The American couple spent two and a half years and finally conceived her daughter. Only when she was born, she knew that she was 14 years old

Time is solidified in front of this family!When the first mother who gave birth to a child said that when the child of her three -month -old was actually a teenager, this explanation like a riddle made netizens confused.Atlanta from Georgia, USA, 43 -year -old Nancy and Chris Weiss revealed that they spent two and a half years trying to get pregnant. In the end, Luna came to this world.

The couple realized that the chance of pregnancy will gradually decrease in their future life.So in 6 months, they first tried natural conception, and then quickly accepted IVF fertilization.After five failure of IVF and a chemical pregnancy, they discovered the theory of embryo adoption, that is, a fertilized egg implanted with a successful test tube conception.

Despite only 50%of the success rate, Nancy still became pregnant immediately.After further understanding the embryo, she was shocked that the embryo was frozen since February 2004.She gave birth to a cute Luna in December last year, and now this three -month -old cute little girl has confused netizens, and they cannot believe that she is 14 years old.

Now the new generation of parents are trying to raise people’s understanding of embryo adoption. This is another choice for women to pregnancy. This is cheaper than receiving egg donations, although it is unheard of compared to the public."Whenever I talk to others about this, it will still be shocking. I must decompose this word into simple words and explain it to others. Try to explain the test tube fertilization.Let’s not say that people have been frozen for 13 years. "

"I have never heard of embryo adoption before. This is not too popular. Few people know, but other therapies are much cheaper. Our entire procedure has only spent $ 5,000 (about 30,000 yuan), which makes ordinary families even moreIt is easy to accept, and the cost of using eggs may be as high as $ 30,000. Our miracle girl has been frozen in more than 13 years, until I can provide her with a belly and let her grow into this beautiful little girl today. "

Nancy and Chris Weiss moved from New Jersey to Atlanta from New Jersey to George Asia before they wanted a child. They thought it was almost the "arrangement of fate".Just like their LUNA has been waiting for them in the 13 years of frozen."In order to have a better quality of life, we moved here, our little Luna is waiting for us here, as if everything is destined" "

"We are not very grateful for this gift. Without this family’s selfless donation of excess embryos, we can not have our cute little baby."Pregnancy, once you start focusing on love yourself and life, without considering pregnancy, no matter how the child enters your life in the end, destiny will always help you find a road that leads to success. "More information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article Source: Yibai)

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