The 48 -year -old mother -in -law was pregnant with her third child, and her daughter -in -law was angry at 8 months of pregnancy: you will divorce if you want to give birth

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A big mother in Shandong told her parents on the Internet. She said that she had been pregnant for 8 months. She did not expect her 48 -year -old mother -in -law to be pregnant, and it was three months.

She told her mother -in -law not to give birth, but her mother -in -law said toughly that the country has been liberalized for three babies, and it is my freedom.

The daughter -in -law was so angry that my mother -in -law said: If you have to be born, I don’t want to live with your son, I want to divorce your son!

My mother -in -law still said toughly, you don’t need to threaten me!

Some netizens in the comment area said: If you bring your own children, don’t worry about your mother -in -law!

Although so, but if the mother -in -law has no financial ability, then the child will have to band the two brothers in front of him!

From time to time, we see the news, because my mother has a second child in the elderly, and then I have no ability to feed myself. In the end, we have to go to the court to appeal and let our boss help himself to raise a second child.

Indeed, three babies are released in the country, and regeneration of pregnancy in her 40s, but there will be many subsequent problems!

★ Good physical condition

In the 40s, being able to conceive children naturally does not mean that the physical conditions are very good. Some people have a general physical condition, but she belongs to a pregnancy -prone constitution and can have children.

But if you regenerate your child in his 40s, the fetus must absorb a lot of nutrients through the mother’s body. This is a kind of harm to the mother’s body, so the mother’s physique will be injured because of pregnancy and become worse!

If you want to have a child in your 40s, you need to do a physical examination of the whole body in advance. If the physical conditions are not allowed, try not to regenerate.

★ Good mentality

The 48 -year -old mother -in -law and their 20 -year -old daughter -in -law are pregnant together. It is easy to be pointed by the people around me. If you have a bad mentality, you are also very depressed in your heart.

After the child is born, you take your child out. The child calls your mother. The eyes of the people next to it will make you feel a little ashamed.

And when the child goes to kindergarten and send the child to school, when the teacher calls you grandma, do you explain or not explain?

So if the mentality is not good, it is best not to have two babies and third babies.

★ Good economic conditions

Sheng Hailin, who was 60 years old, died of her only daughter, and was determined to be IVF, and she had a pair of twin daughters.

So long after her daughter was born, she started a business trip to the health care company. At about her daughter about 10 years old, a reporter once interviewed Sheng Hailin. Sheng Hailin mentioned that she had reserved about 7 million savings for her child.The house is to hope that the child will be comfortable in the future.

But if you have no deposit or even retirement, you have a second child and three babies in the future.

★ Planning

At least the child with a second child with a second child should be planned at least after the child is 18 or even 20 years old. Look at your physical condition, look at your economic strength, or consider buying various insurance for your child, such as education insurance, etc.When the child grows up, even if his parents are old, he has money to study by himself.

Or you can discuss with the second child. If you can’t take care of the little child, your brother and sister will help take care of it.

The second child and the third child must not only consider their own situation, but also have to consider the situation of the family of the family. For example, do their husbands agree, and whether their husband’s body is good.

Because he was older when he was at that time, taking care of a child is more than enough, unless his husband also supports it, it is almost the same.

For example, Ms. Tian, 67, gave birth to a three -born daughter. Her husband also supports it. The two couples can also bring their children well.

I have to consider the mood of the boss and the second child in front of me. If the second child is resolutely disagreed, in case you are old, the young one has not grown up, and then you may have to go to the court to fight a lawsuit.The second child and three babies are not fair.

Therefore, there are still many problems to consider elderly fertility. Don’t decide easily.

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