The actress said that the husband received a text message from the yellow after pregnancy, and a number of Baoma said that it may be related to registering a certain software

Recently, Zhou Jiao, the player of the Black Demon Fairy "Bala La La Little", released a video saying that since she started her birth inspection, her husband has received text messages many times. These text messages are naked.It’s not convenient to come to XXX ", and there is contact information.Zhou Jiao is quite angry: "It seems that the mobile phone number is suddenly sold to a certain organization."

Xiaoxiang Morning News (Newspaper WeChat: XXCBBAOLIAO) reporters noticed that Zhou Jiao’s experience has encountered many Baoma.A mother of Baomao revealed to the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter that after she was pregnant, her husband registered a certain parenting software to receive yellow harassment text messages shortly after.However, because there are too many places to fill in personal information during pregnancy, it is impossible to verify where the information is leaked, and you can only open your mobile phone interception.

Can the mothers who encounter such situations can only endure silently?Liu Ming, Executive Director of the Ruibang Law Firm from Hunan, said that selling or providing personal information of citizens may be suspected of criminal crime. The best way is to directly alarm to let the public security organs intervene in the investigation.

Accompany his wife to check in the maternal and baby shop to register certain apps, and the husband leaves a contact information after receiving the text message involved

Zhou Jiao said that no similar things had happened before he was pregnant. Since the start of the production inspection, after registering some APPs, this type of text message was received crazy.Then I started to find out online what is going on, and it really is more than us. Many mothers have reported that since finishing the birth checkup or what APP I have registered, I started to receive this text message crazy. Obviously our informationIt was leaked, and special services were used to harass this SMS during pregnancy and lactation. "

Zhou Jiao recalled that she went to the mother and baby shop to buy things with her husband, and the mother and baby shop asked her to register a member. Due to the low stage of the registration information, she was very inconvenient to hold her big belly, so her husband filled in the information and kept herself.The number of numbers received similar yellow information in a few days."I really think that this group of people is too shameless, too moral bottom line, and the idea is here."

In the Zhoujiao video comment area, many women in pregnancy or after production have the same encounters.Some netizens said: "I went to the maternal and child health care hospital for a production inspection, and I had to fill in my husband’s phone and my number. When I went back, I received various harassment text messages." Some netizens said that the hospital had sold his information to the photography institution,"Because the other party’s name is accurately stated in which hospital I built a file, there is no way to sell it in other channels." Many netizens are very angry, "I saw qi bombing, let alone treasure during pregnancy."Mom", "Sorry, the mood of Baoma during pregnancy is really important, which will make people sensitive. Sending this information is really shameless."

A mother who was in pregnancy revealed to Xiaoxiang Morning News that her husband downloaded a certain parenting software after pregnancy. Such software usually has functions such as pregnancy records, dietary precautions and experience during pregnancy.Frequently receiving yellow harassment text messages, such text messages often clearly write the words "Wife’s pregnancy" and "inconvenient breastfeeding" and other words.The store, including the confinement center, etc., can not verify where we leaked our information, and we can only open the mobile phone to intercept. "

Lawyers’ police recruitment may be suspected of criminal crimes

On April 12, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post consulted multiple operators customer service in this regard.Customer service said that the number of artificial customer service can be called by receiving the number of harassment information. The operator will verify and deal with it in the background. According to different situations, there will be different processing mechanisms.SMS sending numbers for marking to intercept and open services such as mobile housekeepers.

On April 11th, in the report of "Morning Yixi help 丨 Changsha many people received a SMS involving yellow garbage, anti -fraud police: Do not order", Changsha Anti -fraud police reminded the public:Don’t reply to the message or call.Because this kind of call is full of fraud calls, the text messages are also fraud information.The police said that if you receive a text message similar to "you have illegally, you need to assist in the investigation", do not convey messages such as personal information and verification codes to the other party. Once you convey, it will fall into the trap.The police also reminded the general public that if you encounter a yellow spam message, do not conduct naked chats and other behaviors, because naked chat itself is illegal.

How can citizens find their rights and interests if they find their personal information are sold or provided outward?Liu Ming, Executive Director of Hunan Ruibang Law Firm, told Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter that he directly called the police when he encountered such circumstances.They are suspected of crime, and may also save other families. "

According to the provisions of Article 253 of the Criminal Law, if it violates relevant state regulations, sells or provides personal information of citizenship to others. If the circumstances are serious, they will be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of less than three years.It is particularly serious, imprisonment for more than three years, or less than seven years, and fined fines.In violation of relevant national regulations, if you will be sold or provided to others in the process of fulfilling their duties or providing services, they will be sold or provided to others.Those who stole or obtain personal information of citizens in other methods shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs.For the first three crimes of the unit, the unit is punished by the unit, and the person in charge and other direct responsible persons who are directly responsible for them shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of each paragraph.

Liu Ming reminded that if the relevant evidence and information of the personal information of others’ purchase and selling personal information through the public security organs, they can sue the court to request compensation.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Mengjuan

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