The 54 -year -old rural grandma was pregnant, and the grandson advised her not to do it. The doctor was surprised after reading it. What was it?

The world is big, nothing is strange; the protagonist mentioned today is an old grandma!If you hear young people say that they are pregnant, I think this is a happy event.If a middle -aged woman from 35 to 45 says she is pregnant, this is actually a little surprised and dangerous. After all, it is an elderly mother, and the risk of having a child is relatively high.But if a 54 -year -old grandma suddenly said that she was pregnant, this really dare not imagine, what is the concept!

Zhang Xiao is now 54 years old. Her daughter is 36 years old. She is the only daughter of the family. At the age of 21, she gave birth to a son. The grandson was 15 years old.Grandma and grandfather live in the village. Every day grandma is living in the field. The daughter only goes back to the village once a month to see her mother, but recently, her daughter and grandson go back to watch grandma.At the time, grandma said that she was pregnant. I heard that she was happy during pregnancy, but her grandmother was 55 years old, and she suddenly said that she was pregnant. She was really surprised and couldn’t be happy at all.I don’t know how to deal with it.

When I heard my grandmother said that she was pregnant, the first reaction of the grandson and her daughter was to persuade her not to do it, because this is related to her life, so old, not suitable for pregnancy, and the risk is very high. The grandson also asked.She: What about your pregnancy report?Take it out to see how many months are you pregnant?Grandma couldn’t take it out, so she must be pregnant with one bite. After she unlocked her clothes, let us see her belly so big, and she must be pregnant.

Her daughter and grandson did not believe, and decided to let the doctor come to the house to help her check her body. As a result, it turned out that she was just a grandma constipation.Her daughter and grandson asked her why she did this.Grandma said: I just deliberately said that I was pregnant, so you would come back to see me as an old man. You see that you usually come back to see me once a month. My two old lonely lonely do not take care of it.Come back to accompany me and chat.

After the grandson and her daughter heard it, they felt ashamed, which caused her grandmother to do so, just wanted us to accompany her, and she really burst into tears.Therefore, as a grandson and children, you must accompany the family than the family. No matter how busy you are, you ca n’t make excuses to say that you have no time. You need to take more time to accompany the family. Time is very precious.Waiting for people, don’t wait for people to be gone, so I will cherish it, it is too late.Because everyone does not know, who will come first before accidents and tomorrow. If you do n’t cherish well today, you will be too late to regret it. What do you think?

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