The 6 -year -old boy cried his stomach pain and vomited a big blood!This kind of abdominal discomfort, be vigilant

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

The 6 -year -old words (pseudonym) cried that the stomach was uncomfortable, vomiting a large blood, and the whole family was frightened.

On March 17, it is a horrible black Thursday for the family.That day, after eating dinner, I said that my stomach was uncomfortable and wanted to vomit.At first, his family mistakenly thought it was the vomiting caused by his picky eaters, and criticized him.However, after a long time, he said that his stomach was uncomfortable, and later he shouted more and more dense.The family quickly sent him to a nearby hospital. Before he arrived at the hospital, he had no time to check, and he vomited blood, a big pole.

Stomach is uncomfortable, why do you vomit blood?What kind of disease did you say?

There is a kind of abdominal uncomfortable, vomiting blood

Calling the door vein sponge -like lesions

Doctors in the local hospital felt that the situation was wrong. Hurry up to do the germination of the abdominal color Doppler ultrasound. It is found that the main vein main trunk of the liver is obstructed, and the child’s spleen is much larger than the children of the same age.Hemangioma?Spleen is swollen?Doctors in local hospitals believe that there is a need for further diagnosis and treatment, and it is recommended to go to the higher hospital for treatment.

Therefore, mom and dad quickly brought words to Zhejiang University Hospital, and Chen Qingjiang, deputy director of general surgery, was diagnosed.

After further understanding of the condition and improvement of the examination, Chen Qingjiang told his words and his parents that this disease is a relatively rare door vein sponge -like lesion. In terms of image, the vein leading to the liver is blocked because the lesions are blocked.The formation of a side branch cycle is the same as the sponge. After the return of the venous blood flow back into the liver disorder, the pressure of the door venous is increased. Patients with vomiting blood and black asphalt, enlarged spleen, and hypertrophic spleen function, blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets are reduced.Therefore, this disease is often accompanied by vomiting, blood in the stool, abdominal distension and stomach pain.In addition, if this disease is not treated in time, it may cause damage to the liver, spleen, kidney, gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, and small intestine.

Cure for this disease

It is one of the hardest four types of surgery in surgery

How can I treat the symptomatic symptoms?

There are three categories of surgery solutions: one is diversion surgery, that is, the pressure of the door vein is reduced through the spleen and kidney vein diversion and the vein diversion of the door cavity.Break and other means to reduce the chance of rupture and bleeding of the esophageal stomach vein. The third category is rotation, that is, a place where the sponge -like changes are bypassing the sponge -like changes, so that the blood of the door venous system can directly flow back to the liver.Liver decomposition and detoxification.No matter which solution is one of the most difficult surgery in surgery, but in terms of surgical effects, the third category is the most physiological method, but the surgery is very difficult.condition.

Chen Qingjiang team jointly evaluated the situation of the situation of ultrasound, anesthesia, nursing, etc., and finally decided to carry out the third type of surgery on the child: gastric coronary vein and the left sagittal part of the intra -liver vein), The blood of the door vein system by bypass the clogging door veins, and directly return to the door venous system in the liver.You can also choose the door vein system that transplants its own blood vessels in the neck vein to the liver vein system and the parts of the intestinal vein for bridges to solve the problem of blood to liver.

About a week after the operation, the words were discharged smoothly.

"Children’s surgery is very successful. At the same time, this kind of surgery is very in line with the physical characteristics of children. Children can grow up healthily as other children in the future." Chen Qingjiang said comfortably.


These abdominal discomfort, can’t be too careless

"There are many cases of stomach pain. If you are accompanied by vomiting, vomiting or asphalt, you should pay special attention. Parents should seek medical treatment in time if they find that they are not right to cause serious consequences."

Chen Qingjiang said that children with venous vein sponge -like lesions have symptoms such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, eliminating crickets, and can cause children with malnutrition and growth and development of children.Repeated vomiting and blood can cause anemia and blood loss shock, endangering life.

Source: WeChat public account of Zhejiang University Palace

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