The abdomen of young women mistakenly believes that she was pregnant in June?This female disease is common to ignore

Nandu News Reporter Li Chunhua Correspondent Xi Yongqi Chen Jianmei Liu Yuting has heard of uterine fibroids. The more common is the uterine fibroids with a diameter of less than 5cm.Because of the seemingly "pain and itch", this disease is often ignored by everyone. Once you miss the best treatment time, you may form huge uterine fibroids, which is life -threatening.

The abdomen is like a pregnant woman, and there is a huge fibroids in the "pregnant"

Xiao Pan (a pseudonym) is a 33 -year -old second mother who found uterine fibroids during the medical examination in a foreign hospital five years ago, but she considers herself to be a common disease of women and does not need to pay attention to it. She did not go to the hospital for review.In 2018, Xiao Pan reviewed the B -ultrasound during the medical examination of the Panyu Hospital of the Second Hospital of Guangyi, and found that the uterine fibroids had increased to 65mmx72mm. At this time, Xiao Pan had not paid attention to it and still ignored it and rejected the advice of the doctor’s surgical treatment.

In December 2019, Xiao Pan discovered a hard block in his lower abdomen. He had never gone to the hospital due to the epidemic.Half a year later, Xiao Pan suddenly had a situation of increasing menstrual flow, so he felt wrong, and immediately went to the gynecological clinic of the local hospital.Gynecological B -ultrasound prompts that "the low echo of the uterine muscle layer is 190mmx103mmx168mm, consider the possibility of subtinum uterine fibroids", it is recommended to surgery, Xiao Pan is worried that the surgery is risky and once again refuses.

In the next three months, Xiao Pan felt that the lower abdomen mass increased faster and faster, and the edge of the block even reached 2 horizontal fingers on the navel.rise.The subway was even mistaken for pregnant women and gave her a seat, which embarrassed her.

Finally, Xiao Pan, who was aware of the seriousness of the problem, was determined to come to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Panyu District of Guangyi II Hospital.After inspection, Xiao Pan’s body was thin, and the lower abdomen was large, and the lower abdomen was large, and the lower abdomen was significantly protruding outward, just like 6 months of pregnancy.The pelvic MRI examination prompts that "the huge fibroids under the right wall of the uterine body may be degenerated with degeneration, and the lesion size is 155mmx94mmx165mm", which must be treated with surgery.

Abdomen MRI before surgery

Small illness is dragged into a major illness, and the tumor is equivalent to early birth weight

Considering that Xiao Pan’s situation is complicated, Zhong Huimin, director of the department, led the team to discuss internal discussions and formulate an individualized plan.Xiaopan’s tumor waying film has a huge wound surface, and it is difficult to expose locations at the bottom of the basin. There are important organs such as bladder, ureter, and rectal, which causes urinary fistula and intestinal fistula after surgery.While peeling the tumor, there is a risk of damage to near the blood vessels, the risk of large wounds, and hemostasis, and may even have severe bleeding, which is endangered.After comprehensive consideration, it was decided that the abdominal uterine fibroids were decided to remove surgery, and the venous pelvis was arranged before surgery to determine the possibility of ureteral pressure without compression and displacement.

During the operation, the doctor found that Xiao Pan’s uterine fibroids were huge, with a diameter of 20cm.Because the tumor is too huge, it cannot be removed at one time. It can only reduce the stove to completely remove the tumor body.After the doctor removes the tumor body, it has meticulously revisited the fibroid envelope and is used as uterine plastic surgery to restore the normal structure of the uterus and peripheral tissues.After the removal of tumor body, weighing 1.7kg after surgery, it is like a premature baby!

The surgery was smooth, Xiao Pan’s life signs were stable and were returned to the ward.After careful care from the medical team, he was discharged smoothly.Two weeks after surgery, Xiao Pan recovered normal menstruation. The B -ultrasound reminded that the uterus was normal and the surgical incision was well recovered.

Understand uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors for women’s genitals. They are common in women aged 30-50. According to statistics, about 20%of women over 30 years old have uterine fibroids.Uterine fibroids are divided into uterine fibroids (90%) and cervical fibroids (10%) according to the growth site of fibroids.

There are many symptoms of clinical manifestations. During physical examinations, it is found that common symptoms are: increased menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual period, lower abdomen blocks, increased leucorrhea, and compression symptoms.

Treatment should be comprehensively considered according to the age, symptoms and fertility requirements of the patient, as well as the type, size, and number of fibroids.

An asymptomatic fibroids generally do not need to be treated, especially women in recent menstrual periods.Those with mild symptoms, deserted age or general situation should not be surgical, and can be treated with drugs.

If the following medical situation occurs, it is recommended to surgery: due to the large menstrual passage, secondary anemia caused by fibroids; severe abdominal pain, sexual intercourse pain, or chronic abdominal pain, acute abdominal pain caused by fibroids;It causes the corresponding symptoms; infertility or repeated abortion due to fibroids; doubtful sarcoma.

Although the exact cause of uterine fibroids has not yet been understood, experts suggest that you can pay more attention to personal lifestyle and methods to maintain a healthy and good constitution, correctly recognize the importance of gynecological diseases, and reduce the risk of illness.

1. Cultivate healthy living habits: without smoking, drinking, keep the rules of schedules.

2. Reasonable diet: balanced diet nutrition, avoid insufficient intake of trace elements or absorb obstacles.Eat more grains, fruits, fresh vegetables, and insist on low -fat diet.

3. Self -regulation: Maintain good and positive emotions.

4. Pay attention to contraception to avoid flow damage.

5. Pay attention to menstrual hygiene health: In the menstrual period, keep the vulva cleaning to avoid the same room during menstruation.

6. Exercise appropriately.

7. If the uterine fibroids are examined, a regular review should be checked.

Female friends should pay attention to the signals sent by the body. Do not drag their illnesses into a serious illness before causing attention.

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