The daughter -in -law was forced to take a contraceptive pill for 3 years, and finally started counterattack #…

The daughter -in -law was forced by the Mother -in -law mother -in -law. After taking the contraceptive pill for 3 years, she finally started a counterattack.

Looking at the results of the inspection in front of her, I couldn’t believe it. The mother -in -law had taken her nutrition for 3 years, and it was all contraceptives.Xianxiu did not want to believe this result and told the doctor that he was very accurate menstruation.In the case of Genxianxiu, the doctor speculated that if you only took 3 weeks a month and stopped the medicine in the last week, the per month can be maintained.

At this time, Xianxiu wanted to understand why she had different sizes in the same medicine she took.When Xianxiu was miserable, he received a call from her mother -in -law and heard that her mother -in -law was still concerned.But Xianxiu felt extremely disgusting.Then he came to the river alone.

When he wanted to try to calm down, he had a lot of warm pictures in his mind.The once -mother -in -law -like mother -in -law who was like her biological daughter turned out to be a murderer who could not get pregnant.Even in the face of strong evidence, Xian couldn’t figure out why her mother -in -law had to treat him like this.Xianxiu thought here for a whole night.He decided not to be weak and he had to start a counterattack, and vowed to return the damage he suffered by tens of millions.

So after the whole family was anxious, Xianxiu returned home.When her mother -in -law saw her daughter -in -law who had never returned overnight, she began to perform in front of her son.And the Xianxiu, who saw everything, faced the care of her mother -in -law, could only show the silly white and sweet appearance in the past. She felt disgusting and found an excuse to return to the room to rest.After finally falling asleep, it was a nightmare. The dream was full of the picture of taking contraceptives by yourself.

When he was awakened, the maids at home brought contraceptives prepared in advance according to the instructions of her mother -in -law.Xianxiu didn’t expect her mother -in -law to be so poisonous, and don’t blame her ruthless when she sees her mother -in -law.After calm down, Xianxiu organized a family meeting, and he solemnly announced to the University that he decided to do artificial insemination.

After hearing this news, her mother -in -law came out to oppose the first time, and Jenny had already united the front with her mother -in -law, telling Xiu Xiu to be artificial fertilization, which would be very painful.The husband did not want to hurt Xianxiu because of the child, and he also held opposition.However, Xianxiu said that since the first day of entering the house, she has been taking the maternity medicine according to her mother -in -law’s request.

But after the year, the mother -in -law couldn’t hold her grandson early.He just wanted to satisfy the mother -in -law’s wishes as soon as possible, but the only way at present is artificial insemination.Seeing that Xianxiu was so firm and saw that his son was still here, he did not refute it, but how could he make a low -cut daughter -in -law who was pregnant with a child?At this moment, the battle of her mother -in -law was officially launched. Xianxiu believed that her mother -in -law would not let her give birth to her, and the other two hid together to discuss countermeasures.

They did not expect a good way now. The mother -in -law asked Jenny to supervise Xianxiu at home to continue taking the medicine, and then stirred up in front of the son that artificial insemination would hurt women a lot, hoping that Xiuhao would persuade Xianxiu to give up this idea.

After returning home, when her mother -in -law saw that Xianxiu was preparing before artificial insemination, her mother -in -law was completely panicked. She was unwilling to work in vain for 3 years, so she instructed Jenny to send medicine to Xianxiu.When Jenny opened the cabinet, he found that the pill box was long. When they came to the room to ask Xianxiu, they saw that she was holding a trash can with medicine.Then Xianxiu told her mother -in -law that the doctor said that she had to stop the medicine before artificial fertilization, but her mother -in -law insisted on letting her continue to eat.At this moment, Xianxiu didn’t want to recognize the mercy, so he threw all the pills into the trash.And the mother -in -law who saw this scene suddenly had to dance the claws, and all this was seen by Xiu Hao who had just returned. When he learned that his wife was beaten Xiu Hao, he was furious.Qi rushed away.Xiu Hao stepped forward to care about his wife but was rejected.At this moment, Xianxiu felt extremely chill, and just wanted to escape from a hell -like home.Praise the following episodes is more exciting!

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