The daughter -in -law had a dream and became pregnant!Who is the strongest king in history?

Speaking of Pharaoh next door, it is one of the famous characters that most Chinese people know the Chinese in the world. They have terrible reproduction ability. They often appear on the bottom of the wardrobe and occasionally appear on the top of the refrigerator. He has a variety of identities.The object of extramarital affairs may also be the father of young children, and can be regarded as the protagonist of a joke.

This is much to say that the story of Pharaoh next door in history is more. The most famous is the three who are going to tell today.

First of all, the guys who are mentioned should be familiar. There was a TV series called "Yueyue Biography".He is also one of the fourth sons of the Warring States Period. He served as King Chu Kaiel, but although there were many women in the royal palace, there were no children, because there was no afterwards, the rivers and mountains, and the imperial association of the loyal loyal ministers.But it is broken, but you can’t directly break through this matter. It is said that if you can’t do it, you can only recruit more beauties in the country and dedicate to King Chu.People, he changed into Li Yuan, first dedicated his sister’s sister to Chunshenjun. It should be Hua Rongyue’s appearance. Chunshenjun couldn’t hold it, so he conceived his species.

Spring body and king of Chu Kaojie

Then Li Yuan suggested to Chun Shenjun, saying that at this time, can he dedicate his own sister to King Chu?The child born in this way is the successor of the Chu State.

Chunshenjun has been a political actuator in history in history, but this time he was a little confused. When he pondered it feasible, we couldn’t be a king’s relatives. If you want to do it, he should be Wang’s father, so he was willing to be "next door.Pharaoh.After the plan was well implemented, after Li Yuan’s sister was dedicated to King Chu, King Chu really liked to seal his wife directly. His sister gave birth to a son of someone else for King Chu Kaieli, and was later established as a prince.

Chunshen Jun Huang Xie

When Huang Xie was still doing Huang Liang Mengmeng, this Li Yuan was worried that Chunshen Jun leaked secrets, and he was an ambushing assassin at the place where he was unwilling to be pressed by Huang Xie.Chunshenjun just entered the gate, the assassin clamped from both sides and assassinated Chun Shenjun, cut off his head, threw it outside the door, and immediately slashed at Chunshenjun’s home.The son of the so -called King Chu Kaien was established for King Chu. This is King Chu You. You should not be able to listen to this nickname. Huang Xie finally ended with the killing of the old king next door!

There is also one of the oldest princes in history, but it is much better than the above. This is Qin Shihuang’s Zhong Father, Lu Buwei!According to Sima Qian’s "Historical Records" written by Sima Qian, it is the same. It is said that the eternal emperor Qin Shihuang is his son and Zhao Ji’s son, and the former stranger is King Qinzhuang Xiang, but he was wearing a green hat.

可 可 可 可 可

Of course, it has been passed for thousands of years. It is still a suspension of this, but Sima Qian, who is more rigorous in the writing history, would he lie?If you do n’t lie, the best king next door must be Lu Buwei.

Okay, in the end, a relatively high one is also the retaining track of Pharaoh next door. Then the protagonist is either someone else, or the adulterer of the Li Longji period in the Tang Dynasty.It is the promotion to the prime minister all the way to the prime minister, then you must not think of it. Such a man who has the right to be powerful. His wife was given to Pharaoh by the "Pharaoh next door". It turned out that Yang Guozhong’s wife was Pei Rou, which was not gentle.

Yang Guozhong

According to the "Kaiyuan Tianbao Religion", one year, Yang Guozhong came back to Jiangsu and Zhejiang only back this year, but it was dumbfounded just when he entered the house. What was going on?His wife gave birth to a little baby. He didn’t live together for so long. How could there be children at home? Yang Guozhong asked his wife, what’s going on with this child?Pei Rou answered sincerely. Since you leave, I miss you very much. I dreamed of being happy that night, and I was pregnant the next day, so I gave birth to this child.

Kaiyuan Tianbao legacy

According to the truth, Yang Guozhong should be half -died, but it is strange. He not only blame him, but told his wife very much, "This is caused by our husband and wife, which is caused by deep feelings." HahaIt is estimated that at this moment Pharaoh had laughed when he heard this, and then such a scandal also spread throughout the country and even became a laughingstock of history.

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