The cause of more than half a recurrence abortion is unknown


Medical Guidance/An Geng, Deputy Chief Physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center, Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, An Geng, and the attending physician Wu Yixuan

Abortion is a great blow to women who are eager to "make people" who are eager to "make people."What causes repeated abortion?

Experts from the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangyi said that there are many reasons for repeated miscarriage. Common chromosomes, uterine factors, endocrine, metabolic factors, pre -thrombosis, immune factors and male factors.Even if it is systematically checked and systematically checked, the cause of more than 50 % of patients with repeated abortion is unknown.Doctors remind that women who encounter repeated abortion should pay attention to protecting endometrium and prevent infertility from endometrial too thin. It is recommended to go to regular medical institutions to conduct standardized cause screening and receive standardized treatment.

Text/Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Weng Shuxian Correspondent Bai Tian

8 abortion 8 times of pregnancy and 8 chromosome abnormal disasters

In the past 6 years, she has been pregnant 8 times and aborted 8 times. Once the fetus has grown for 16 weeks, she still can’t keep it.Speaking of the experience of preparing for pregnancy over the past 6 years, Miss Zheng (pseudonym) couldn’t look back.

Ms. Zheng has been actively preparing for pregnancy since 2012. After two abortion, she went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination after two abortion, but found no abnormalities.

The doctor felt a little strange, let her add a chromosomal examination, and it was no way -she found the chromosome balance.She couldn’t keep the fetus many times, which was abnormally affected by this chromosomal.

Due to repeated miscarriage, the palace was repeatedly cleared, and Miss Zheng’s endometrium became thinner. In addition, she left a psychological shadow. "She even dreams of surgery at night and scares a cold sweat."

Women are greater than 40 years old risk risks rising rapidly

Natural abortion refers to the natural abortion of abortion/embryo at 24 weeks before pregnancy, and recurrence of abortion refers to ≥ 2 times.The incidence of natural miscarriage of childcare women is about 10%to 15%, and 2%~ 3%of women of childbearing age will experience natural abortion.

"Although Ms. Zheng was unfortunate, she can still treat the cause of the treatment compared to those who have recurred abortion." Wu Yixuan, chief physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, introduced that the cause of recurrent abortion is many aspects.Common reasons are the following aspects: chromosome factors, uterine factors, endocrine, metabolic factors, pre -thrombosis, immune factors, etc.However, even if it is systematically checked through specifications, the cause of more than 50 % of patients with recurrent abortion is still unknown.

Studies have shown that the risk of miscarriage between women aged 20 to 35 is the lowest (13%to 15%), and the risk of abortion than 40 years old risks rapidly (30%~ 51%); smoking will increase the abortion rate, reduce the chance of living production opportunities; Mother’s obesity will lead to an increased abortion rate, and the risk of hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy; alcohol is a potential risk factor for miscarriage; in addition, long -term contact with harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides may also be related to abortion.

When a woman encounters a miscarriage, it is inevitable that the Qing Palace surgery is inevitable.Wu Yixuan reminded that we must pay attention to protecting the endometrium and try to avoid the uterine cavity adhesion caused by damage to the endometrium, and the endometrium is too thin.When natural abortion occurs ≥2 times, it is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible for standardized cause screening and treatment.

The higher the male sperm fragmentation rate

The more easy to cause miscarriage

When abortion occurs, women are often under tremendous pressure, but in fact, this is not only the cause of women. Male factors can also cause embryo to stop and miscarriage.An Geng, deputy chief physician of the Male Department of the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, pointed out that the quality of male sperm and the fragmentation rate of sperm DNA are the main factor that affects pregnancy ending in male factor.

The so -called sperm DNA fragments refer to some harmful factors (such as smoking, high temperature, drug, etc.) during the formation of sperm, which causes fragments that are destroyed and fractured by sperm DNA integrity.An Geng said that the integrity of genetic material is very important for successful pregnancy and health.For men, the degree of sperm DNA fragments reflects the integrity and functionality of sperm genetic material, affects the quality of sperm, reduces the chance of pregnancy, affects the quality of the embryo, and even causes the occurrence of embryo -stop and abortion.

The current common sperm detection method -routine semen examination can only judge the number, concentration, vitality and survival rate of sperm, and cannot better detect the "quality" of sperm.If you want to understand the inner "quality" of sperm more objectively and more accurately, you can be used for evaluation for sperm DNA integrity testing.In the sperm DNA integrity detection, the sperm DNA fragment rate is <15%, which is normal.The 15%<Sperm DNA fragment rate <30%is general.However, if the fragmentation rate is ≥30%, whether it is natural and artificially assisted, it will affect the success rate and increase the risk of miscarriage.The higher the sperm fragmentation rate, the greater the probability of embryonication and abortion.

An Geng reminded that if men find that the sperm fragmentation rate is high, the antioxidant treatment of sperm fragmentation rate should be performed first, and sperm quality should be improved to help reduce the occurrence of miscarriage.

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