The 50 -year -old Beijing aunt prepared for a third child, which was moving because of the reason. Netizens: Love is really great

Many families now have a model of fertility.Among them, the post -70s couple became the enthusiastic crowd of the second child.Compared with the 80s and post -90s couples, the post -70s couple have stronger economic strength, and they also have greater enthusiasm for fertility.The reasons for the post -70s couples to choose the second child are more diverse.

Some time ago, I saw a news that a 50 aunt wanted to have a third child.It stands to reason that women of this age should be as grandma, but Aunt Wang is actively conditioning her body, hoping to have a third child.

It turned out that Aunt Wang lived in Beijing, and Mr. Zhang was halfway. At that time, he had two children when he divorced his ex -husband. At the time of remarriage, Mr. Zhang and the two children were very good, so he never thought about asking the child anymore.Think about pulling the two children big.

The father and son who had no blood relationship was very weak. One day, because of a little thing, Zhang chose to be scolded by the steps, so that Mr. Zhang, who had to treat his steps as a child, was very sad.

The next thing is that I feel very anxious. I don’t have the second heart to the child. What about the child to himself?He was worried that he could support himself without a child.So he and Aunt Wang put forward the idea of having to have a biological child, and Aunt Wang always felt that he owed Mr. Zhao and did not have a man for him, so he agreed happily.Aunt Wang said that although she had to have a third child nearly 50 years old, she was willing, and she had four houses. It was not possible to sell a house, which would not be a drag on the child.

Out of care.

Parents in many families are worried that a child will be difficult to support the elderly.If the elderly are sick, it is difficult for children to take care of it.So for the sake of pension, the two children can also bear the pressure of supporting each other.This is good for children and the elderly.

Make up for the regrets when you were young.

Some parents have a very strong attachment to children and children. When they were young, they could only have one child and did not achieve their goals. So while they had the opportunity to regenerate one, they would want to make up for regrets and satisfy their own birth dreams.

The influence of traditional concepts.

Promote multiple children and blessings in the traditional concept of our country.Therefore, many Chinese families think that one child can bring more blessings to the family.For example, Shandong is a region with a strong traditional concept, so after the second child is released, Shandong’s second child birth rate is very high.

Time and energy.

Relatively speaking, the post -70s generation is older, and the physical condition is not as good as young people, so you need to consider whether you have time and energy to take care of your children when you want to fight for a second child.Breeding children are not an impulse, and parents need to be responsible for their children’s breeding.

Economic conditions.

The obvious change after the second child is that the economic burden is increasing. The post -70s couples need to consider the increase in this part of the family expenses.Especially nowadays, children’s spending is greater in all aspects of education.

It can be said that for the post -70s couple, the second child should be a cautious decision, and it is by no means a follow -up or an impulsive choice.What do you think of the practice of the post -70s?What are the suggestions for this?

Others’ eyes

A mother of an elderly mother said: The child is most afraid of the mother when she goes out.So let the children do not call their mother outside.

Or others ask: Is this your grandson?I don’t know how to get back.

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