The 50 -year -old woman in the United States is naturally pregnant with a child, and found that the fetus has been for 26 weeks during pregnancy

China’s only children’s policy has been implemented for many years, and many families feel lonely because they have only one child.After the liberalization of China’s second child policy, the happiest is a married woman about the 80s in the age of 30, because the birth of a child is justified for them.Now that you have caught up with a good policy, then you have to give birth to Erbao with peace of mind. You can also enjoy maternity leave again. Why not?

However, for the good news of the second child, the post -70s and 60s are only expected to sigh.After all, if women are in their 40s, their physical fitness is not as good as before, and the reproductive system has begun to aging. Some women who enter menopause have even menopated early, which has lost her fertility.

However, the world is big and strange.According to the Fox News on March 1st this year, a 50 -year -old woman in Florida was naturally conceived and eventually gave birth to a baby boy!The woman is Michelle Hall, who is already the grandma of the two grandsons.Michelle has experienced two marriage. In her first marriage, she gave birth to three children.After the divorce, she formed a family with a man named Jerry.

After marrying Jerry, Michelle gave birth to his daughter Obrid, who is 14 years old this year.This is a group photo of the family. Michelle, who is wide -hearted, sat among her husband and daughter and laughed.However, there is always something unwilling to live in life. When Michelle was 40 years old, she suffered from an autoimmune disease, named lupus, which made her pain.In October 2018, she found that she was pregnant!This is strange, because she has been menopausal for more than a year.

What shocked Michelle was to go to the hospital to check, and he was pregnant for 26 weeks.Last year, she always had abdominal pain, and it lasted for almost 5 months. Michelle just began to think that abdominal pain was caused by lupus or menopause. I didn’t care. Later, I felt painful. I thought: Is it pregnant?Is it?Unexpectedly, this is really the case.On December 27, 2018, Michelle at 35 weeks of pregnancy produced the next son through a caesarean section.It is not easy to get a child who is born naturally at the age of 50, but Michelle and their families are very happy.

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