The 32 -year -old Olympic champion of the United States died at home. The autopsy report showed that when she died, she was "childbirth" and was pregnant for 8 months.

Jimu Journalist Sun Yan

Last month, the American women’s sprint and the Olympic gold medalist Tori Bowie died strangely at her home in Florida, only 32 years old, causing widespread public opinion.At that time, although the police had ruled out his killing, he had not announced the cause of death, and it was reported that when Bowie died, he was suspected to have been pregnant for 8 months.According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 12, a autopsy report confirmed that Bowie died of childbirth complications. She was 8 months pregnant when she died, and she was "childbirth."

Tori Bowie data map (picture source: Daily Mail))

It is reported that in early May of this year, Bowie’s family did not receive the news of her for a few days and was very worried, so she asked the police for help.On the afternoon of May 3, local time, the police came to Bowie’s residence and found her body in bed.

At that time, "Daily Mail" pointed out in the report that Bowie was thin when he died, but his body was pregnant and was suspected to be pregnant for 8 months.On June 12, a "TMZ" reported by an entertainment news website under the United States reported that Bowie died of childbirth complications based on a corpse test report obtained.The autopsy report showed that she was pregnant for 8 months when she died, and she was "childbirth."

It is understood that Bowie is the American track and field star. Born in Mississippi, USA in August 1990. On behalf of the US team, she won three medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, including women’s 4 × 100 meters relay gold medals, women 100 meters 100 metersRunning silver medal and 200 -meter sprint bronze medal.One year later, at the London World Championships, Bowie won the women’s 100 -meter sprint championship in 10 seconds 85.

It is worth noting that Bowie’s neighbors have said that Bowie has shown "weird and disturbing behavior" for a long time during his lifetime.In an interview, a neighbor said that once, he saw Bowie standing on the street, holding a knife in his hand, yelling at a man.

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