The baby always wants the wish of a younger brother or sister, I’m sorry

In recent days, my baby has always told me, my mother, you give me a little brother, I ask why I want to have a younger brother?He said that the younger brother could play with me.

I remember when he was very young, he was almost three years old, and he would tell me before going to bed every night. Mom, you give me another baby, your brother or sister can do

My baby really likes the little baby who is younger than him. Whether it is a younger brother or a younger sister, he really likes it. As long as he sees his classmate’s younger brother or sister, he will walk very warmly.Take the little treasures to play, hold them, and also care about the reminder slowly, don’t be too fast, the walking too small is not too stable, he will hold the baby up, and keep saying in his mouth.This is my brother, no one allows me to grab me …

I really want to realize this wish of my baby, but we are also older. If a burden is regenerated, the most important problem is that no one is watching. I will often dream in the past few years.A little sister, even the name has been taken. In recent years, I have not had such dreams of pregnancy. Maybe I still want to regenerate one in my own subconscious, but now it is older.The matter is also put down.

So whenever the baby tells me this request, I can’t bear to refuse him, but this wish can’t let him realize it, so tangled.I just feel sorry for my baby.

I always hear other people’s homes. If you want to have a second child, you have to ask the boss’s opinion.Have a younger brother or sister.

Now that you have been open for three, the country has a lot of policies in response to pregnancy.

From the years of Jianjian, the national total population data over the years can be calculated that compared with 2019, the national population increased by 2.04 million compared with 2019, and the previous year’s increase was as high as 4.67 million.

Obviously, the birth rate of the population is lower in the year. Although the country responds to many children, the growth rate is not very high now. Some people who are willing to have a baby will have more lives, and one who does not want to have a baby will never have a baby.Instead of thinking about three, this is indeed a more realistic problem. After the birth of the baby, the education problems and the care of the care, social resources, space, environment, …

For a family, one more child is more pressured. If the financial conditions in the family are good, it is willing to give birth. Three or four are all possible, but most families will consider some more realistic factors, such as such as more realistic factors, such as, such as the more realistic factors, such as, such as the more realistic factors, such as the more realistic factors, such asIt is said that the biggest problem in my family gave birth to a baby. No one watched. If two people work, at least one person comes out and picks up the baby to go to school.

Regardless of life, economy, or social educational resources, do you want to have a baby or give birth, and you will think carefully. It will not be like the old society.The more baby babies, the more labor in the family. There are three or four in general families, but now people will consider that they will think carefully about this problem.Instead of saying that if you want to have a few, you will have a few questions.

This has become the common attention of everyone in the society. Some families, grandparents are not like the original feudal society, they must have a boy. Now the old people’s thoughts have changed very well. They think there is one.The girls are the same, and they are basically. If the family wants to regenerate, but the old man’s willingness is that it is possible, but they don’t want to help watch it again. You must be willing to give birth. If you are born, you will see it yourself. The old man is old.There are not so many experiences.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to their own concepts and live out their own world. Of course, some elderly people are happy to watch their grandchildren and grandchildren and enjoy the joy of their grandchildren. However, some people are willing to enjoy their own development.Essence

So do you want to have a baby or a second child? For three babies, this is a question that needs to be considered deeply. As long as you think clearly, you can do things according to your own wishes.

I really ca n’t fulfill my baby ’s wish. Suddenly I remembered that when I wanted to have a baby, when my family did n’t want to, my feelings, and thinking about my baby, I was really sorry.

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