The daughter found liver cancer 7 months of pregnancy, and her mother cried and begged her to abandon her life!Finally choose to make countless people crying

Recently, a tearful news appeared on the hot search

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, he found liver cancer and everyone advised her to give up

The post -80s pregnant mother insisted on having children: "I want to live, listen to his first mother."

34 -year -old Sang Yanran was found liver metastatic malignant tumors at 29 weeks of pregnancy. She chose the juncture of life and death. She resolutely chose the child in the belly.On May 4th, Sang Sharan risked her life and gave birth to a cute son. The great motherly love made her a miracle of life.

A blind date met her lover. On her birthday, she entered the marriage hall with him. "There are 6 billion people on the planet. We can meet the fate."

On the 9th, the reporter came to Sanga Ran’s house. After a few days after a caesarean section surgery, her body was very weak, her face was yellow, and she was breathing.Compared with slender limbs, Sang Yansan’s upper abdomen bulge."You see, the tumor I ordered the tumor with my hands. It pressed me to lie down at all, and I could only use a half -sitting posture to be a little better."

Sang Yuran worked at the ultrasound department of the hospital. Before sick, she was a sunny and sports girl.Sang Yuran’s lover Dong Yang is very handsome, likes to play basketball, and still sprints.The common hobbies made them talk about their first blind date, and their feelings gradually heated up.

Last year, on the day of his birthday, Sang Yansan and Dong Yang received a marriage certificate, and the two joined hands to enter the marriage hall."Sangye (Sanga Ran’s nickname) is lively, has an idea to do things, and is more complementary to me. There are 6 billion people on the planet. We can meet fate." Dong Yang looked at Sang Sharan, his eyes, his eyesFull of tenderness.

Less than a year after her wedding, she was found liver cancer for seven months. "I have complained about the unfair fate. Why is it unlucky?"

Shortly after getting married, Sang Ran found that she was pregnant, and the family was looking forward to the birth of a small life.Sang Yansan was full of joy, and gave her children a nickname "Little Pilm."

Until 29 weeks of pregnancy, Sang Ran felt that the gallbladder was uncomfortable, so he performed a B -ultrasound, and accidentally found that the liver had a mass on the liver, and the situation was not very good.Dong Yang said that on April 1, they went to Harbin Medical University Second Hospital for examination. The wife was diagnosed with liver metastatic malignant tumors. The result was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day and completely smashed all their hopes.

"After the examination, the doctor suspected that the primary lesion was in the stomach. Because of the pregnancy relationship, the cancer cells met the liver." Sang Sharan told reporters that the moment she learned of cancer, she also complained about the injustice of fate. "The wedding is less than a year, why is the unlucky person me? "

Later, she started to reflect on herself. "For a year or two, I have to drink coffee on an empty stomach every morning and do not eat breakfast. Although I have occasionally symptoms of gastric acid, I have never done a check because of fear …" Speaking of whichThe calm eye circles have begun to flush.

Everyone advised her to give up, and the fetal movement asked her to insist on giving birth to this little life."If one day is sick, how good can our family of three be able to play together!"

Since being found cancer, everyone has persuaded Sang Yuran to give up the child.My mother cried and said to her, "I am just like a daughter, and my life is tight. We do n’t want the child." Dong Yang also advised her: "Mulberry leaves, the child will have it again, now we cure the disease first."

Director Chen Xuan of the Medicine Department of Harbin Medical University told Sang Yran that hormones can promote tumor growth during pregnancy, and no one dares to guarantee when her body can withstand and whether she can support her child.Dong Yang accompanied his wife to Peking University Cancer Hospital. Experts told Sang Yansan: "We understand that you want to be a mother’s mood, but your primary task is to remove your child and receive treatment as soon as possible."

