The doctor advised: Tomato fried eggs, try not to put "this thing", have you done right?

Tomato is an important vegetable, with a global output of 11.71 tons, exceeding other vegetable crops.China is considered to be fresh tomato and processing tomatoes.

Many people only know that tomatoes can be fried and can be eaten raw, but fresh tomato fruit can be used as medicine. Its taste is sour, sweet, and slightly cold.There is the function of life -threatening thirst, healthy stomach and eliminating food.

The carotene, vitamin C, and B vitamins in the tomato are all needed by the human body, especially the lycopene inside, which can be more antioxidant, so many people like to eat tomatoes and eggs.

Beauty and beauty

The carotene and lycopene in the tomato helps to flatten the wrinkles, so that your skin is delicate and smooth. The lycoma in the tomato can also resist oxidation, help protect the whitening skin, and it is not easy to suffer from skin cancer.

Spleen and stomach

Needless to say, the nutritional nutrition of tomatoes and eggs. The rich dietary fiber and various vitamins and minerals are effective. It also effectively promotes gastrointestinal motility, improves patients’ appetite, and achieves the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Nourish yin

The nutrients contained in tomatoes and eggs are relatively abundant. Eating tomatoes fried eggs properly during pregnancy can help you supplement protein, while supplementing lecithin, promoting milk secretion, and strengthening the development of fetal brain and nourishing the fetus.

Protective cardiovascular

Eat more eggs, cholesterol is easy to rise. However, tomatoes are rich in lycopene, but can soften blood vessels and protect the cardiovascular. Tomatos and eggs can better avoid the disadvantages of cholesterol.

The reason is that MSG contains a large amount of glutamic acid, and eggs also contain this type of substances. Therefore, it is best not to put MSG again when cooking tomatoes.

People like to eat tomatoes fried eggs, on the one hand because of rich nutrition, on the other hand, because the dish is more delicious. If it is put into MSG, it will cover the deliciousness of the tomato itself and even destroy the nutrition of the dish.In addition to the fried eggs of tomatoes, there are some vegetables that do not need to add MSG in the cooking process;

First of all, it contains alkaline raw materials, because I have foreseen and transformed into sodium dieyic acid, which produces ammonia water odor.

Secondly, the broth cooking soup itself has the characteristics of freshness, fragrance, and clear. The use of MSG will cover up the taste and the dishes are not unsatisfactory.

Furthermore, acidic vegetables, such as sweet and sour vegetables, are not suitable for MSG. In the acidic environment, MSG is not easy to dissolve. The greater the acidic dissolution, the less difficult it is, and the worse the effect of umami flavor.

Finally, when cooking, you should add MSG after the pan. At high temperature, MSG will be decomposed as sodium twisted apertamate, that is, sodium dehydronate, but it will endanger health.

In fact, whether it is raw or cooked, it has a certain amount of nutritional value, but eating raw eating is higher, and different cooking methods are also suitable for different people.

The nutrients contained in raw tomatoes are not affected by high temperature. After the tomatoes are cooked at high temperature, some vitamin C and other nutrients will be lost.In the case of ensuring that the tomatoes are not polluted, tomatoes are suitable for most people to eat raw.

However, pay attention to the low gastrointestinal function of the elderly, insufficient digestive ability of children, and not suitable for eating tomatoes in an empty stomach. It is best to make dishes by cooking or fried.Get most of the nutrients.

Many people like to peel off the skin when they eat tomatoes. They always feel that there are pesticide residues on tomatoes, but in terms of tomatoes, there are very few pesticides. There is no need to worry about this problem.The tomato skin is very thin. Generally, the lycopene in tomatoes will not be lost.

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