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Divine abortion refers to the early pregnancy of the early pregnancy with rice non -ketone tablets plus macarolin.Selecting drug abortion within 49 days of pregnancy, the side effects of drug abortion are relatively small, so this time is the best period of drug abortion.Take miscarriage drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

The best time for drug flow

Drug abortion must be determined to be pregnant in the palace. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion of the drug may cause severe bleeding.When is the best time for drug flow?The time for drug abortion is generally appropriate within 7 weeks (ie 49 days).The most sensitive drug is the 35th-40th day, and the flow of people can generally know within 12 weeks after pregnancy.

There are generally two kinds of medicines that need to be taken in drug abortion. First, take drugs that suppress the development of the embryo first. After 2-3 days, the drugs that shrink the uterus are discharged.Caused abdominal pain, you can usually go back for six hours after taking the medicine for six hours, and then continue to bleed for 1-2 weeks.After that, you can go to the hospital to review the B -ultrasound to see if it is clean.Experts remind that even if you choose a drug abortion, you should go to the hospital. Do not buy drugs at will.

Drug abortion process

The drug and abortion is mainly targeted at early pregnancy that is less than 45 days.How to perform drugs and centers? The process of abortion of the drug is:

1. Strictly screen before medication, including asking for medical history, conducting body physical examinations and gynecological examinations, and laboratory examinations, such as urinary pregnancy tests, vaginal cleanliness, trichomonas and mold, blood routine and blood type. If necessary, do B -ultrasound examination.

2. Doctors explain in detail the method of taking the medicine, the efficacy of the drug and the possible side effects, and the medication can be used after obtaining the consent.

3. Oral meltharone in the first two days, the last day of oral Masso prostaglandin, two hours before and after taking the medicine, and fasten the prostaglandin on the last day, because it will abortion within two hours.

The current commonly used dose: The amount of meterone is 150-200 milligrams, which can be taken or served within 3 days.

4. On the 3rd day, add prostaglandin preparation to the hospital: Card pregnancy is placed in the vagina or 600 micrograms of macolytol 600 micrograms.Observe 6 hours in the hospital.

How much is the drug flow

What is the price of the drug flow?The price of a drug abortion is not expensive. Generally, the cost of drugs only requires the cost of drugs plus the preoperative examination and postoperative drug costs.The cost of doing a drug abortion in the hospital is about 400-800 yuan, including the B-ultrasound of the continuous examination, including the prevention infection and the uterine recovery of the old drugs taken after the drug flow, but excluding the cost of Qingyong surgical surgery with incomplete drug flow.

However, because the drugs for drug abortion are prescription medicines, they cannot be sold at will.It is even more needed to scrape the palace again because the abortion of the drug may cause abortion. If there is incomplete abortion, the cost of treatment is far exceeding the cost of painless abortion, which will cause irreversible damage to the body.


If you decide the drug flow, then you should also understand some precautions: First, the drug flow is only used to terminate the intrauterine pregnancy.Before the medication, you must do a B-ultrasound examination. The diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy is confirmed. The size of the fetal sac is about 1.0cm-2.5cm before taking the medicine.In addition, anti -inflammatory drugs should be taken to prevent infection.When you encounter a problem that you do n’t understand, you must ask a doctor to check it. Do n’t take your own medicine.

What are the dangers of drug flow?

What are the hazards of drug abortion?Because of its simple and fast, the drug flow is the first choice by many abortion women.However, there are many hazards of drug abortion. Female friends who want to do drug flow should pay more attention.

1. Causes infection: The time required for drug abortion is longer than artificial abortion. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue fabrics are discharged complete, the uterine membrane is not good, and the vaginal bleeding time is long, which can last for 2-3 weeks, or even 1-2 months.Long -term chronic blood loss can cause anemia and reduce physical resistance.At this time, bacteria are often retrograde by the vagina, causing endometriosis.

2. Affected fertility: can cause endometrial damage.Due to the damage of the endometrium, when women are pregnant in the future, pre -placental disks are prone to occur, which can cause severe bleeding before childbirth. Due to multiple abortion, some women will have habitual abortion.

3. Affect ovarian function: inhibit the function of ovarian, affect the growth and development of follicles or even ovulation.What are the hazards of drug abortion? After some women’s drug abortion, menstrual disorders can occur, manifested as shortened or extended the menstrual cycle, and the harm of drug abortion to the body has increased menstruation.

4. Incant abortion: Not all women are suitable for abortion with medicine. If there is incomplete abortion of drugs, it will affect uterine contraction and the repair of endometrial wounds, so that the vaginal bleeding volume is clear …

How long is the bleeding after the drug

After the drug flow, the average number of bleeding days after the discharge of fetal sacs was discharged by the drug and the lifting of the fetal sac is 16 days on average.

If someone is still bleeding for more than 18 days, it may be incompletely alcohol, which affects the uterine contraction and hemostasis; or the fetal sac is incomplete and cause incomplete abortion;Essence

If there is a residual palace, the vaginal bleeding time will be prolonged to increase the chance of infection.

Due to the long time after the drug flow, the cervix is loose, which will provide opportunities for the breeding and retrograde infection of bacteria.Therefore, if vaginal bleeding is more than 7 days, antibiotics should be taken for 3-5 days to prevent infection.

