The 8 stars "get old", each with their own distress, some children enter jail, some are academic tyrants

From the perspective of physiological and health, women are generally labeled with older women when they are 37 years old. Because at this time, ovarian function has been reduced, not only is it difficult to conceive, but also risks when they are pregnant.

However, relatively speaking, there is a lot of restrictions on the age of male fertility. The pianist Liu Shikun has raised a daughter with his wife at the age of 81, breaking the record of raising a daughter with his wife at the age of 78 with his wife at the age of 78.

Today, we take a look at the eight stars of "Lao Lao Zizi". They have their own feelings, some children enter jail, but some have become Xueba and have become self -reliance.

On November 14 last year, some media exposed the news of the pianoist Liu Shikun’s 81 -year -old daughter on the Internet platform, and accompanied by photos of Liu Shikun’s 36 -year -old wife, which caused heated discussions.

Later, the reporter interviewed Liu Shikun’s wife Sun Ying, and Ms. Sun replied in a text message: "I am glad to tell everyone that the daughter of Liu Shikun’s daughter Beibei was born on November 7, 2020. This is God who gave us the best husband and wife.Good gift. "

Liu Shikun, born in Tianjin in 1939, studied the piano at the age of 3, performed at the age of 5, won the National Children’s Piano Contest at the age of 10, and won the second place in the first Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition at the age of 19.

Liu Shikun has three wives, and the first wife is Ye Xiangzhen, and he is also a director.The second wife is Gai Yan, a host.

Now Liu Shikun, who is already the year of the puppet, is old and strong.According to Hong Kong media reports, in order to take care of his wife and daughter, Liu Shikun invited two months from the United States and Hong Kong, China, and spent a monthly cost of up to 100,000 Hong Kong dollars.

On September 11 last year, director Zhang Jizhong’s assistant Du Xinglin posted on the social platform saying, "On the afternoon of September 10, the little flower immortal arrived", and then confirmed that Zhang Jizhong was 69 years old, and the assistant Du Xinglin was his.Legal wife.

Zhang Ji has three wives. The first name is Wang Yan, and the second wife is Fan Xinman, who is famous, and CCTV’s talented daughter is nearly 15 years younger than Zhang Ji.

According to Fan Xinman, at that time, Zhang Jizhong had only junior high school culture and no talent. It was the name of Zhang Jizhong, who was willing to write the writing of the works. At the same time, under the proposal of her and Ma Yun, she took the line of Jin Yong’s drama and later became famous.

Zhang Jizhong’s third wife, his assistant, was 31 years younger than him, and was ridiculed by netizens as "grandson love".

Today, Zhang Jizhong and 39 -year -old wife, Du Xinglin, often showed affection on the Internet.For 4 years of marriage, Du Xinglin gave Zhang Jizhong a child and a daughter.

Li Shuangjiang is a well -known singer in my country. He has sang many classic old songs, such as "Red Star Show I Go to Fight", "I Love Wushi Mountain, I Love Wanquan River" and so on.

Li Shuangjiang has two wives. The ex -wife is Ding Ying. He is a famous dancer. The two have lived together for more than ten years.The two have one son, called Li He, and are said to work in the General Political Song and Dance Troupe. They are excellent but low -key and do not often appear in the media.

Dreamge is the second wife of Li Shuangjiang. When Li Shuangjiang, born in 1966, was born in 1966, when Li Shuangjiang, who was born in 1939, was 27 years old.

In April 1996, Li Shuangjiang and Mengge’s son Li Tianyi was born.

When Li Tianyi was born, poor parents in the world, Li Shuangjiang and Mengge have high hopes for their son. Li Shuangjiang once happily said to the media: Wife is in education, hoping that the child must get the Nobel Prize, and hope that the child can become when he grows up and be able to become the growth.Big figure.

When Li Tianyi was 13 years old, Li Shuangjiang and Mengge accepted an exclusive interview with the People’s Daily Online. Mengge said: For so many years, it has been educated, accompanied, and emotional for children. We can say that they are doing it as much as possible.

But what the two old artists that made Mengge and Li Shuangjiang did not expect that their sons were shameful to them.

Li Tianyi, who was good at singing, dancing, and painting at a young age, was a year -old Li Tianyi. In 2011, he was changed to work for a year for fighting and fighting for a year. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for suspected other crimes.

Wang Gang, born in 1948, is a well -known actor and host in my country. He has a bumpy life experience. He has been famous for his appearance in "Iron Tooth Copper Ji Xiaolan" and "Prime Minister Liu Luo".

Wang Gang has experienced a total of three marriages.

The first wife was Du Xiaojuan. The two raised a daughter together, and later separated due to their unreasonable personality.

The second wife, the well -known singer who is familiar with, became a square. The two met when they recorded the show at a time, but their life after marriage was very unpleasant. Both of them were talented, but they broke up.

Zheng Yandong is Wang Gang’s third wife. He was born in 1969 and was 20 years younger than Wang Gang.The two met online, married in 2006, and had children in 2008.

It can be described as "getting old". At that time, Wang Gang was already 60 years old and was very happy.

Today, Wang Gang is 73 years old, and he has less play and appearance. Occasionally he accompany the baby to run, and his family is happy.

Last year, some netizens broke the news that Wang Gang spent one million for the third wife Zheng Yandong and his son, which caused heated discussions.

But then Wang Gang rumored, saying that he could not earn one or two million in January, and said: Even if his wife holds one or two million a month, what should I buy?Do you spend it?

