The 25 -year -old married woman should continue to work or consider pregnancy and child?What do you say?

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Recently, her girlfriend Xiaomei has encountered annoyance.She just got married at the end of the year and went to find a job later. The employer looked at her marriage status. The first sentence was to ask "Is there a child?" The second sentence asked, "When do you want a child?" Although she repeatedly stated, she repeatedly stated thatI will not have children in the past two years, and personnel are still doubtful.Finally, I did not get an echo after the interview.

Her husband advised her that if he was not good at work, he was ready to be pregnant at home. Anyway, people were already 25, and it was time to have a child.Xiaomei is very entangled, because she did not help her on the baby. Once she was pregnant, she would have to bring the baby full -time full -time for at least three years.In the past three years, the golden period of women’s workplace growth is also a golden period for fertility.Now she is facing a dilemma, is she choosing a child or a career?

Should a 25 -year -old married woman continue to work or consider pregnancy and child?What do people say?

"I chose to continue working when I was 25 years old, don’t regret it"

The cousin around her is a strong woman, and she has achieved the position of the company’s executive at a young age.When the company was about to further promote her, she found that she was pregnant unexpectedly.At that time, she was also very entangled. After all, this was also a small life, but she was not reconciled to give up a good opportunity to promotion.To discuss with her husband, my husband tells her opinion.After thinking about it again and again, she still gave up asking for a child.

According to the cousin’s point of view, the golden period of women’s workplace has been in just ten years. At the age of 22, she graduated from university. After 3 years of experience accumulation, the 25 -year -old is exactly the node of promotion.If you are pregnant at this time, you will be delayed.Imagine that when you bring your baby back to the workplace, your work experience has been a few years ago, and he has no advantage in age. How to compete with those young young people?

Sister cousin said that if she accumulates her workplace experience for a few years, and when she is almost 30, she will consider giving birth to her baby. At that time, she did at least the company in the company. Even if she was looking for a job in the future, she would be more core competitive.After a few years of struggle, there will be a better economic foundation. In the future, you can also consider asking the nanny to bring the baby, and continue to work by yourself without delay.

"Now I am proud of my workplace, but I don’t have children, so regret it."

I heard a mother -in -law saying her daughter -in -law in the community.When the woman was young, she was drunk, and she was busy even when she got married.The 30 -year -old boyfriend who was 30 years old and 8 years of long -distance running, about 33 years old and then prepared a child.Who knows that because the high -intensity work, diet, and schedule are irregular, the body has overdrawn.

When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that it was premature ovarian failure and the quality of the ovaries was worrying.IVF did several times without success.Now the husband and wife live worry -free, but as soon as they mention the child, they start to sigh.The mother -in -law said that her daughter -in -law showed regret in words.She said that she could do it when she worked, but the child had to be early.

Although the two examples around me, although the choice of choice is the opposite, they all reveal the confusion of women on behalf of women.Career and children, like fish and bear’s paw, do not have both.If you really want to choose one of them, let’s figure out which type of person you are.If you can only realize your value at work, you may not feel the baby, then you may wish to push the pregnancy back. If you particularly like your child and do a full -time housewife, you can also feel that you can achieve value.good.

How old are you?Is work affected?


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