The 60 -year -old aunt’s abdomen has no appetite and thinks that the digestive is indigestion. The culprit is actually ovarian cancer




Some time ago, 60 -year -old Aunt Wang felt bad food (reduced food), and abdominal distension. Thinking that he might be indigestion, he bought a stomach and eliminating tablets, but there was no effect, and the abdominal distension increased.I did not find a problem after gastrointestinal gastroscopy, why is that?

The gastrointestinal doctor suggested that Aunt Wang went to the gynecology department. Aunt Wang thought: I have menopausal. What are the problems of gynecology?Besides, what is the relationship between abdominal distension and gynecology?

With the increasing bloating, Aunt Wang can only come to the gynecological department doubtful, a series of examinations, 4*5cm blocks in the right attachment area of the pelvic cavity, as well as ascites, and the tumor series also seriously exceed the standard.Ovarian cancer, it is recommended to investigate hospitalization.

The results of the operation came out, Aunt Wang suffered from the IIIA period of ovarian cancer, and had 8 treatment chemotherapy after surgery.The whole treatment process made Aunt Wang suffering!

Aunt Wang said that there was a slight abdominal distension a year ago. If he had this knowledge at that time, he went to the gynecology clinic early, and he could find early treatment early. The result is definitely better than now!Aunt Wang said that you must publicize more and hope that everyone can learn from her lessons, so that everyone must have a sense of health care, that is, menopause, and regular gynecological examination. Don’t be like me. It is already late when you find it!

Aunt Wang hopes that through her medical records, everyone will be considered to be abstained!Then I will take you to understand the relevant knowledge about ovarian cancer!





What factors are easy to guide

What causes ovarian cancer?

1. Age: With the increase of age, the risk of ovarian cancer is getting higher and higher. Most ovarian cancer occurs after menopause. Women who are about 50 to 79 years old are the people with the highest occurrence of ovarian cancer.

2. Genetic factors: Ovarian cancer has family aggregation. About 20%of ovarian cancer is related to genetic factors.

3. Bad living habits: smoking, high -fat diet, obesity, high psychological pressure, staying up late, etc., may induce ovarian cancer.

4. Environmental factors: In touch with a large amount of radiation and asbestos, women who use more talc powder in the perineum area in the perineum area can also become a good crowd of ovarian cancer.

5. Infertility and late menopause, the use of ovulation -promoting drugs and postmenopausal intake can become a high risk factor for ovarian cancer.

How to reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer?

1. Maintain a good lifestyle: usually develop good living habits, strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity.Eat a healthy diet, eat less high cholesterol, high -fat, high -fat foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits.Regular schedule, ensure sleep, adjust the pressure of life in a timely manner, etc., and reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

2. Breeding at the right time: There are relevant data show that women who are pregnant and give birth before the age of 26 are lower than the risk of ovarian cancer without pregnant women. Moon pregnancy and breast milk feeding can also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

3. Scientific contraception: Long -term oral compound short -acting contraceptives can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer. The longer the use of time, the lower the risk. Of course, you must control the amount of taking.In addition, other forms of childbearing measures, such as tubal ligation, are also related to reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.

4. Regular gynecological examinations: It is recommended that women do regular gynecological examinations every year after the age of 25, and regular examinations can be found in time to detect cervical, attachments, ovarian, etc.If there is uncomfortable symptoms or women enter the menopause period, you can do a joint examination of CA125+HE4 tumor logo.

5. Genetic testing: Women who have direct relatives in the family suffer from ovarian cancer and breast cancer. It is recommended to go to a specialist hospital to receive genetic consultation and necessary genetic testing to determine whether there are genetic mutations, so as to clarify the risk of illness and prevent timely prevention in a timely mannerAnd intervention.

The cure rate of early ovarian cancer is relatively high, but because the early symptoms are not obvious, if the gynecological examination is irregular, the possibility of early diagnosis is relatively small.After the development of ovarian cancer to the late stage, there will be a series of symptoms related to digestive tract -related, such as poor appetite, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, etc. Therefore, many patients clinicallyIt was found that there were pieces in the pelvic cavity and doubted ovarian cancer; some patients had symptoms of menstrual disorders.

The incidence of ovarian cancer is high, and the effect of advanced treatment is very poor, and ovarian cancer is very easy to relapse. Nearly 70%of patients will relapse within 1-2 years, and even recur with multiple times, causing patients to be tortured.And long -term treatment also causes a heavy burden on the families of each patient with ovarian cancer.Therefore, female friends must take more precautions, especially after menopause female friends, do not think that menopause, gynecological diseases will stay away from you!Be sure to get regular medical examinations for early discovery and early treatment.

Author: Obstetrics and Gynecology Li Binglin

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