The 27 -year -old young mother had three months after giving birth to a child, vomiting frequently, and the doctor was stunned at first glance.

Xiao Jing, 27, has been born for three months, but she still vomited repeatedly like she was just pregnant.The family has exhausted various methods to make up for Xiao Jing, but Xiao Jing not only did not improve at all, but became thinner and thinner!

After the child is born, the pregnancy response of pregnant women will disappear, but why does Xiao Jing vomit?Is this the sequelae left after her production?

Xiao Jing and her husband Wang Shi met during the college. At that time, Wang Shi was deeply attracted by Xiaojing, cheerful and optimistic, and took the initiative to pursue Xiao Jing.After a period of pursuit, Xiao Jing was moved by Wang Shi’s obsession and accepted his boyfriend.

After falling in love, the two of them found more and more flash points in each other, and they had a deeper emotion to each other.After talking about love for nearly seven or eight years, Wang Shi felt that it was time to change the relationship between the two.

So Wang Shi carefully planned a romantic proposal with Xiao Jing, and successfully promised Xiao Jing with tears.So far, Xiao Jing thinks that the romantic proposal ceremony is still excited!

In March 2014, there was good news from Xiao Jing’s belly, and she was about to usher in the crystallization of her and Wang Shi.

In the process of conceived in October, Xiao Jing lived very hard and vomited repeatedly.However, everyone thinks that this is a normal pregnancy response, but Xiao Jing has a greater response to the pregnancy response and last longer than the pregnancy of other pregnant women.

Therefore, neither Xiao Jing and her family were in mind, but they looked forward to the baby’s advent with joy.

Ten months later, Xiao Jing successfully gave birth to a big fat boy, and the family was happy.

When everyone was immersed in the joy of the arrival of the new life, Xiao Jing’s state was not right, making people very worried.The vomiting that should be disappeared as the child came, but after Xiao Jing gave birth to the child, it became more and more serious!

What is even more worrying is that Xiao Jing was very weak after the production of production. Because she would spit out whatever she was eaten, there was no way to absorb any nutrition.This has led Xiao Jing’s weight to decline, and people are getting thinner and thinner.

Watching his wife vomiting repeatedly, Wang Shi was very worried every day, so he decided to take his wife to Peking University Hospital for examination.

Because Xiao Jing had no other symptoms and no obvious causes except vomiting. This allowed doctors to have no way to get diagnosis. For this reason, Xiao Jing could only do a full -body examination to find the cause.

After a series of tedious examinations, doctors found that Xiao Jing’s causes were likely to come from the brain.

After a detailed CT scan on the brain, the doctor diagnosed an unexpected result -Xiao Jing had a tumor nearly 2 cm in his mind!And after consultation, doctors found that it was not easy to remove the tumor in Xiaojing’s mind.

According to brain images, doctors judge that there are a large two small and three tumors in Xiaojing’s brain. The largest tumor diameter is nearly 2 cm, and this largest tumor has invaded Xiao Jing’s life center -extension.

The marrow is located at the bottom of the brain stem, the front end of the cerebellum, and many basic centers such as the respiration and heartbeat of human beams on the marrow.Once the marrow can not run normally, it will blur the consciousness, sometimes physical disorders, and severe cases will die quickly.

Therefore, this place is listed as the restricted area of life, and it is not possible to easily touch or hurt here.However, it is tricky that the tumor in Xiaojing’s brain grows near the marrow.

If you want to remove this tumor, you will inevitably touch the marrow.In this way, the difficulty coefficient of surgery has increased sharply, and even doctors cannot accurately ensure how the surgical success rate is.

The maximum tumor that removes is difficult, so it is even more impossible to remove three tumors in small static brains at one time.

Doctors have also found that three large blood vessels are tightly connected to tumors to continue blood supply to them, so during the process of resection, it is likely to lead to major bleeding.Once this situation occurs during surgery, it will immediately make Xiao Jing’s life unabashed!

Fortunately, although the tumor in Xiaojing’s brain has invaded the marrow at present, it has not caused much damage to the marrow. Therefore, the function of breathing and cycle can still be maintained temporarily, and Xiao Jing died immediately.

But in any case, this tumor in Xiaojing’s brain is like a timing bomb that will explode at any time, and must be removed as soon as possible!

The family who learned from the doctor’s mouth was shocked.They did not expect that Xiao Jing, who had always been healthy, would suddenly suffer from such a serious condition.

When the success rate of this disease’s surgery was completely unavoidable, the family was desperate.But you can only wait for the surgery. You may have a line of vitality in gambling for surgery!Without too much hesitation, Xiao Jing and his family members decided to perform surgery!

After deciding to perform surgery, Wang Shi began to go through all kinds of procedures for his wife and prepare all the matters for surgery.In order to prevent the family from worrying, Xiao Jing in the other side kept a sunny mentality, and even joked with the family.

Because it was craniotomy, Xiao Jing needed to shave all hair before surgery.Xiao Jing, who learned that shaving his head, joked to her husband Wang Shi:

"Do you really have to shave your hair? I still have to wash my hair before shaving. I have to feel the feeling of shampooing. I also want to float beautifully, hahaha!"

Because Xiao Jing’s joke and her hearty laughter, the dull atmosphere around the ward has been relieved.In the face of the coming surgery, Xiao Jing performed very calmly: "Think about everything in the good direction, I can survive! I believe the operation will be successful!"

In the end, Xiao Jing’s black and beautiful long hair was shaved and cleaned.The small quietness of one meter and six -two height itself is now only 70 pounds under the torture of the disease. The whole person is like a skinny, and after shaving her head, she looks even more terrible.

