The 26 -year -old prospective mother dyed her hair for a long time, and repeated fever in July in pregnancy. After the doctor’s examination, she cried for a day and one night.

Modern fashion, beautiful and charming, Xiaomeng is a well -known beauty in the ten miles.Not only is she beautiful, she dyes her blond hair, she also hopes that her customers can also become more beautiful, and people are boasting.Maybe everyone heard that Xiao Meng is actually a hairdresser.

I first came into contact with this line, just because she liked various colors of hair. She started to dye almost once or twice a year since she was 16 years old.Occasionally a chance to try her girlfriend to try to dye her hair, which is very successful, but lacks some dynamics.So she studied her hair dyeing. Four years later, she finally had her own barber shop and her hair dyeing technology. She was a big Lam.After many customers come, they will be dyed.She also had the fortune to meet her current husband Li Fei. This is a handsome guy who especially likes her. With the opportunity of hair dyeing, she always comes to chat with Xiao Meng. From time to time, she will send some roses. Please eat meals.The two gradually became familiar and fell in love. On a romantic Tanabata night, Li Fei used a very simple hair bottle to make a big heart type on the ground. The middle was full of my love of you, and the romantic proposal was beautiful.

Li Fei is a big boy who especially likes children. He has been married for four years. Both of them are thinking whether they should have a child, otherwise I always feel that there is a lack of something in life. Xiaomeng rests at home for two months and supplements folic acid on time.It’s okay to read the books for pregnancy, your hair is not dyed, and he no longer dyes the hair of others, and is basically separated from the hair dye.

When the two managed to conceive their children, the whole family was immersed in the joy of having babies. When 7 months of pregnancy, Xiaomeng always repeatedly fever and did not see it for half a month. At first she listened to her husband’s opinion.The medicine was later found to be unable to carry it.The gums and nasal cavity are often bleeding, and Xiao Meng realizes the seriousness of the problem. After the hospital examination, the doctor told her that she cried for a day and one night. After a series of examinations, she was diagnosed with leukemia.The possibility of children’s deformity is also very high.She did not dare to tell her husband this situation, but the situation was too critical. The doctor secretly informed his husband that her wife had to take medicine or received radiotherapy, but the child must be killed first, otherwise the pregnant woman would be in danger of life, but regardless of whether it wasIt is impossible for children to keep. Even if the child is born, it is not dead or disabled. The first thing her husband thinks is to save the life of his daughter -in -law. The child will have it in the future. The child can only bear it.

Xiaomeng thought that she might be gone, but the child was the only love witness of him and her husband. She hoped to leave the child, but the doctor said that at this time, she had to bear the child to remove the child and receive leukemia.Xiao Meng was almost embarrassed to ask her husband, and her husband still did not agree. She resolutely wanted to kill her child, just to save his wife’s life.

Xiaomeng is not an individual phenomenon. In fact, long -term use of hair dye will not only cause leukemia, but also may induce lymphoma, regenerative disorders, and abnormal bone marrow hyperplasia syndrome.The ranks of hair dyeing, compared to young people, they have higher risk of cancer!

Some items must be left away

Every girl who loves beauty is walking RMB, skin care, maintenance, whitening, and makeup.However, these things must be kept away for mothers who are preparing for the baby and the mother who are pregnant, because these things are particularly harmful to the fetus, which will cause fetal stops.

Although beauty is important for women, the health of the baby is more important. Please see what damage these cosmetics will bring to the fetus.

– whitening products –

Most whitening products on the market contain lead and mercury, and many women like to use whitening products. Some women think that I buy high -end expensive skin care products.For speaking, the better the makeup products, the more components containing heavy metals.

– Freckle cream –

Pregnant women will have the phenomenon of stains on the face of pregnancy, which is a normal physiological phenomenon rather than a pathological phenomenon.Freckles during pregnancy not only have poor effects, but also because many freckle creams contain chemicals such as lead, mercury, and certain hormones. Long -term use will affect fetal development, and there is a possibility of malformation.

-Prame –

Lipstick is composed of various oils, wax, pigments and spices.Among them, oils are usually used for wool lipids. In addition to absorbing various heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air, they may also adsorb E. coli into the fetus, and there is a certain permeability.After pregnant women apply red, some harmful substances in the air are easily adsorbed on their lips, and saliva invades the body, causing the fetus in the pregnant woman’s abdomen to be harmed or even deforms.In view of this, it is best for pregnant women to not apply redness, especially not to get red for a long time.

-How removal cream-

It is recommended not to do any form of hair removal during pregnancy, because if hair removal cream is used, hair removal cream is a chemical product, and often use will affect the health of the fetus.The electro -needle hair removal is not only unsatisfactory, but also stimulates the fetus.

-Ol nail polish-

Nail polish contains a large amount of toxic gases, as well as carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde. After pregnant women apply nail polish, the carcinogens and harmful gases contained in nail polish will invade the blood circulation through the pores and respiratory systems of the pregnant woman, and thenIt hurts the growth and development of the fetus, leading to serious consequences such as abortion, premature birth, and difficulty.

-The cold and hot essence-

Cold hot essence often contains a kind of organic acid -containing organic acid, which is a toxic chemical, which is dissolved in water at room temperature and can be absorbed by the skin.And the cold and hot potion is very alkaline. After women are pregnant, their hair is very fragile and easy to fall off.If you use excessive amount and wide contact surface, it is easy to cause keratinity and hair loss of hair, and may also cause allergic reactions, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not use chemical cold and perfection.

-Buchang essential oil-

Perfume and essential oils will penetrate into the human body through the skin, which is very unfavorable to the growth and development of the fetus. Most perfumes and essential oils have added musk components. Musk has been considered the culprit for women’s abortion since ancient times.Pregnant women in the atmosphere of musk for a long time will cause abortion or fetal malformations.

-Stin dye-

According to foreign medical experts, hair dye will not only cause skin cancer, but also cause breast cancer, leading to fetal malformations.Therefore, pregnant women should not use hair dye.


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