The anus itchy is unbearable, can’t you deduct it?Doctor: In addition to eczema, it may also be committed hemorrhoids

Now that it has officially entered the summer, it is so hot every day to sweat. At this moment, long eczema and long sweat herpes cause itching of the skin, it seems normal.However, if "anal itching" is used as such skin itching problems, it may miss the great time to treat hemorrhoids. When bleeding and prolapse are not treated, the effect is not as good as early treatment.

As the saying goes, "Ten Men Nine Hemorrhoids, Ten Women and Ten Hemorrhea", hemorrhoids are almost a problem that everyone may encounter, but when most people come to see a doctor, the symptoms have affected life.A large amount of blood and anal pain, hemorrhoids fall outside and can’t go back, etc. In fact, you can miss the time when you can change your living habits or use the simplest "ligation" to deal with hemorrhoids.

In addition to the blood that the general people often know, or the hemorrhoids falling out, there is actually a symptom that is often neglected, that is, "the anus itchy".Because the position of hemorrhoids grows different, the positions are different. Some people may not bleed or pain, but it is itchy. Itchy is always wanting to catch, but I am embarrassed.

Hemorrhoid anal eczema disease doctor

If the tooth line of the anus and rectum is the boundary, the above is the internal hemorrhoids, and the following is external hemorrhoids. After the internal hemorrhoids are inflamed and swollen, a little tissue liquid may be leaked, or the skin that is swollen to squeezes into the anus may be squeezed to make the anus wet wet.Wet and sticky, naturally feel itchy; as for external hemorrhoids, because the swollen hemorrhoids are directly and rubbing the anus daily, you will feel itchy and painful, and you can touch a small piece of meat pads.It may be hemorrhoids.

If you can’t help but grab the anus itching and subconsciously, it may cause the anus purulent and cause severe infection and become a super painful abscess.Which abscess is a bit like the feeling of large acne at the anus, squeezing a small acne is painful. When the doctor cuts this ultra -big acne with a knife, it hurtsNo way.

Hemorrhoid anal eczema disease doctor

So feel the anus itching, and it lasts for more than 1 week. Do not treat it as a simple skin eczema. If you suspect that you may be the problem of hemorrhoids, hurry up and look at the colorectal and rectal examination. To treat hemorrhoids, you can cure the itching of hemorrhoids.In the process of treating hemorrhoids, doctors will also prescribe some ointments that can soothe itching, so that they should not catch them all the time.

If you want to alleviate this feeling of itching at home, you can also use water with water with a temperature of about 40 ° C for "warm water sitting bath"., Gently sit in the bathtub, the amount of water can exceed half of the position of the hips, 10 to 15 minutes each time, 3 to 4 times a day, help the vascular expansion around the anus, reduce itching caused by oppression, and repair the mucous membranes, but it is necessaryRemember, you must dry it after getting up, and the humidity will make itchy.

Hemorrhoid anal eczema disease doctor

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