The dream you make may be what you say in the viscera


How is the mysterious dream?Does different dreams explain what and what are the signs?For thousands of years, people have been trying to solve this mystery with various doctrines.Obviously, dreams are extremely complicated life phenomena, and the cause of its formation is extremely complicated.Today, after long -term research, medical experts have found that except for psychological factors, some repeated nightmares have indeed a sign of warning.Today’s article, let’s talk about different dream transmission information from the perspective of vigor and qi deficiency -the dream of vibrant dreams

The dreams caused by the vigor of vitality are mainly yin, strong yang, strong yin and yang, upper and prosperous, flourishing, hunger, very full, liver qi, lung strong, strong heart, strong temperament, kidney qi, strong kidney qi, Fourteen types of shortworms and long worms.

(1) The dream of vigor

The "Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic" was the earliest from the perspective of clinical physiology, and the main medical code of later generations was extended on the basis of this.For example, "Suwen · Pulse Essence Theory" and "Lingshu · Nihiro and Evil Dream" both talk about the dreams caused by various vitality.The water is yin, so the dream is involved in the large water; the fire is yang, so the dream is burning.Meng Xiang killing is the phenomenon of yin and yang "the image of fighting".The yin and yang attributes of dreams are reflected in the relationship between yin and yang in the body. With the lens of yin and yang in the body, we can look at the pathological changes of the human body.

Dreaming of flying, fluttering, climbing high, etc., mostly "three highs" such as dizziness, tinnitus, headache.

Dreaming of crying, chest tightness, breath, asthma, etc., often suffer from chronic bronchitis and emphysema, fears suggest lung swelling.

Dreaming of joy and timidity, reminding youth.

Dreaming that the lumbar spine is separated and connected, it is prompted that the kidneys are strong.

Dreaming of everyone gathering, reminding that there are many shortworms in the abdomen.

Dreaming of fighting and damage, it is prompted that there are many long worms in the abdomen.

(2) Dream evidence and adjust the viscera

"Lingshu · Dream of Essence and Evil" explores the dream of the five internal organs: "The liver is full of dreams, and the lungs are full of dreams and crying.As a result, the kidney qi is strong and the lumbar spine is not solved. "Therefore, we should correctly identify the internal organs, cold and heat and reality of the disease, and at the same time, we must pay attention to the relationship between the dream syndrome and the viscera.Origin, timely treatment.If the mind is not enough, it should benefit the spirit of the gods, the insufficient heart should nourish the blood and the god, the heart and kidney do not interact with the traffic, the heart and kidney, the guilty conscience should be stunned, soothe the nerves, and the heart fire should clear the heart.

(3) Five internal organs and dreams

1.Liver qi is full of dreams.The liver hides the soul.

2.Sheng Meng Shan smiled.The heart hides the gods, is happy, laughed at the sound, and the heart pulse is not smooth, so dreams are endless.

3.The lung qi is full of dreams, crying, and flying.The lungs are the main qi, the breath of the department, and the lungs are crying.

4.Dream of Meng Gele, no body weight.The spleen is hidden, and when the sound is the song, the function of the spleen is abnormal, then the water and wetness are stagnant in the muscles, and the dream body cannot be lifted.

5.Kidney qi Sheng Meng Dream Lumbar Spine is not a solution.The waist is the house of the kidney, so the kidney is full of lumbar spine without connecting.Dream of Qi Deficiency

The dreams caused by the five internal organs are mainly five types: lung qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency, liver qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency, and temper deficiency.

(1) The dream of qi deficiency

There are four o’clock and five elements in the sky, that is, Chunsheng, Xia Chang, autumn harvest, and winter Tibetan.Winter is the cold of water, summer is fire, autumn is golden, spring is wooden wind, long summer is soil wet.There are four five elements in nature, while people have five internal organs, which turn five qi.Wrath and anger, cold and summer injuries.If people are angry and have no control, and excessive cold and summer, they will inevitably be unsure, "five labor and seven injuries".People with emotional instability, moody, naturally affect the visceral function.Those who are nervous or excited often have the unfortunate results of extremely sadness.Because the heart is affected, and the function of the heart is to treat blood veins, then this person must look embarrassed and listless.The natural pessimistic person will inevitably lead to the affected lungs, breathing and skin hair, then this person will have rough skin, hair falling off without luster.This is also what we mentioned earlier affecting the five internal organs.However, the unhealthy of the five internal organs will not only show the appearance of people, but also reflect in the dream during sleep.Such as dreaming of white items, tragic things, or dreaming of killing, bleeding, lung qi deficiency; dreaming of a boat boat drowning, kidney qi deficiency; dreaming of bacteria fragrant grass, liver qi deficiency; dreaming of fire and seeing seeing the fire;The sun or thunderbolt is the deficiency of the heart; dreaming for insufficient diet, for the body deficiency.

(2) Make up its decay

In response to the deficiency of qi deficiency and yin and yang, there are insufficient damage to the yin or yang, such as yin deficiency, yang deficiency or yin and yang deficiency, etc., the method of supplementing its deficiency should be used to prevent and control."The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Scriptures" said: "The aura of less qi is a dream, and it is extremely fascinating." Zhang Jingyue’s "Sutra · Dream" notes "Sanyang isolated, and the yin is losing to the top; the three yin is weak;Lost below. "Yin and yang qi deficiency cannot be biochemical, leading to various dream syndrome.If yin qi deficiency cannot control the yang, the dream of deficiency and yang of yin deficiency and yang will be used to make yin to control the yang; yang qi deficiency cannot control the yin, and the dream of yin and cold should be made to make yinIf you are Xu Xu, you should make up the yin and yang.

(3) Five internal organs qi deficiency and dream

1.People with qi deficiency often dream of metal blades and chopping chickens and ducks.But if you dream in autumn (autumn), you will dream that the two soldiers fight or fight with others.

2.People with kidney qi deficiency often dream of swimming by drowning by boat.If you dream in winter (winter belongs to water), you will dream that you are afraid of panic in the water or ice and snow.

3.People with qi deficiency often dream of strange flowers and mushrooms.But if you dream (spring belongs to the wood) in spring, you will dream of hiding in Mao Lin’s dense leaves and deep mountain jungles.

4.People with a heartwife often dream of burning paper or men’s positives.However, if you dream (summer fire) in the summer, you will dream of burning the mountains and fire fighting.

5.People with faint temper often dream of being hungry, or those who have died to eat and talk.However, in August and September, he dreams of building a house and burying bricks to build a house and fill the soil.

Xiaobian warm reminder

These dreams mentioned in the article can only be used as a reference for physical condition, and only when it is repeated can it make sense. Don’t be too right to get in the same place ~~

Recommended books

"Yi Yi Xie Meng Dream"

In this book, the author interprets the relationship between dreams and health in detail, tells you what dreams have been done, what diseases are heralded, and how to recuperate.Some dreams may be reminding us -the body is "sick".

In the human body, there is a strict "receiving and receiving information library and alarm device". Once a bad information is received, or the internal environment (biological clock) disorders, the disease occurs, and the alarm frequently sends a signal.) Of course, the human body also has strong disease resistance, so it often covers the potential of the disease.Meng Zhao can reveal pathological information early. The early discovery of potential dynamics of hidden dangers is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the hiding disease, which will inevitably help promote the overall upgrade of medical diagnosis.

This book can help you achieve the five major balance of the human body: ① mental sanitary balance of psychological; ② physiological balance of five internal organs; ③ spiritual nervous system and endocrine system balance;The balance between environment and nature of nature.(For details, please click "Learn more" below)

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