The cause of the disease of oral ulcers of healthy tips

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Oral ulcer believes that it is not unfamiliar to everyone. Once the oral ulcer "comes", the patient’s pain can’t even open the mouth, and eating is annoying. So who is the "real murderer" of oral ulcers?Let’s take a look together.

Causes of oral ulcers

1. Immune disorders.Any factors that cause immune dysfunction may induce oral ulcers.

2. Digestive system diseases such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, enteritis, constipation, and improper drug treatment, environmental pollution, etc., are also relatively clear causes of pathogenic causes.

3. Psychological factors.If you feel stressful for a long time, tension and fluctuations, you often have fatigue and lack of sleep.This is the most common cause of clinical practice.

4. Unexpected injuries.38%of patients.Using rough workmanship, toothbrushes, eating too hot food or accidentally bite yourself, it may become a cause.

5. Inheritance.In the parents, one of the parents had the disease, and the chance of their children was 35%-40%.

6. Endocrine changes.If women are before and after menstruation, oral ulcers will easily relapse; menopausal women also have increased disease damage.After pregnancy, some women’s recurrent oral ulcers will improve.

7. Lack of nutrition and anemia.Especially lack of iron and B vitamins.In addition, people who love spicy, irritating foods, and those who eat sour or partial eaten are more likely to be entangled with ulcers.

8. Some toothpaste and mouthwash contain sodium dulate sulfate. The white foam when brushing the teeth is produced by it.A medical research in Norway shows that this chemical component will increase the risk of oral ulcer because it destroys the protective layer of the oral cavity.

How to prevent oral ulcers

1. Life law

Insufficient sleep, excessive tension, emotional fluctuations, etc. can cause oral ulcers. Therefore, in order to prevent oral ulcers, we must maintain a pleasant mood, develop good habits, and maintain adequate sleep.

2. Maintain a happy menstrual period

The incidence of recurrent oral ulcers is generally higher than men.Women are the weakest during menstruation. At this time, the level of progesterone in the body increases and estrogen levels are reduced, which is more likely to cause tongue ulcers.Therefore, women must maintain a pleasant mood during menstruation. In addition, women’s immunity is the lowest at this time. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen nutrition, do not diet due to weight loss, and ensure that sufficient protein is consumed.

3. Be careful not to catch a cold

When there is a precursor of a cold, you can take some drugs such as the cold root of the cold in advance.Try not to gather in the crowd’s dense area when flu, pay attention to keep warm.

4. Supplement vitamin

Some patients with recurrence of oral ulcers are caused by lack of vitamins, so they can supplement some vitamins when they lack vitamins, but do not take it for a long time to avoid other damage.

5. Far away from allergies

Some patients will cause ulcers due to allergies. Therefore, when you change toothpaste brands or have caused ulcers after eating foods that have not been eaten before, consider whether it is allergic.If it is an ulcer caused by allergic, immediately adjust the diet structure.It is best to apply the ulcer surface with the original honey, usually it will improve in 2 to 5 days.It will be cured in about a week.In addition, choose a soft hair toothbrush and a suitable, mild toothpaste, and often change toothpaste brands.

6. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

Because fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, inorganic salts, and various nutrients, they can prevent tongue ulcers caused by lack of various elements.Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits also has a good effect on preventing recurrent oral ulcers.

7. Avoid oral mucosal damage

Treating bad teeth in the mouth in time to avoid damage to the oral mucosa.Rotten tooth roots and worm tooth will not only traumatally traumatic oral mucosa, but also make it difficult for oral hygiene.

8. Pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene

Oral cavity is a bacterial environment with a large number of microorganisms.So brush your teeth carefully and wash your teeth regularly.Stomatologist recommends that you wash your teeth every six months to a year, and brushing your teeth cannot be used for washing your teeth.

9. Actively regulate emotions

A healthy mental state not only has a therapeutic effect on oral ulcers, but also is good for the whole body and mind.The model of modern medicine is a biological-psychological-social model, that is, the regulation of psychology, and the adaptability to society, has a great impact on physical health.

10. Exercise, balanced nutrition

Although there are few malnutrition, nutritional imbalances often occur, so it is necessary to deal with balanced nutrition, pay attention to, exercise more, and nutrition balance.

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