The chance of pregnancy is not high, and the ovulation cycle is not allowed!

Some people say that pregnancy is really a very important thing.In particular, the sisters who fought at the front line of the pregnancy of the pregnancy always sighed every month: why the "big aunt" is always on time, that is, he can’t expect the "captain".

In fact, the chance of pregnancy is not high, and the ovulation cycle is not allowed.Come and see, did the body send a signal to welcome the baby, but you accidentally missed it?

We have countless follicles every month in our body to grow up, but in the end, there is only one that can develop and cultivate a positive result.

This best follicle is "cooked", it will break and discharge the eggs.

At this time, the egg sister had the opportunity to enter the fallopian tube, waiting for the sperm brother who stood out from the tens of millions of troops.A few pregnant mothers with two mature follicles may be lucky to be pregnant with twins!

However, the life of eggs is beautiful and short, generally only 24 hours, and the sperm brother’s survival is only three days.

So grab the key ovulation period, "There is no early step, and no late step" to let them meet, and you can get pregnant in one shot!

Wow, the timing of the sperm brother and egg sister meet, it is really "a little worth a moment in the Spring Festival"!It seems to have to study hard and seize this key "ovulation period".

Speaking of this, the relationship between the "physiological cycle" visited by aunt every month is great!

We all know that a physiological cycle is about 21-35 days.But do you know that this cycle can be divided into four stages: menstrual period, follicle period, ovulation period and luteal stage.

The first stage is the menstrual period with regular visits and always with a little trouble- "Auntie"!This stage usually lasts 3-7 days;

After menstruation, the follicle period of follicles grows;

The stage of the ovulation after the ovulation is rowed after the follicle maturity is our most important ovulation period;

After the eggs were discharged, the body hormone began to prepare for the fertilized eggs in the uterus.

Without fertilization, the body will naturally withdraw "alert" and continue to enter the next cycle.

The focus is now. The ovulation period we care about most is after the follicle period, usually 12-16 days before the next menstruation starts.Let’s look at the next cycle of 28 days of women’s monthly calendar table:

During the five -day ovulation period, the precious ovulation day is only one day!At this time, seize the opportunity to "pop up", the chance of pregnancy will greatly increase!

The number is the number and the cycle, and the eyes of the people are dizzy.So, in addition to theoretical calculations, is there any way to simply determine whether you are in the ovulation period?Don’t worry, don’t worry, this will come to everyone!

Method 1: Measted body temperature

Basic body temperature is definitely a method of ovulation during ovulation that most doctors will recommend.Basic body temperature will change as the entire physiological cycle changes, the body temperature in the first half of the cycle will be low, and the minimum will be reached on the day of the ovulation period, and then it will continue to rise.

After a few months of basic body temperature, you can see the general changes in the physiological cycle, thereby making the next prediction.

This is definitely a reliable, must -have, the most cost -effective ovulation monitoring Dafa. Except for not being lazy, there is nothing else.

The main point of operation: The first thing after opening the eyes in the morning is to find the thermometer to test the body temperature!Long -term continuous and absolutely not lazy!

The picture comes from the Internet

Method 2: Check cervical mucus

With the changes in the physiological cycle, the cervical secretion of mucus will gradually increase, and the appearance will gradually become white.This shows that the level of estrogen in the body rises and is close to ovulation.

Note, the taste is here!When the mucus becomes clear and slippery, it can be brushed with your fingers, just like the egg white, then put down the miscellaneous things at hand, and hurry up with your husband to "make a human movement"!

Once ovulation, the secretions will decrease, and the vagina may become dry.

This method was studied by a doctorate in Australia, and it was very easy to use. Even those with irregular menstruation can test it!Disadvantages, judging the nature of mucus, after all, you still need a little experience …

Operation points: Most doctors will tell you that when the secretions are "egg white -like, rustic", the timing is here; they can also go to the hospital to check through clean fingers.

Method 3: Ovulation test strip

Go to the pharmacy to buy a box of ovulation test strips, and measure the level of lutein to promote lutein through urine (do not use morning urine) to know if you are about to ovulate.

Depending on the cycle of each person, the test can be started on the 17th day before the next aunt (that is, the day before the ovulation period).

Looking at the picture above, it should be on the 12th.If the menstrual cycle is inaccurate, it can also extend the stage of testing.

I always do n’t remember to test the body temperature, or when there is a temporary situation to determine it, this method is convenient and accurate.

Operation points: always have a box of ovulation test strips at home.

Regarding the ovulation period, there are many measurement methods, such as saliva testing, B -ultrasound test, etc., all require professional instruments, and cake moms will not recommend them one by one!

Theoretical calculation of the ovulation period is recommended to download an app online. It will automatically calculate the next aunt and ovulation based on your average menstrual cycle and the time of the aunt.

Sisters who have been trying for a long time but not good news, hurry up and try the moves above!

Of course, don’t take the matter of pregnancy too seriously.If the mood is too anxious, it will affect the chance of pregnancy.Relax and let it go, and the little angels in your expectation will definitely come to meet you!

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