and extreme, but no matter what contradictions between the husband and wife, the children were innocent, so what should their marriage go in the end.

After the mediation, Wang Sui voluntarily reached an agreement with Lin Kun.Third, Lin Kun promised to compensate Wang Sui 40,000 yuan.Drive the other party’s family life and work.Both sides must not regret it.Wang Sui and Lin Kun agreement, before the end of the month, the two parties went through the divorce procedures and terminated pregnancy. Lin Kun paid Wang Sui’s divorce fee of 40,000 yuan within two years.After the mediation, Wang Sui sent a message to Lin Kun, informing the regret.She will give birth to the child and give it to Lin Kun to raise it.In fact, marriage should be to achieve each other, rather than torture each other.When a marriage becomes a shackles, what the husband and wife should do to solve the problem, not to intensify contradictions and hurt each other.It is hoped that Wang Sui can consider clearly that the child is not a tool for you to retaliate. As a mother, he should fulfill his duties and create a good growth environment for the child.Only by letting you go and treat your loved ones can you be able to.Real happiness.

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