The daughter -in -law was pregnant, and her mother -in -law suspected that she was not her family. How can this break?

“”30,000 bonus 670,000 people are divided. I do n’t know how much cents can be divided.Although the bonus is not high, the requirements are high, and the reading volume of 300 is required.Before changing, it was okay. One or two can be completed, but it is difficult recently. The third stage is written in four. It is a bit embarrassing.

Sleeping was not good the day before yesterday, but I didn’t hear my father’s cough in the middle of the night, but it was a little bit more at ease.The sister -in -law took two bags of vegetables and fruits, saying that I wanted me to persist for a few days, and when she was busy, she returned to change me.

Although he retired last September, he has retired and has to pick up children the next day. Life has been busy.This time, returning to my hometown to accompany my father, can also be regarded as a fake for my heart, and enjoy the current leisure time.

Yesterday, an old classmate came to the door, so that I had a problem and asked me to answer.It turned out that her son was just married in the city, but now she found that her daughter -in -law was pregnant. It was a happy thing, but after going to the hospital for pregnancy, she had 10,000 doubts in her heart.

Her daughter -in -law said that she had just been pregnant, but the doctor had been checked for 19 weeks, which means almost five months.The problem was a reasoning. During that time, the daughter -in -law returned to her hometown with her mother for about a month. In this way, the grandson in her belly was really hard to say.

Her son is a hak, but she didn’t find something wrong, and she was stupid.She is a mother, her heart is detailed, and she is suspicious.For this matter, she couldn’t sleep every day, and her heart was about to die.

My reasoning is 90%of her grandson. Her daughter -in -law also studied in college. It is not so confused. She ate the Li family’s meal and she was with the Zhang family’s baby.It’s really someone else, she didn’t deal with it early.

Still a little bit of it, wait for September to conceive, and cherish it, secretly get the baby’s hair a few of them to make a parent -child identification, just at a glance.It is his grandson to be attentive, not his own reservation of evidence, go directly to the court to prosecute, and the judge will judge fairly.

There are only such bridge TVs. I did not expect to be in real life. Sure enough, art comes from life.Dear officials, what do you think, welcome to offer suggestions.

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