Of course, Sang Yansan, who works in the hospital, knows how dangerous it is to continue pregnancy with the tumor, but she is unwilling to give up.Life, you have to give birth to him. "

After reading the disease in Beijing, Dong Yang took Sang Yan, who first came to Beijing to board the Tiananmen City Tower, and went to Houhai to draw a boat.Every time I go to a place, Sang Yanran tells the "small pulp" in her stomach that her mother took him today."For a moment, I had a luxurious fantasy. One day I was sick, and our family of three can play together. How good should it be!"

The growth rate of the tumor is too fast. She can only sleep for two hours every night. "I am afraid that the drug will affect the child.

Sang Yansan knew in his heart that he insisted for a day, and the "small flesh" in his stomach was more safer after birth.But what made her unexpected was that the growth rate of the tumor faster than the child.

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, her liver had six or seven tumors, the largest 3 cm.But in just more than a month, the liver has been covered with tumors, the largest is 10 cm.Sang Yan started to breathe difficulty, and she could only sleep every day. The pain in the liver caused her to sleep only two hours a night.Because she was worried that the drug would affect the health of her child, she did not dare to take painkillers.

Finally, until 34 weeks, Sang Yanran couldn’t persist anymore. If he gave birth to a child, he would have a danger of life. He was sent to the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University by 120.

However, her situation made the doctors who were used to the big scenes to feel tricky, and she went to the consultation to study her condition twice.Dong Yang told reporters that the doctor said that Sang Yansan’s surgical risk was particularly high, and he might not be able to get off the operating table."When I signed, the whole person was crying, and his hands were trembling. For fear that the door of the operating room was closed, he would never see Sang Ye again." Compared to Dong Yang’s tension, Sang Ran seemed to be extraordinarily calm:"I will definitely wait until the moment I meet with the meat."

She gave birth to the "small flesh" smoothly, and learned that the child was healthy and she cried happily. "I want to work hard and want to hear him the first mother."

On the 4th, the second hospital of Harbin Medical University performed surgery for Sangaran. She successfully gave birth to "small pulp". The child weighed 4 pounds and 6 pounds, and the cry was loud.After the mother and son hurriedly saw the previous side, San Yansan was anesthetized by her body.When she woke up in the intensive care unit and saw Dong Yang’s first sentence: "How about the child?" When she learned that "small flesh" was healthy, Sang Yansan shed a happy tears.

Three days after observing in the intensive care unit, Sanganyan, who had just turned back to the general ward, couldn’t wait to see the child.Speaking of his son, Sang Yansan couldn’t hide his smile. She said that she never regretted the decision to bring the "small pulp" to the world in danger.Created the miracle of life.

"When my body recovers, I will start treatment. Although I don’t know how the result is, I will definitely work hard. I really hope that I can accompany the" small flesh "time longer. I want to hear him the first sound.Mom, want to see him learn to walk … "Sanganyan is full of longing for the future.

After the incident boarded the hot search, netizens’ comments were very different: some netizens felt that maternal love was great; some netizens felt that Xiao Sang’s choice was very selfish.


Break up to restore the predecessor_: Very great mother

Xiongxiong’s mother: Every mother knows that every time she is checked, she must be reluctant to remove the child. For seven months, the output of labor is to kill her children alive.Even if this mother has a tumor, I hope she can get better, and no one wants to go to the worst.To be selfish, even if life, at least the short life of a mother is complete, there is no regret.I look forward to this mother’s life for a long time, maybe a miracle may happen

Rrrrrray_________: But the child has no mother in his life, and it is also very pitiful.

A Yu wants to be a mother: She doesn’t want to think about how sad her parents would lose if she lost …

Aga Gabriel: This is a great mother, there is nothing to deny.I prefer to believe that when the child grows up, he will thank his mother for giving him a chance to give himself, rather than condemning his mother.

I take you to see the sea in the summer: This approach is really selfish. When the child grows up without a mother, there are so many shadows in my heart.Mother is really not responsible

Here I also want to ask two questions

1. If you are Xiao Sang himself, will you persist?

2. If you are her family, will you agree?

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