The brick family recommends eating black chickens, and black chickens suggest not to recommend the brick family

The brick family recommends eating black chickens. If the black chicken will think about "black chicken … you, you, you are high, you are great, you will be a human, you will use me to be human."But the brick family said the eight reasons for eating black chicken, which can make the black chicken startled!

Brick home: 1. Children usually grow their bodies, and they need various proteins, cellulose, sugar, calcium, fat carbohydrates.

2. The ingredients such as black chicken are very helpful for supplementing collagen and unsaturated fatty acids, and can improve their child’s body immunity.

3. Black chicken soup can promote children’s bone development, increase children’s intelligence and increase the absorption of trace elements.

4. The unsaturated fatty acids DHA, zinc, and collagen contained in black chicken are relatively the highest.

5. Black chicken soup is rich in trace elements such as protein, amino acids, and zinc, which can provide sufficient nutrients for the body, thereby accelerating the division of cells, promoting metabolism, and accelerating the growth and development of children.

6, black chicken contains sufficient zinc, zinc can promote the taste development of children, fundamentally solve the problem of children who do not like to eat, change the phenomenon of unable to taste in the mouth, poor appetite, and delicious food.Successive zinc allows children to really fall in love with eating, thrive, and throw away picking and malnutrition.

7. Stewed soup with black chicken. Frequent consumption can promote children’s growth and development.However, children are generally very sufficient, so it is generally not necessary to eat black chicken soup for children, just eat a small amount. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the lightness of the black chicken soup.

8. The black chicken for children must choose a high quality, what is high quality: no heavy metal, no medicine, no hormones, breeding time for more than 8 months.

Black chicken: First, extraordinary origin, from a young age, the small county, known as the "hometown of black bone chicken", Yanjin;

Second, the bloodline is noble: there is a sentence on the Internet that is used to describe its "black chicken king in the world, Yanjin Black Phoenix".The leading enterprise of Yanjin Wugo, treats me as a baby to breed;

Third, the growth environment is not average. In the Shenshan Forest of Jianba Village, Pu’er Town, Yanjin County, I have played freely with my friends in the mountains since childhood. They are usually foraging on the mountains. Green plants, grass, insects, and natural spring water in the mountainsIt is also my food, supplemented by corn, rice and other miscellaneous grains, and eat happier than humans.

In just 300 days, we worked hard to gain a little bit, just to be able to occupy some of them in the hearts of others. There are so many benefits of eating black chicken in children. Eighteen kinds of amino acids and ten amino acids such as melanin, protein B vitamins are rich in melanin.In the eight trace elements, the content of vitamin E -lithium iron and potassium sodium of nicotinic acid is higher than that of ordinary chicken, but the cholesterol and fat content are very low.The total protein and globulin content of black chicken is many times higher than that of ordinary chickens. The amino acids and iron elements contained in are also higher than ordinary chickens, and their nutritional value is extremely high.

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