The aunt was pregnant and the nephew was called a dragon and phoenix. The aunt promised to guess 20 catties of jelly for the prize, and it was on 9 months later.

Each couple wants to have their own healthy and lovely babies, and the child is the hope and future of the family.

Everyone hopes that children are all in a good word. If they can get the dragon and phoenix tires in one fell swoop, it is even more happy and happy.

We often say that Tongyan has no adequate. Many times children inadvertently say that they are often very accurate and bring a lot of surprises to adults.

With such a lucky baby, his aunt was pregnant. The family asked him to help him guess the gender of the baby. The boy blurted out, saying that it was a dragon and phoenix.Give him a big reward.

A netizen in Suzhou, Jiangsu, shared a very interesting short video. He said that his wife was pregnant. The whole family was very curious about the sex of the baby in the belly. It was a boy or a girl.

It is said that Tong Yan Wuji, the words of children are more accurate, so at a family banquet, the guy began to coax the boy’s boy’s boy. The child was only 3-4 years old. The parents asked him.Baby, is it a boy or a girl?

This little nephew is also a lively and cute little boy. After listening to the questions of the adults, he didn’t hesitate and blurted out: Dragon and Phoenix!

The big guys were stunned by the little boy’s words. The young children still knew so much, and they knew that the dragon and phoenix tires, but it is really possible to see the baby’s pregnancy statue.

After listening to it, the aunt and uncle were full of joy. The uncle promised the boy on the spot that if his wife really gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix tires, he would reward the boy 20 pounds, his favorite jelly.

The gentleman said that he couldn’t chase the horse, and the transaction was made on the spot.

In October, when she gave birth, soon, her aunt was in the day of production. What made the big guy ecstatic is that the aunt lived up to expectations and really gave birth to a cute and healthy dragon and phoenix baby.

This time, the aunt and uncle had a bad time. The uncle went to the supermarket that day to buy a jelly full of gift packs for this good -looking nephew. It was 20 pounds.

In the room, all kinds of colorful jelly covered the ground, and the boy jumped happily.

Netizens saw such a joyous and interesting scene, and they were infected. They praised that this little nephew is really too clever and lovely.

Some netizens said that the words of children are really accurate. When I was pregnant, all adults thought I was going to have a boy.Really girl.

However, some netizens worriedly stated that it was not good to reward the children, and why should they reward jelly?Children eat this too much, it’s not good. Besides, it is easy to danger.

I think:

As the saying goes, Tongye is not tested. People like to tease children. What they say is more tolerant and accurate.

In fact, children guess the baby’s gender and has no scientific basis. It is just that adults tease their children to play for the joyful atmosphere. Do not take it seriously. Whether there are boys and women, as long as they are healthy babies, they will be very happy.

In the end, jelly is the favorite of children. Although it tastes beautiful, it cannot be eaten more. It is not good for the child’s body. Besides, eating jelly is prone to choke. Parents must pay more attention to protection when eating jelly.Do not care.

Of course, there are many other ways for children’s excellent performance, there are many other ways, such as reward pens, a set of books, etc., such rewards are more meaningful.

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