In order to recover as soon as possible after the drug flow, we must pay attention to the following problems: Do not have sex within one month after the drug flow, so as not to cause infection; you cannot take a bath after the drug flow. This is to avoid reproductive tract infection.Washing your hair or bathing should use hot water, pay attention to rest, diet is mainly light, avoid spicy food, pay attention to strengthening nutrition, such as excessive bleeding, you can eat some blood supplement food appropriately.

How long does it take to menstruation after the drug flow?

How long after the drug flow varies from person to person.Generally speaking, the ovary after the drug flow can restore the ovulation function within 22 days, and the menstrual period is about one month.However, there are a few women who have menstrual disorders such as menstrual periods, different cycles, and amenorrhea after the drug flow.This situation is generally returned to normal after 2-3 months, and a few people last for a long time.

After the abortion of women, due to changes in hormone levels in the body and the damage to the endometrium of the uterine, most women’s menstruation will change after the abortion.Wait for various situations.After such a situation, menstruation will slowly return to normal after about 2-3 cycles.Observe for a while, if long -term menstrual abnormalities, you can go to the hospital for examination.

How long can I have a room after the drug flow?

There are many precautions after the drug flow, and one of them is to prohibit the same room within one month after the drug flow.How long after the drug flow can be found in the same room.After abortion, the human resistance and immunity are relatively weak, and it takes a while to recover as a whole.At this time, the endometrium is in a state of damage. If it is prematurely in the same room, the external bacteria are brought in by the penis, which is prone to reverse infection. At this time, the blood permeated by the uterine cavity is a good bacterial culture substrate.Therefore, after at least one month after the drug flow, if you must have sex, to ensure that the vulva is cleaned first, and the man must wear a condom.

Women’s vagina and cervical mucosa have an immune effect. If they insist on sexual intercourse in the case of inflammation and damage of reproductive tract, they will enter the door of the blood, sperm and immune cells for sperm and their antigen to open the door.Antibodies, leaving infertility.

Precautions after drug flow

After the drug flow, you must pay attention to care and maintenance.First of all, a regular hospital should be selected for abortion surgery. After the abortion, there must be a full rest, and at least 3 to 4 days.Second, anti -inflammatory drugs must be taken on time and volume.The precautions after the drug are:

1. After the medication is used for medication, if there is vaginal bleeding, continue to take the medicine, do not stop taking it, and the urine is used in the stool. Pay attention to whether there are tissue discharge.If you want to identify the doctor, if the vaginal bleeding exceeds twice the amount of menstruation, you should seek medical treatment immediately and observe closely.

2. Some pregnant women’s medicines have mild nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and lower abdominal pain after the medication and medication. Some rash may occur in individuals. Generally, no treatment is required.

3. At 8 am on the fourth day, come to the hospital for 2 hours after eating or eat warm water (no more than 30 ° C) oral ricein 0.6g (3 tablets).Pregnancy products are discharged, bleeding and their side reactions.

4. Take two weeks after abortion and keep vaginal cleaning.Two weeks after surgery should not be a bath.Absolutely prohibited sexual life within one month.

5. Do not take salted acid, eliminate pain and other analgesic drugs at the same time when taking medicine and medication.

6. After 6 hours of medication, no tissue discharge is still seen. There are no abnormal special circumstances to go home, such as out …

Which damage is small and flow of drug flow and abortion

Regardless of the way of flow, it is artificially terminated with normal pregnancy, which disturb the endocrine balance of the human body, cause endocrine disorders, and severe amenorrhea.

Medica abortion is usually performed within 49 days of menopause, but the drug abortion is likely to cause excessive bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a drug flow in a regular hospital to ensure the safety of women’s life.The painless abortion time is within 35-55 days. At this time, the uterus is not too large. Generally, the surgery does not need to expand the cervix, which has a small impact on the body.

In terms of the two ways of abortion, the drug flow does not require surgery, so there is no possibility of infection in surgery, and there are fewer chances of infection after surgery.However, after the abortion of the drug, the occurrence of time is relatively long, and the long -term vaginal bleeding provides favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria, and the inner mouth of the cervix after the drug flow is also relaxed, which can easily cause bacterial infections and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.The main thing is that the failure rate of medicine flow is relatively high. After the failure, the clear palace surgery must be performed to further harm the body.

The painless abortion is relatively safe. Under the current medical technology, not only will the patients feel pain, but the entire surgery will be performed under visible situation.Unexpected pregnancy …

How long can I go to work after the drug flow?

After the drug flow, the female body is weak, so after the drug flow, you must rest more, pay more attention to physical conditioning.

After the surgery of the drug and centers, it should be used as an artificial abortion.If the rest is not good, the factor of the uterus often causes poorly caused the postoperative bleeding time to prolong, followed by anemia, infection, or even infertility. Therefore, it is not possible to go to work immediately after the drug flow.You need to rest for a while at home.

After the drug flow, fresh fish, tender chicken, eggs, animal liver, animal blood, lean meat, soybean products, milk, jujube, lotus seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables.Do not eat or eat less greasy cold foods. It is not advisable to eat radishes, hawthorn, bitter gourd, orange, etc., such as qi, blood circulation, cold and cold foods, and eat more foods that are easy to digest.

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