The bathroom will never find the reason for the reason. Check it according to this method.

Why are there many people decorated in the bathroom? As long as you do not ventilate, you are stinky. Many people think that it is a problem of floor drain. Even if you smash the floor drain, you still have not solved this problem.

Why did the bathroom repeatedly smelly?

Mainly there are two reasons. The first many people think that it is a floor drain. In fact, the root cause is not a floor drain. It is the key to whether your drainage pipe is curved when decorating. This is the key to the core.

If you do not make water curvature, it means that the drainage pipe is connected to the main pipeline, which is open 24 hours.Go inside.

Therefore, in the first step of our decoration, it depends on whether the drainage pipe is equipped with water curved. If the water curved is installed, it will still be anti -odor. What is caused by the problem?

The second is that after our master pasted the ground tiles, our sewage pipes needed toilet. The position of the toilet and the place around the tile surface had gaps.

Assuming that the flange circle of the toilet is not good, it will slowly age after a year or two. After aging, the water of the toilet will slowly penetrate into the tiles through this gap.

After the water in the toilet penetrates into the tile mortar layer, the following is waterproof. There is no way to discharge. The above is the tiles. These water cannot evaporate quickly.Bacteria occurs in the mildew, and the smell of the gap through the tile is slowly penetrated. How unpleasant you are.

What should we do?That is, after the master of the tile worker finished the brick, we had the sewage pipe in the toilet. These gaps around, we need to use the leakage king to form a slurry, fill it in secret, and do not leave any gaps.

Even if this is a problem with the flange circle of our toilet, our water leaks will penetrate the surface through this place. We can see it instead of penetrating into our cement mortar layer.

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