The cat is pregnant, how can the shit properly assist?

The cat broke through the difficulties, and finally embarked on the "Cat Sheng Avenue" of "born children", and was about to usher in the joy of "children and grandchildren".It’s so gratifying!In the face of cats, what should the owner do?It is essential to take special care and careful care for cats.The point is, as the owner, we should know how to do it!Let’s learn together!

As the name suggests, see if the cat is pregnant, and see what the symptoms of pregnancy.The pregnant cat is within three weeks of the cat, and the color of the nipple changes from pale pink to dark pink, and the hair next to the nipple will fall off, making the nipples look particularly prominent.3-4 weeks after conception, the cat’s belly is obvious spherical.After that, the fetus is not so easy to find, but it can also be touched.

If necessary, you can also see the fetus through the ultrasound device within 2-3 weeks of pregnancy; 5 and a half weeks after pregnancy can look at the number of fetuses according to X-ray.

Generally, cats are pregnant for 63-66 days, and some will last until 71 days.If it is premature, most of them will die shortly after birth.Therefore, during the pregnancy of cats, we must ensure the nutrition of female cats, and more protein and calories need to be supplemented.High -quality protein, such as an appropriate amount of dairy products, eggs, and meat, can be added to dry feed (about 10%) to increase the protein content and taste of food, and does not cause the balance of nutrition.

The amount of feeding should gradually increase with the growth of pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, the female cat should have doubled more than before pregnancy. However, due to the growth of the fetus, the surrounding organs shouldEat the required portion, so you must increase the number of feeding, or leave the food outside to eat freely with the female cat.

Cats are also a very important job.First of all, we must ensure not to feed too much during the female cat during pregnancy, or cause obesity and muscle relaxation due to insufficient exercise, which will cause production difficulties.Carton is the best and simplest delivery room. Open a mouth 10-15 cm from the bottom to facilitate the mother cats and prevent the kitten from falling out.It is best to have a lid, and when necessary, you can open the lid to take care of the kitten.It is best to let the female cat adapt to this box in the first week before the production. You can try to put a clean soft towel to encourage it to sleep inside.

Usually 1-2 days before cat production, they have no appetite to eat, which is more uneasy than usual. There are more meals, or tear the things paved in the box used in production, and even vomit.

The closer to the production time, the more they will lick the abdomen and reproductive organs.If you do not place the female cat in the delivery room in advance, it may be produced on your bed, in a closet or elsewhere!

Once the kitten is born, it should be broken immediately to let the kitten breathe freely.Usually female cats do this immediately, but some unswatable or nervous female cats may forget it.If this is the case, parents should break the membrane immediately, otherwise the kitten will suffocate.If the umbilical cord has not dropped at birth, the female cat will clean up the kitten after giving birth to a kitten, and naturally bite the umbilical cord.

If the kitten is born for 15 minutes, the female cat has not started to clean it up, parents can use a clean line or tooth floss without waxing, tie it from the umbilical cord 1-25 cm away, and then quickly cut off too much too much.Long umbilical cord.Note that the umbilical cord that is too short is infected, so the umbilical cord left can not be too short!In addition, let the iodine solution or disinfect water at the fracture to prevent the cat from being infected.

Those early work of cat pregnancy is basically that. If your cat is about to embark on this "cats", you must take a good look!

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