The 18 -year -old girl was pregnant unexpectedly.

A 18 -year -old girl in Henan has an unexpected pregnancy in half a year, but her boyfriend is unable to raise her mother and child.

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On a video software, openly find a good person to collect it!

Isn’t this kind of behavior just want to find a "pick -up man" and pay for your own behavior?

Although the girl’s life is not satisfactory, her conditions for "recruiting dads" are very harsh!

Through her message, we can see that in 2005, she was unmarried first, and she was unable to raise it without money.What’s even more popular is that the child’s father was too stressful and left her!

She asked for "Zheng Dad", and there were a few points to summarize: the child’s father just left temporarily. If the conditions are good, she and the child will go with her father; and "Zheng Dad" may not be married;"Give money to get married;" Zheng Dad "must have a car and a house;

She even left a message under her own video: I want to be the salary of my child’s father!

Isn’t this treating "Zheng Dad" properly as a big head?

As a result, it was surprising that someone really gave her money to make money, hoping to meet with her offline!IntersectionIntersection

This active act of "happy dad" not only felt incredible, but even the comment area was captured by netizens from all walks of life!

Although everyone’s message was shocked, the three views were impacted by unprecedentedly, but most of them thought that the "mouth strong" king on the Internet would definitely not really leave with individuals!However, the more burst of the plot is that she really moved to the netizen’s house!It also said that "the house is pretty good, it’s quite rich"

When we thought that the girl could finally find a stable place, An Anxin gave birth to the child, but she ran away because she had no air conditioning in the room and ran away, and even ran to find her ex -boyfriend again!

In the video of girls, all kinds of decisions are full of reversal, different from ordinary people.Many netizens’ comments may be that some people deliberately reflect on their stringing, which attracts eye -catching flow.However, the recent girl’s account is live broadcast, and even during the live broadcast, online interviews are "recruited" for children.

Obviously it is the same age. Find a job normally to go to work. Is it not good to plan your life?

Why should you shook his tail on the Internet and rely on everyone’s rewards, or even use the unprepared dolls to make a profit?

Maybe many people have the same questions as me!

Keep watching her previous video, making people shook her head and sigh!Sad but not worthy of pitiful!

It turned out that in April, her ex -boyfriend could not bear her to do it with delicious laziness, and kept urging her to find a job to work, but the girl just wanted to put it on the bad.

Seeing girls say that she came out at the age of thirteen or four, is there any difficult to say?

Really found a little clue in one of her videos.

It turned out that her parents were divorced when they were childhood, and she lived with her mother.The biological father did not have a little care of her father, and even said that she was not obscene by the lazy man in the same village.

The bad experience of childhood must have a very bad impact on the world view of girls.As a result, she could not understand her thoughts and behaviors.

At present, the girl’s life and attitude of life are messy.

The room was full of domestic garbage and did not clean it. Even the garbage smelly, she was too lazy to go downstairs to throw it.

She lives in takeaway every day, and she may not learn the same skills in life.

At present, she relies on the help of everyone on the Internet.Occasionally you can receive red envelopes ranging from 100 or 200 yuan.

Her work skills are even more difficult to say. When they joined the company on May 2nd, they immediately broke up with her boyfriend.

As a result, on May 3rd, he ran away from the company because of his difficult work. He was running to drink and drink.

In the long run, repeated impermanence and no length of age, although she interviewed a lot of "recruiting father", for a long time, many people couldn’t bear her sloppy and laziness.

So her life is not very stable, and occasionally flowing on the streets.

At present, she has a live video of her life every day,

Occasionally there are funny, constipated, Xiu Xiu, through her sharing, many enthusiastic netizens give her suggestions in life, and even have money encouragement.

Until the editor’s release, in her latest video on July 18th, she wrote like this:

"It’s been half a year in a blink of an eye

I also lay down for half a year,

The New Year is going to spend a few months

There is no dime in your hand

I feel that I am the most unfortunate

Everyone has money, I have nothing "

Everyone has the power to choose a lifestyle, and different people have different ways to live.

But Xiaobian really hopes that this old -fashioned girl can be more independent and more positive.

Use your own efforts to fight for a better future for yourself.

Don’t live on the Internet as a joke in other people’s population to talk about funds …

What do you think about this girl’s lifestyle and attitude?

Discuss in the comment area together!

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