The day before the woman was engaged, the woman was found to be pregnant, but her boyfriend questioned that he was not born, but shocked him.

On July 13, 2016, it was a day when a couple in Loudi Jiang Bing and Zhou Zicong were preparing to engage in engagement, but the results were very disappointed and angry.

The reason was that Jiang Bing checked that he was pregnant the day before the engagement. Zhou Zicong suspected that he was not his own life. He even proposed that Jiang Bing would kill his children, and the two could be engaged.

However, what happened before the two sides had before engagement would make Zhou Zicong doubt that this was not his biological child?

Jiang Bing, Zhou Zicong and children

In 2016, the matchmaker Jiang Bingjing, a matchmaker, introduced the current boyfriend Zhou Zicong.It didn’t take long for the two to get married, and the parents of both parties kept marriage, saying, "If the two are suitable, hurry up and get engaged, the relationship can be cultivated after marriage."

Forced by the parents’ marriage, the two also felt that the other party was more appropriate, so they felt that they could be engaged first. After the relationship, they could be cultivated again.

In this way, after the two reached an agreement, they also discussed the incident with the parents of both parties. Later, the woman Jiang Bing proposed to get a 100,000 color gift, and the man Zhou Zicong was anxious to let his son hurry up because he was in a hurry to hurry up.Marrying, so I directly agreed with the Jiang Bing family’s request.

Zhou Zicong

However, just the day before preparing to engage, Jiang Bing, who had delayed the physiological period for a week, was hearing the doctor when he checked the irregular menstruation in the hospital, but heard the doctor saying, "Congratulations, you have been pregnant for a month."

Jiang Bing was ecstatic when he heard the news. After returning home, she quickly shared the news with her boyfriend Zhou Zicong and said, "Congratulations, you are going to be a father."

Zhou Zicong was particularly excited after hearing the news, and then quickly shared the news to everyone around him.

Jiang Bing

But on the day of the engagement, shortly before the engagement ceremony began, Zhou Zicong pulled Jiang Bing and said, "It’s not what I want to ask you. After I shared the news of your pregnancy with my sister last night, my sisterLet me ask you, you are pregnant so soon. Is this child mine? "

When I heard her boyfriend doubt himself, Jiang Bing was aggrieved and angry, and said angrily, "I am a boyfriend now, but you question whether I am pregnant with your child?" Are you still a person? "

Zhou Zicong, who loves face, heard Jiang Bing saying like this, and said in anger and said, "Are you not in your heart?"


The conversation this time was unhappy, and eventually the engagement of the two was not going on. Jiang Bing did not understand why the two were still thinking about the future the day before. Now because of a question from her sister, her boyfriend will ask himself to question himself.Essence

And everyone who is in the end of this incident knows that all villagers are laughing at Jiang Bing’s non -guarding women’s way. As a girl, she is pregnant before marriage, and even the child’s father does not know who it is.

When Jiang Bing heard the villagers saying himself, her heart collapsed and felt that Zhou Zicong slandered herself like this, so she suffered unnecessary harm, so Jiang Bing decided to give birth directly to the child. At that time, he would be a parent -child identification with Zhou Zicong.Essence


Later, after Jiang Bing’s mother also heard the words of the village, she said angrily to the villagers who spoke gossip: "Although our daughter has not learned very well since she was a child, she went out to work to earn money to subsidize her family.I will do such a thing, I believe my daughter. "

When the villagers heard Jiang Bing’s mother saying this, they no longer spread these rumors in person, but there were always those who loved to chew their tongue behind them to say this, and Jiang Bing felt it didn’t matter if he heard too much.After all, life is their own, and others say that no matter how much more, it cannot affect their normal life.

In April 2017, the child was born, and Jiang Bing’s mother said: "Call Zhou Zicong over, and do not want to see my daughter once in October. Now the child is born.Who is the child? "

After learning that the child was born, Zhou Zicong went directly to find Jiang Bing and said, "I have already investigated you clearly. I will talk about my boyfriend at the age of seventeen. I will go out to open a house with others.Don’t you think it is too fast? "

It turned out that shortly after the two were separated, Zhou Zicong and his sister went to investigate Jiang Bing, and even Jiang Bing usually had a lot of money to investigate wherever he was in a plane, including the previous love experience.The records of the house were checked.

When Jiang Bing saw Zhou Zicong still like this, he still suspected that his child was not his, and even his previous experience was investigated.

