The choice of the mask of the pregnant mother should be cautious, and it may be counterproductive when it is wrong. You must understand when using the mask

Although pregnant mothers have many taboos during pregnancy, especially in terms of cosmetics and skin care products, this is not good or that … Just think about it, I feel that the baby has endless pain in his heart!


The answer is: Of course.

In fact, many cosmetics contain lead, mercury, hormone, additives, preservatives and other ingredients, which not only is not conducive to the skin, but also harms the baby’s growth and development.Pregnant mother’s body resistance is not as good as ordinary people. Using them to bring to pregnant mothers often do not whiten and health, but make the skin more darker, or more sensitive, please pay attention to the pregnant mothers!

Baby, my heart is so bitter!

(Save 100,000 words here)

The main role of pregnant mothers using a mask is to replenish water, and other effects are "you don’t think it’s useful".At the same time, many skin problems during pregnancy during pregnancy are mainly caused by dry skin and lack of water.Therefore, during pregnancy, what kind of Chinese medicine mask, whitening light spot mask, anti -aging mask, regenerative mask and other effective facial masks have nothing to do with pregnant mothers.

The old saying is good: You think it’s useless!

Pregnant mothers choose masks, and in terms of efficacy, it is OK to recognize the water supplement mask and moisturizing mask.In terms of types, choose natural or soft masks, masks for pregnant mothers, and even self -made fruit masks!

Think about that healthy and active baby: All this is worth it!

In the selection of the mask, the pregnant mother should be careful at one point. Please pay attention!

1. Select only the water supplement mask: We have said before that the mask of the pregnant mother only is recommended to use the water supplement mask, so when the pregnant mother uses the mask, we must first consider whether it is in line with this;

2. Select a single mask: such as hydration and whitening, as well as sunscreen, etc. This is not advisable;

3. Natural: Reduced irritation, and the resistance of pregnant mothers is weak, so it should be avoided in an overly intense environment;

4. Learn more related knowledge and consult doctors or professionals: and if you find strangeness when using certain masks, you should stop immediately and seek help.

5. Pay attention to identification: Please do not follow the sentence of the pregnant mother next door, "The XXX I used in my pregnancy is okay" is also followed. Everyone’s physical fitness is different.People can’t count ten fingers anyway.

There are tens of millions of roads, safety first, pregnant mothers mask dreams, and cherish!

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