The 28 -year -old lady, infertility for three years of marriage, was caused by the blocked fallopian tube

Ms. Wang, 28 -year -old, is a white -collar worker in the office. She has been married for 3 years. Although her husband and wife live normally on weekdays, 3 years have passed, but they have not been pregnant. This makes Ms. Wang very distressed.You can only push the two couples to be young, and the career foundation is not enough.Having said too much, Ms. Wang felt very painful herself.

Subsequently, in a talk with my girlfriend, her girlfriend told her that she couldn’t get pregnant for one year, and it was not normal. I had to go to the hospital for examination to clarify whether there was a problem in the body.After some considerations, Ms. Wang went to the hospital to find me and informed me for details.

In the inquiry, I learned that when Ms. Wang was in college, she drew a boyfriend and lived together for 3 years. She also had two drug abortion and had no pain.

After listening to Ms. Wang’s description, I considered the infertility caused by the tubal blocked, and then asked Ms. Wang for further inspection.

After the inspection, the report showed that one side of the fallopian tube was blocked, and the fallopian tubes were not smooth. At that time, the specific situation of her, gave her a set of prescriptions and shared it with everyone:

Take the group: Guizhi, Poria, Chi Zhi, Danpi, Tao Ren, and Road Tong.

Usage: Pay one day, decoction, 2 times a day, warm.

Gui Zhizhi, Tao Ren, Danpi, Chi Dan, and Poria are mainly promoted and stasis, which can eliminate wicked blood.Guizhi can enter the blood through the blood, regulate blood circulation, improve the spasm of the smooth muscle of the blood vessels, the danzi medicine is cold, dredging the nodules in the blood veins, the cinnamon branches with Danpi, the cold and temperature combined, the medicinal nature is relatively stable;Chi Yan can regulate yin and yang. Poria with Danpi can condition qi and blood; the role of peach kernel is to dispel coagulation, dissolve blood clots, and prevent blood from solidifying; the above -mentioned drugs are compatible with blood circulation, stasis, reactions, and then to qi and bloodBridge.

Patients have been conditioned for more than April, and the symptoms have disappeared. The test has an advantageous ovarian to make them prepare for pregnancy. After 53 days of menopause, early pregnancy is measured and a baby baby is produced in full month.

【Kind tips】:

The prescription needs to be based on the individual’s physical ratio. When the patients are used, they must consult a pharmacist or physician, and do not use it blindly.Through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, this symptom can be cured slowly.If the condition is particularly serious, the patient -must go to the hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.


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