The drinks here are classified!Do you often drink C and D?Shanghai people quickly investigate!

the weather is getting hotter,

All kinds of beverages naturally become

Everyone’s dissolution artifact.


Some netizens share on Xiaohongshu

Buy drinks in Singapore,

I found that there is a level label on the beverages,

They are A, B, C, D, respectively, respectively,

for example:

Wangzi Milk: C Class C

Starbucks Cabcino: C -Class C

Master Kang Rock Sugar Sydney

Master Kang Rock Sugar Red Grapefruit

All levels D

Master Kang Bingli Tea

According to different tastes

Divide A, C -Class, and D Class

Arctic Ocean Soda: D Class D

What does these levels mean?

Netizens said in the post,

"This is divided according to the nutritional composition and health level,

D -levels are unhealthy,

Class C should also drink less."

Singapore beverage label hierarchical new rules will be implemented on December 30, 2022. It is required to retail pre-packaged drinks containing higher sugar and trans fats in Singapore.Nutri-Grade-related advertisements.

According to regulations, more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 ml of beverages and 1.2 grams of saturated fat belong to C -Class. Saturated fats above 10 grams and saturated fats above 2.8 grams are C -levels (proper sugar fats exceed the standard).

(Note: The sugar content and trans fat content must meet a level standard at the same time to mark the corresponding level. If it is not satisfied, take the lowest value.)

These two -level beverages must be labeled on the packaging, while the healthier A and B -level drinks must not be printed.

Put a few more here

You will see drinks everyday:

Kirin afternoon black tea: C -Class

Bao Mining: C Class

Nongfu Spring Tea π: C -Class C Class

Wang Laoji: C Class

Coconut tree brand coconut juice: C -Class

Pure Zhen Yogurt: D Class D

Yangle Duo: D Class

Vitamin Lemon Tea: D -Class

Is there something unexpected?

Netizens just called:

A I’m afraid it is not just boiled water, right?

Aidou can collapse the room, and drinks can not be

Many netizens think this label is very effective

Can help everyone improve health awareness

Call on China to do it

Some netizens also think

Such a label does not play any role

It is healthy, can I not know.

And netizens science

Without this level,

The same is true to see the ingredient table

Just look at the nutritional component table. In China, you can always believe in the ingredient table and the nutritional component table.Drinking sweeteners are generally sucrose, fructose syrup, and Anti.Then look at the sugar content in the nutritional composition table.

You can see the ingredients of the ingredients. The most ingredients are the most. For example, the first is that the second is that the white granulated sugar is absolutely exceeded.

It is said that this wave of oriental leaves have won numb!

Oriental leaves: Class A

Sancha Lilong Tea: Class A Class A

When you see the grade of Wahaha adal milk

Many netizens also said:

It seems that I have blame it before!

Arrange a couple ~


Wahaha adal milk: B level B

It is worthy of Xu Lei’s favorite during his lifetime!

Also in B -levels:

Vitality Forest: Class B

Pulse: Class B

Some netizens exposed

More detailed product forms ↓

Some netizens are doubtful

Pure milk is marked with C level

It doesn’t seem to be healthy:

It is worth noting here that this rating standard is divided according to the sugar content and fat amount. There is no other nutrients such as protein. All -fat milk contains lactose and fat content. ThereforeUnhealthy.


Some Singapore netizens said

In the supermarket,

Everyone cares about

"Fat House Happy Water" Coca -Cola

There is no labeling?

What level do you think it should be?

Do you usually like to drink drinks?

Do you care about the sugar content in the drink?

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