The contraceptive day is questioned, what is the effect of contraceptive pills, and the harm to the body is not great?

September 26 is World contraceptive day. You must be careful when you drive. If you have something wrong with the high -speed section, you can not only "live". 1+1 = 4, 5, 6 …

There are about 13 million artificial abortion in my country each year, of which more than 60 % of women are younger than 30 years old.Most people have less knowledge of contraception, less investment, lack of knowledge, and luck.No protective behavior is generally occurred, inefficient contraception is frequently used, and risk awareness is insufficient.

Today, the medical and express delivery will come and take a look at the contraceptive questions that everyone wants to ask but embarrassed. Do you see it right?

1. Wearing a set of old and uncomfortable, can’t the body be in the body?

You can tell everyone very clearly that in sexual life, the failure rate of ejaculation in vitro is very high.Why?

Because the sperm can not only exist in the semen, there are a small amount of sperm in the prostate fluid. Before ejaculation, many sperm may already enter the female vagina.In addition, the male compatriots cannot grasp the time of ejaculation every time. After all, the arrows have to be posted on the strings; not only that, in vitro radio essence can easily lead to sexual dysfunction.Men’s erection to ejaculation is a chain reaction. Suddenly interruption of the moment close to the climax will cause the function of the ejaculation center of the cerebral cortex and lumbosacral area.Over time, it is easy to cause functional non -ejaculation, causing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, forcibly forced ejaculation for a long time may also lead to coordinated dysfunction of the lower urinary tract and pelvic floor.If the dysfunction of the bladder and neck is disordered or the posterior urethra obstruction is merged, it will also cause anti -ejaculation, causing pelvic cavity and prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

2. It is obviously in the safe period. Why did you win the prize?

You will always hear that someone around you is shot because of a safe contraception.Is it wrong to calculate the way?

As far as women are normal, a menstrual cycle can be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period from the perspective of contraceptives.When calculating the safety period, many people use the "first 7 and post -8" method, that is, 7 days before menstruation and 8 days after menstruation are safe.But many people may miss one thing, that is, the calculation of the safe period is also related to the longest and shortest period of each person’s menstruation.

In addition, the ovulation period is actually not fixed.Weather, mood, and health changes will affect your ovulation period. Ovulation time does not follow common sense, and the possibility of winning the recruitment is relatively high.

3. What is the effect of contraceptive pills, and not harm to the body?

Oral contraceptives have been fully verified since the emergence of adventure.According to the information released by the World Health Organization (WHO), for compound oral contraceptives, if it is used strictly, the annual failure rate is about 0.3%.

Compared with external ejaculation, safety period, and even condom contraception, it is more reliable.Compared with the same effect in the palace internal bareer, contraceptives do not need surgical operations.There is no interference with sexual behavior, which can also regulate the menstrual cycle, improve dysmenorrhea, and help prevent the occurrence of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.In some European and American countries, contraceptives have become the first choice for contraception.

There are generally three types of contraceptives: long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, and emergency contraceptives. Those useful effects mentioned earlier can only be found in short -acting contraceptives.

However, long -acting contraceptives have large hormones, slow metabolism, and inconsistent physiological levels. Therefore, there are many adverse reactions such as early pregnancy reactions, menstrual disorders, etc., and have a certain accumulation effect in the body.

Emergency contraceptives are "regrets" that are taken to prevent unwilling pregnancy after a protective sex life.In addition to the severe reactions, it has a great impact on the menstrual cycle and cannot be used as a regular contraception method.

4. I took emergency contraceptives, can children still ask?

Taking emergency contraceptives is to remedy afterwards. For those who do not want children, they can choose people flow, but for some people who want children and swinging, there is a disturbing question: Will children deform?Intersection

In the past, it was believed that in addition to the role of progesterone, there is a certainrogen effect in addition to the role of progesterone.Excessive use during pregnancy will affect embryoic organs and cause baby girls to meal.

But in fact, in the stage where the sperm and eggs are just combined, the embryo has not reached the stage of organ development. Following the influence mode of "Quan and None", after using emergency contraceptives and contraceptives fails, the fetus can also grow and develop normally, which means that it meansNo adverse effects.This question WHO has also given answers a few years ago. At present, there is no data to prompt that children who give birth after taking emergency contraceptives have higher abortion, deformity rates, and neonatal complications than those who are not taken.of.Therefore, after the failure of emergency contraception, from the perspective of a doctor, whether it is choosing to continue pregnancy or abortion, it is okay.

There is no fault tolerance at all, and a painful price must be paid in a mistake.Learn about contraception, master the initiative in your own hands, and do not be the people who are dead.

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