Zhang Yimou is a big director that we can’t be familiar with, born in 1950.

At the age of 51, Zhang Yimou and his second wife Chen Ting had a big son, named Zhang Yinan.

In the next four years, Chen Ting gave birth to two babies for Zhang Yimou.

Zhang Yimou’s first wife was Xiao Hua, and the two were junior high school classmates. They met and fell in love when they were "going to the countryside".The two had one woman and named Zhang Mo.

At that time, Xiao Hua’s father looked down on Zhang Yimou and thought he was too poor, although a little talented.But Xiao Hua is very persistent and is very good to Zhang Yimou.Later, the two were separated by emotional inconsistent.

Zhang Yimou had been in love with Gong Li for many years, but did not get married.

Zhang Yimou’s second Chen Ting is a post -80s woman. At the age of 19, due to the selection of the heroine of "Happy Time", Zhang Yimou met. It is said that Chen Ting’s mother was very satisfied with Zhang Yimou and did not mind the relationship between the two.Zhang Yimou is 31 years older than Chen Ting.

Today, the three children of Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting have grown up, and Zhang Yinan, the eldest son, has taken the road of Zhang Yimou and engaged in director work.In 2017, he went to the crew of Zhang Yimou’s film "Shadow".

According to Chen Ting, his son used the summer vacation to go to the crew for internship, and he would live with everyone. Zhang Yimou was very busy, and his son rarely had time to see it.

In 2019, 17 -year -old Zhang Yinan directed the micro -film "over there" and won three major awards for the best film, best director and best music of the Shanghai Student Film Festival.Only won the first prize, the son won the prize less than 18, which is the opportunity given by the times! "

Today, Zhang Yimou is 71 years old. In addition to work every day, he is accompanied by his wife and children, and often cooks.

Andy Lau, one of the "Four Great Kings", one of the most famous actors and singers in the Chinese film and television circle.Born in 1961.

King Liu Tian not only sang a large number of classic famous songs such as "Forgetting Love", "Chinese", "Thank you for love", but also starred in many TV series such as "The Condor Heroes" and "Yang Family General".

Relying on the perfect singing and first -class acting skills, Andy Lau sucks countless fans.But he is very self -disciplined.

There are two gossip girlfriends of Andy Lau, namely Mei Yanfang and Guan Zhilin, but I did not respond.There are only three girlfriends that Andy Lau’s public acknowledge, namely Lin Anqi, Yu Kexin and Zhu Liqian.

After Zhu Liqian’s debut, he was a flat model. In 2008, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian married in Las Vegas for 22 years. In 2012 and 2016, the two had two daughters.

So far, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian have worked together for more than 30 years, with good emotional conditions, and there are few scandals after marriage.

According to Andy Lau, Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian’s marriage cannot be separated from Zhu Liqian’s tolerance and tolerance. Andy Lau once said with emotion: "She loves me more than me."

Chen Kaige was born in 1952. In 1996, he registered with Chen Hong in the United States. After marriage, he had two sons, the eldest son Chen Yuang and the second son Chen Feiyu.

The younger son Chen Feiyu was born in the United States in 2000. For calculating, Chen Kaige was 48 years old.

Chen Kaige was together with Hong Huang with the "famous girl" in 1987. He married in the United States in 1989 and divorced in 1991.

In 1996, Chen Kaige and beautiful actor Chen Hong registered in the United States to get married.After the two got married, they were very loving. In order to take care of their family and children, Chen Hong once replaced the shadow. Later, he became a producer and produced works such as "Wuji".

Chen Kaige’s two sons, one is Xueba, and the other is Yanba.

Chen Kaige once revealed that his eldest son Chen Yang was studying in the particularly famous Wharton Business School in the United States, with a high IQ.It is reported that Chen Yuang was admitted by himself. This college has a lot of excellent graduates and has produced President of the United States.

The second son, Chen Feiyu, was even handsome from childhood. In 2019, Chen Feiyu was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy as a foreign student.

Guo Fucheng was born in 1965. The history history is very complicated. There are rumors. For more than 30 years, he has had a scandal relationship with 18 women. At most, he loved 3 women once.

In 1990, Guo Fucheng began to become popular after shooting the Guangyang locomotive advertisement. After becoming popular, he released his first album "Can’t Love You", which exceeded 1 million, so he was named "Asian Dance King".

Guo Tianwang was 19 years old and fell in love. Since then, women have continued. There are super -big beauties such as Chen Derong, Zhong Liti, and Xiong Dailin, as well as foreign friends from Japan, France, Singapore and other places, and even including dawn, Zhou Xingchi, etc.The ex -girlfriend of the celebrity big name.

However, she still dares a woman to enter the marriage of Guo Tianwang, she is Fang Yuan.

Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan fell in love in 2014, married in 2017, and gave birth to 2 years in a row 2 years after marriage.

On April 18, 2019, Guo Fucheng issued a post on a social platform. His wife Fang Yuan successfully gave birth to a second child. "Today I am very happy, special day. I will share with you the little good news from our family: that is, Chanteelle is a sister, Erbao HealthCute! Thank you again for your blessings, gratitude. "

After the marriage of Guo Tianwang and Fang Yuan, Guo Fucheng used to like to collect sports cars. Later, after the two daughters were born, they stopped buying a sports car. Instead, they bought a large car that facilitated a family of four to travel.The care is evident.

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