Looking at his disdain for himself, Jiang Bing said with pain in his heart: "I gave birth to a child on the one hand because he was a life, I didn’t want to hurt him.Born, then let’s do parent -child identification. "

And when Zhou Zicong heard Jiang Bing said, he said directly: "I will not do the parent -child identification. I wo n’t want it no matter who the child is. Besides, we have no feelings.The parents of both sides are too tight, how can I be with you. "


When Jiang Bing’s mother heard it, she was furious: "Our daughter is innocent, so that many media people introduce boys. We did not agree, and we didn’t know how to be blind at the time, and I met you."

"Now the child does not intend to recognize, and even comes to slander my daughter. Are you really a Jiang family?" In this way, the two sides were unhappy.

Jiang Bing

But it didn’t take long for Zhou Zicong’s parents to come to Jiang Bing’s house and thought about it, "Since the child was born, then we also resolved things earlier, and the child was good to the hukou.Rumors and rumors.

Jiang Bing’s parents looked at Zhou’s parents who had no sincerity, and said ironically: "When Jiang Bing suffered before he gave birth to a child, you did not take care of it. Now the child is born, do you want to enjoy it? BesidesIs this child? "

Zhou family father

Zhou Zicong’s parents looked at the Jiang family, and they were also angry, and said with a dazzling manner: "Our family Zicong was also deceived too many times when he was young, and he was deceived by the most trusted person.A lot of money. "

"So when he heard the news of Jiang Bing’s pregnancy before his engagement, he was too sensitive. The two had only been known for two months, and pregnancy was really a bit fast. This time we also wanted to apologize to Jiang Bing.The flesh and blood still have to pick up home. "

When Jiang Bing’s parents saw such an attitude of Zhou Zicong’s parents, even if they were very angry, they were not good at showing it.


When Zhou Zicong’s parents saw that the atmosphere eased a little bit, he proposed that he picked up Jiang Bing’s mother and son to live together. Jiang Bing did not oppose it when he heard this request. After all, the two still had to live together for their children.

But Jiang Bing said: "Before I go back, I have to let Zhou Zicong and their children identify the parent -child appraisal to prove my innocence. This is also my only requirement."

Zhou Zicong’s parents did not make excessive requests when Jiang Bing’s parents heard that they agreed to this condition.


Then they went back to discuss this matter with Zhou Zicong, but Zhou Zicong attached Jiang Bing’s previous feelings abnormally, saying, "I won’t go to a parent -child identification with my children.After her feelings before, this child, my mobile phone will not accept it. "

Zhou Zicong always believed that when he was together, Jiang Bing was derailed. After pregnancy, he wanted to find him as this unjust, and wanted him to take care of the child.

When Zhou Zicong’s parents saw the performance of his son, he could only go to the Jiang Bing family to discuss this matter.After hearing the performance of Zhou Zicong, the parents of the Jiang family were angry, and this time Zhou Zicong’s performance made them more angry.So he refused to let Jiang Bing return to the Zhou family.


In this way, this incident has always been in a state of no solution. The rumors in the village are also increasing. Jiang Bing can’t stand it. He went directly to the court to sue Zhou Zicong. He hoped that Zhou Zicong could support the child’s support and the child.Prove your innocence.

Later, the two came to the Public Legal Service Center of Louxing District, Loudi City to find civil mediators to mediate about it.

After learning about this, the mediation officer said: "You are actually a parent -child identification with the child. Zhou Zicong is unwilling to do it or wants to hold a chance.The support fee. ""

These words of the mediation staff seem to be the most unbearable in the heart of Zhou Zicong’s heart.

In this way, Zhou Zicong went to the parent -child identification with his children. It didn’t take long for the identification results to come out, but the results showed that there was a blood relationship between the child and Zhou Zicong.

Although the result came out, Jiang Bing also lost trust in Zhou Zicong. It is felt that the two sides are the best way to separate the situation in this situation.

Later, the civil mediator also made a judgment. Although both sides thought that the relationship was not necessary to continue, the two sides had to bear their own responsibilities. The child followed Jiang Bing in the future.All must be paid.

When Jiang Bing heard the final result, he also accepted this fact frankly. After all, innocence also proves that the two are also easy to get together.


Originally a happy family, but because of Zhou Zicong’s suspicion, the family completely ruptured. The most important thing between husband and wife was understanding and trust.long.

After all, passion and love can be washed and bland by years, but if the trust cannot be done, then the final ending of this marriage either takes care of them or completely breaks.

Girls should also protect themselves. Do not destroy themselves for a lifetime for the so -called anger. Finding a boyfriend should also polish their eyes. After all, getting married is also a matter of life.

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