The child’s "sleeping position" implies a different personality. If your baby is a trunk type, then congratulations

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Sleeping is a comfortable and comfortable thing. In a person’s life, it will take about 1/3 to sleep.

I wonder if you have found that when we fall asleep, it is a posture, but when we wake up the next day, the sleeping position has changed completely?

Psychologists have studied sleeping posture of 100 testers, and found that the changes in our sleeping position actually have a great relationship with character.

When we just lay on the bed, we sleeping positions will be disturbed by the inner thoughts. For example, the head should be pillowed on the pillow, the hands should be touched by the children next to each other, the feet should be a little farther away from the husband, and so on.

But after falling asleep, my husband and child or something do not exist, and it is most important to be comfortable.At this time, the body is in the most relaxed state, and the sleeping position just reflects the state of our subconscious.

Correspondingly, the child’s "sleeping position" also implies different personalities.

Many parents vomited that their children are more than ten years old and sleep like a baby.She likes to sleep sideways, bent her legs at the abdomen, puts her hands on her chest, and tilted her head slightly below.

That’s really like an increased version of the baby.

This "baby sleeping position" is common, even if we are adults, they often sleep in this posture.

Infant sleeping positions are conducive to the relaxation of the body and bringing us a sense of safety.Just like when we encounter danger, we can instinctively curl up to protect ourselves.

Those who like this sleeping position are generally strong in appearance.

When they go to a strange environment, they will be shy and sensitive when they meet unfamiliar people.Because of the lack of a certain sense of security, he has a strong dependence on the person or things you recognize.

The so -called "trunk" sleeping position means that the child sleeps straight and looks like a trunk.However, children will put their bodies slightly side by side, and their hands and feet are naturally attached to themselves.

This type of child is generally easy -going, and has strong leadership ability and appeal.He didn’t have much thought and was very popular among the crowd.

If the child only occasionally appears this kind of trunk sleeping position, it means that his recent life and state of study are not bad. We don’t have to worry too much.

If the child likes to sleep with this sleeping position, congratulations.

Miss -type sleeping positions are very similar to the trunk -shaped sleeping position. The only difference is that the person with a trunk sleeping position is attached to the body with both hands, while the thought -shaped sleeping position is stretched forward with both hands and perpendicular to the body. It seems to be stretching.sports.

Children who like this type of sleeping position are also very easy -going, and they will be very harmonious and comfortable with others.

However, the missing sleeping position is more suspicious than the trunk -shaped sleeping position.Especially when the child is treated unfairly, his emotions will be more excited. When sleeping, he will push away with both hands out of his hands.

Moreover, people who like to use this sleeping position are difficult to control their emotions.Once you fall into negative ideas, you will think more and more excited, the more you think more.We need to help our children to solve their emotions in time to avoid the formation of extreme character.

A friend said that her son was lying on his back every day, and his hands were close to both sides of the body.At a glance, it was like lying on the bed.

But not, this "standing" posture is a soldier -like sleeping position.

Children who like to sleep in this posture often do things well and not too risky.When they deal with the problem, they can think calmly and rationally, and their principles are very strong.

If you encounter something, you will not be able to hear, but treat it seriously.Not only are you strict with yourself, but you will be severe to others.

But because he is more conservative, his personality will be solid. Once he is identified, it will be difficult to change.You will be very worry -free, but sometimes you can’t help but say, "This child is like a cow."

If we want children to change their minds, it is best not to touch it hard. We can euphemize a little discouraged, or guide the child to think about the consequences of choice, so that the child can figure it out and change the mind.

Some children open their hands and feet when they sleep.People are not big, there are a lot of places, and you have no place to sleep.

About 5%of people like to use this sleeping position. They are generally more enthusiastic. In the face of friends, they can open their minds and help others.It is easy to make friends with my heart, and they don’t like too much, and it is very indifferent to see things.

However, because they are too "calm", they will be a little optimistic and confident in their evaluation.If you are confident, it will be easy to bear.

We occasionally sleep, but we will not keep this posture for too long.Because after a long time, our heart will be squeezed, and it is easy to breathe uncomfortable.

But if the child likes to sleep like this, his personality may be implicit and will not care about everyone.Usually self -confidence is strong and outstanding.

However, they are easy to be anxious, often worrying, and worry about things that look far away or even happen in us.

They are also thin and cannot be criticized.If you want your child to correct your behavior, criticism may be counterproductive, not only will they not accept, but they may also be more stubborn.

If you want your children to hear our advice, it is best not to use negative evaluations, just talk about the passage and results of things, and then express our expectations.

Seemingly sleeping, but implying so much information, it will not only express our emotions unconsciously, but also show our personality characteristics.

I don’t know, which sleeping position is your child?

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About the author: Mother of Bu Guli, psychological counselor, family education instructor, marriage emotional consultant, focus on children’s psychology, understand children easy to raise, pay attention if you like it ~

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