The 19 -year -old college student, unexpectedly pregnant, has become a vegetative

A simple flow surgery, how can the 19 Ruid University students become a vegetative?The culprit of all this is the doctor who has no qualifications.

Both Lili and her boyfriend are college students. After the two people tasted the forbidden fruit, they accidentally got pregnant. The two knew that they were very scared in the future. One was that they were afraid that parents would not know that they would not kill him.There is no job and no source of income. This little boy also inquired about the personal flow of large hospitals. How could he have three or four thousand yuan, and he couldn’t get so much money at all.One day, the boy saw a small advertisement on the street. The painless flow of people written above was 300 yuan and the operation was 500 yuan. The boyfriend felt that the price was acceptable. He took Lili to this private clinic.Passionately received Lili.After inspection, it was found that Lili had been pregnant for 80 days. Dr. Li prescribed her an abortion medicine for 300 yuan to ensure that she could be cleaned.But after a few days, Xiu Xiu was uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and terrible of stomach pain, and had to come to Dr. Li’s clinic again.Dr. Li said that last time you did not have a clean flow of the medicine, this time you need to perform surgery. The doctor promised that this time he would be cleaned, saying that he was very professional from a Grade A hospital.I did not expect that it was more than an hour after the operation. Xiu Xiu hadn’t come out yet. Xiu Xiu’s boyfriend was waiting outside. After waiting for an hour and an hour, there was no way to say that Dr. Li, my girlfriend, this girlfriend this.It’s time to come out.You see what happened to Lili. Dr. Li entered the ward and looked at Lili’s mouth. I don’t know how long. Dr. Li was frightened to send Lili to a regular hospital.Lili took too much dosage and finally became a vegetative.

A medical accident affects the life of the flower season girl. After Lili became a vegetative, the doctor left 50,000 yuan and ran away, and the clinic was also seized.Lili’s boyfriend also left him.Sadly

As a girl, the family must be cleaned up

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