Wang Shi always knew that his wife was an optimistic and cheerful person, and it was the wife who was deeply attracted by his wife.But looking at the tortured wife, in order to prevent them from worrying about his pretending to be strong, and even joking to alleviate the emotions of his family, Wang Shi’s heartache and distress!

In order to alleviate the tension before his wife’s surgery, Wang Shi also worked hard to perform easily!However, the phenomenon of Xiao Jing’s repeated vomiting still made the family’s heart mentioning her throat. Xiao Jing’s surgery was imminent and could not delay anymore!

Can Xiao Jing fight with death?Can her three -month -old son wait for her mother to go home safely?All this is unknown, and all hope is placed on the doctor.

The operation was arranged in the early morning of the next day, and Xiao Jing was pushed into the operating room early in the morning. Under the influence of anesthesia, she quickly fell into a sleep.

This time, the surgeon will first open Xiao Jing’s head, and then strip the duct, alays, and soft meningers in turn.It took about two hours for this process.After this step is completed, the doctor can start looking for the specific position of the tumor.

After some search, Director Li, the main doctor, finally found the biggest tumor that was close to the marrow.The next is the first difficulty to face this operation -the largest tumor to remove.

Each step needs to be cautiously cautious when the sword is known as the "restricted area of life", because an accidental consequences will be unavoidable because one accidentally touch or hurts a certain nerve.

In order to be able to learn the patient’s vital signs at any time during the resection process, Director Li, the main doctor, asked the nurse to maximize the sound of the heart monitor, so that he could always hear Xiao Jing’s heartbeat speed and judge her real -time state.

In addition to noticing the nerves, the resection process to prevent major bleeding is also very important.Because once accidentally cut into the blood vessels, the blood vessels will quickly shrink back to the tissue, and it will be difficult to find anymore, and the bleeding situation will not be controlled.

Just when Director Li was prepared and started to set off the tumor, the heart guardians issued a rushing alarm sound, and Xiao Jing’s heart rate began to drop rapidly!

After emergency treatment, Director Li once again started the tumor, but as long as he was slightly near the marrow, Xiao Jing’s heart rate would decline. This situation made Director Li temporarily stop all operations.At this time, it has been nearly five hours before the operation, and the doctors must fight in seconds.

After emergency discussion, Director Li and other surgical doctors unanimously decided to change the direction of the surgery. From one -time resection to the largest tumor divided into two, it was removed in two to reduce the damage to the marrow.

In the process of separation, new problems appeared again.

During the inspection of Xiao Jing, the doctors found that one of the small tumors was hidden below the big tumor and inside the marrow tissue.

Therefore, when the doctors formulated a surgical plan, they hope that they can take out this small tumor while taking out the big tumor during the surgery.However, at this time, it is so difficult to take out the big tumor and the situation, and the possibility of being taken out of small tumors is very small.

After 8 hours of struggle, Director Li walked out of the operating room exhaustedly that the operation was basically successful, and the big tumor in Xiao Jing’s mind had been successfully removed.However, whether the tumor in Xiaojing’s brain is completely removed is to be further checked.

Two days later, Xiao Jing was basically out of danger of life and moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward.Doctors also scan Xiao Jing’s brain again. Unfortunately and cruelly, the tumor in Xiaojing’s brain was not completely removed.The hidden small tumor was still in Xiaojing’s mind, which means that Xiao Jing will also face the second cranial surgery.

The news gave Xiaojing’s family again. Her mother looked at her weak daughter after the operation. Thinking of her daughter, she had to suffer such dangerous surgery. She could no longer cover her emotions and cried her face.

Where does the tumor in Xiao Jing come from?Why is it unable to remove it again?

Doctors diagnose Xiao Jing who is likely to suffer from a clinical syndrome caused by mutations caused by cancer suppression genes -VHL syndrome.The VHL gene has a variety of mutations, so the clinical manifestations of the disease are complex and diverse.Similar to brain, spinal cord, and retinal vascular lone cell tumor.Renal cell carcinoma and other diseases are related to this, so there are not a few people suffering from such diseases.

During Xiaojing’s hospitalization, many patients with the same condition came to Xiaojing Ward to visit.Some of these people’s lesions are in the spinal cord, and they have even performed five or six surgery; some people have lesions at the age of four or five, and they have to fight against the disease all their lives …

But even if life is bitter and the condition is serious, they are as optimistic as Xiao Jing, actively cooperate with treatment, and work hard!This group of patients encouraged Xiao Jing and his family not to give up. If there is any difficulty or the confusion in the condition, they can help them help them.

Under the enlightenment of this group of patients, Xiao Jing’s relatives finally came out of the haze of no complete success of the operation and continued to be confident in future days!

Thirteen days after the operation, a good Xiaojing was returned to the hospital!Although there is still a timing bomb in the head that will face the second craniotomy at any time, Xiao Jing at this time will throw it all behind this.Babies separated from them.

What will happen to the future?No matter how worried now, it is not good to help, it is better to cherish every day where you get along with your family.

During the whole process, Xiao Jing’s positive and optimistic attitude left a deep impression!Most people are pessimistic when facing the test of life and death. Few people will be as peaceful as Xiao Jing, not only optimizing their illness, but also actively cooperate with treatment.

Even if she knew that she would live or die after she was on the operating table, she still accepted it.Xiao Jing’s optimistic attitude infected her husband and parents, and deeply moved everyone around him!When the family was immersed in sadness, Xiao Jing brought them out of this pessimistic emotion.

Even if the disease is ruthless, as long as you face it positively and cooperate with confidence to cooperate with the treatment, no matter how hard it is, it will survive!We have to believe in the people with optimistic and strong mentality, and her life is full of infinite possibilities!You see, Xiao Jing returned from the ghost door and returned with a healthy and healthy land!

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