The belly is very itchy after the second child is pregnant, but the mother -in -law is not allowed to take medicine. After the child is born, the mother -in -law is dumbfounded.

My husband and I were introduced by the matchmakers in the village. At that time, we did not look at each other, but after two days, my husband asked me to go out for dinner. I went there, so I got along a few times, and I felt it was quite appropriate.

Then we fell in love together, and then the love time of a year quickly passed. We are happy every day when we are together, so we plan to get married.

We met each other’s parents, and our parents were very satisfied with us, and then we got married. After marriage, we lived in my mother -in -law’s house with my husband. My mother -in -law was pretty good to me.

I was pregnant a year later. My mother -in -law was very happy. Later, I gave birth to a daughter. My mother -in -law was a bit unhappy because I knew that my mother -in -law had always wanted a grandson, and I understood.

I don’t want to make my mother -in -law unhappy, so after a year, I listened to my mother -in -law, intending to have a second child, regenerating a boy, and giving birth to a son.

It didn’t take long for me to have a second child. Now my mother -in -law is happier. I am careful about me every day, for fear that I will hurt my belly, and I am also a lot to me.

However, after the second child, I found that my belly was itchy. I just thought it was a reaction of pregnancy. I didn’t care, but it became more and more itchy in the past few days. I couldn’t help but want to catch it.Methods, you can only go to the hospital to see.

After the doctor’s examination, he said that it was a bile stasis and prescribed the medicine, saying that as long as you take medicine on time.Unexpectedly, after I took the medicine home, my mother -in -law was not allowed to take it, saying that I couldn’t take medicine messy during pregnancy. It was not good for my child. I also threw all the medicine.

I couldn’t help but endure it like this. It was not until about seven months of pregnancy, and my stomach had a severe pain. I went to the hospital to give a cesarean section and give birth to the child. After the child was born, the whole body was green.Essence

It turned out that because I did not take medicine, the bile always had the stomach and dyed the child. Fortunately, there was no problem with the child, otherwise I really couldn’t forgive my mother -in -law.Everyone said, I’m right, right?

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