The early pregnancy is low and harmful, and the fetus wants to make the fetus more peaceful, but the pregnant mother must hold it up

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For women who are pregnant for the first time, it may be strange when it comes to "progesterone", but for women with slightly experienced experience, they are familiar with progesterone, especially in the early pregnancy.Pregnant mothers, "progesterone" is no stranger to them, because the progesterone is low, and the harm in all aspects is very large. In order to make the progesterone value rise, the pregnant mothers will also be guiding the doctor’s guidance to the doctor’s guidance.All kinds of efforts.

In the first three months after pregnancy, if the progesterone in the pregnant mother is low and a little unexpected during this period, the fetus may not be kept, so the pregnant mother cannot be careless at all.

After pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, if you want to know the development of the fetus, just look at the progesterone value to some extent.Therefore, some knowledge about progesterone must be known for pregnant mothers.

The cause of low progesterone

Low progesterone is caused by insufficient luteal secretion in pregnant mothers.During this period, if the pregnant mother does not take external force measures, the fetus will probably have an accident.Other pregnant mothers have low progesterone, which are their own luteal function abnormalities. If this is the reason, it is easy to recur on abortion after pregnancy.It is recommended to treat women before pregnancy, otherwise the luteal deficiency caused by this reasons, and too much progesterone in the later period is not helpful to the fetus.

I have a girlfriend. When I was pregnant, about a month or so, I found that there were brown secretions in the private parts. Later, I went to the hospital for examination to find out that the progesterone in the body was low and signs of stems.After taking it for a week, the secretion was gone.It is still recommended to be pregnant mothers, especially in the early pregnancy, if you find abnormalities, when you are not sure what is the reason, it is best to find a professional doctor for herself and treat themselves, so that you will not be in danger.Essence

The role of progesterone (the harm of low progesterone)

Welcomes can help the fetus "take root" in the uterus of the pregnant mother more securely

Perfect ketone secretion can inhibit uterine contraction on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can help the fetus absorb sufficient nutrition.If the pregnant mother has the problem of lack of progesterone, it will affect the bed in the fertilized eggs, and the problem of threatened abortion will occur, and the serious may directly cause abortion.

Determine fetal development based on progesterone values

In the early pregnancy, doctors will judge the development of the fetus through the condition of the pregnant mother’s body.After the early pregnancy, after the fetus is stable, the effect of progesterone will gradually decrease, but the effect of progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy is still very important. This pregnant mother must not be underestimated.

Determine whether it is ectopic pregnancy based on progesterone

Under normal circumstances, if the early pregnancy examination is found, the progesterone value is greater than 25ng/ml, which means that the fetus is healthy.The progesterone value in the pregnant mother exceeds 15ng/ml, and most of them can exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.If the progesterone value is less than 5ng/ml, the fetus can basically be determined to be stopped.Therefore, the progesterone value is too low, and the harm is also conceivable.

Do you know about these knowledge about progesterone?Pregnant mothers must pay attention to early pregnancy.


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