The 42 -year -old actress is painful for 8 months of pregnancy, and the mobile phone can not be available. The calf has stretch marks

Professor Zeng Shiqiang said: The best fertility age of a woman is 24 to 35 years old.Once 40 years old, try not to have children.That is both dangerous and it is difficult for children to bring.

This sentence has been well confirmed in the 42 -year -old female star.

She is Chen Qiaoen’s good girlfriend Zhao Xiaoqiao.

Why not get pregnant naturally, you choose to eat so much hardships to do IVF?This is the puzzlement of many people’s 42 -year -old Zhao Xiaoqiao.

If you are going to be naturally pregnant, who will want to do a test tube?Zhao Xiaoqiao responded helplessly.Zhao Xiaoqiao’s husband Liu Liangzuo is 54 years old, and has a son Liu Zizhen with his ex -wife. Now he is 19 years old and is studying in his freshman year.

From this point of view, Zhao Xiaoqiao’s problem will be greater, after all, her husband has already had a son.People are usually like this. When they are young, they want freedom, and they will want their own children when they are old.

In February 2021, Zhao Xiaoqiao was determined to open the road of test tube.After experiencing artificial failure and two test tubes, she had been pregnant for 4 months.Later, the fetus stopped.

On the way to pregnancy, Zhao Xiaoqiao has never given up.Huang Tian lived up to her career. She was finally pregnant, and she is now 8 months pregnant.

Every day, Zhao Xiaoqiao has a "homework" that must be done.That is to get a needle in your own stomach.In her words, not every pregnant mother who is a test tube baby has to do this, but her body is special.

Zhao Xiaoqiao gave his own pregnancy injection every day, and insisted on hitting the child’s birth.Her pregnant belly is basically purple.

As long as the fetus in the belly is healthy, she is full of happiness and hope every day.

The woman is weak, and it is a mother.This sentence was the best confirmation on Zhao Xiaoqiao.

Each girl is different, and the pregnancy response to pregnancy is naturally different.In the later stages of pregnancy, it is usually hard after all, because the fetus is growing every day.

Jiang Qinqin once revealed that when she gave birth to her first child, she could not lie down in the late pregnancy, and she could only sit on the sofa every night to sleep.

Starting 8 months of pregnancy, Zhao Xiaoqiao’s body changed a lot.Her thigh became purple -red and began to edema. As long as she pressed it with her hands, she couldn’t recover for a long time, but she was white.

In this regard, Xiaoqiao starts his feet every day.

I never expected that something more serious happened.The joints of her ten fingers continued to pain and swelling for 24 hours, especially when she just got up in the morning, it was unable to grasp the fist, and even the degree of unable to get it.

It is a very normal thing to swell in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, long stretch marks inside the thighs, and stretch marks on the pregnant belly.

However, growing stretch marks on the calf belly is really a very rare thing.

Stretch marks vary from person to person.Some pregnant mothers basically do not have stretch marks long, and even if some pregnant mothers apply oil, stretch marks will still be president.

Professor Zeng Shiqiang’s words still make sense.Once a woman is 40 years old, she will become more difficult and dangerous than young women.

When Ineng, 46 years old, was swollen by the whole person.The wounds are still purulent and bleeding after production.This is the danger of Professor Zeng Shiqiang’s mouth.

Women still have to do the right thing at the right time.

Yang Lan said: The tough bond in marriage is not a child, not money, but a spiritual growth.Love is sometimes a kind of righteousness.

Zhao Xiaoqiao and Liu Liangzuo walked through for 11 years.In the past 11 years, they have not bred their own children, and the love between the two is still sweet.

She did not dislike his appearance, and divorced his child, and he did not abandon him.Liu Liangzuo’s home looks like a very ordinary house. From the living room, it can be seen that the house is not large, but it is full of fireworks and warmth.

With the reputation and status of Zhao Xiaoqiao, he was able to marry an excellent single man with better conditions.She chose the divorced man Liu Liangzuo without hesitation.

Who says love is not a kind of spirit?

Liu Liangzuo already has a son. At the age of 54, he has no longing for the child.Every time he saw his wife Zhao Xiaoqiao trying to do a test tube, he was full of distress, and even persuaded her to give up.

He didn’t want his wife Zhao Xiaoqiao to experience a state of physical and mental fatigue, let alone make her body sin again.

Born, this is also Zhao Xiaoqiao’s obsession.At the age of 42, she is eager to have a child who belongs to her.After successful pregnancy, although she has to pierce the belly every day, as long as the child is healthy, she is also as sweet as she is.

What kind of experience is there a god teammate?The simplest thing is that before the wife speaks, she takes the initiative to do everything.It is as large as three meals, and every time you are in the birth, you must arrive at each maternity.

Behind every happy pregnant mother, there must be a super god teammate who is always considerate.Zhao Xiaoqiao’s husband Liu Liangzuo is such a god teammate.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, he would get up to prepare breakfast for pregnant wives, and cooked his wife’s favorite noodles early.Lunch, in order to take care of his wife’s taste, he deliberately called his wife’s favorite takeaway.

After eating each time, Liu Liangzuo was responsible for packing the chopsticks and tables.With his wife’s late pregnancy, he also worked at home every day and accompanied his wife all day.

After a meal, he will accompany the pregnant wife to take a walk.On the quiet trail, two people hold hands and talk about daily life. Talking about the future, who says this is not the simplest happiness that is the simplest implementation to realistic?

The most intimate move is that Liu Liangzuo squatted to massage and wash his feet for pregnant wives.Seeing this scene, I knew why the young and beautiful Zhao Xiaoqiao would marry Liu Liangzuo, who was divorced to the 12 -year -old with his child.

Liu Liangzuo is really a good and responsible man.

Zhao Xiaoqiao bent down and kissed her husband’s forehead deeply.

Behind this kiss is not only thanks, but also full of love.

Liang Shiqiu said: Marriage based on love is an unparalleled happiness in the world.

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