The 17 -year -old pregnant woman suffered a living baby, and the corpse lost the road directly. The female murderer: I can’t get pregnant

Respecting the elderly and love is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation for thousands of years. In addition, for the pregnant mother, we should also give them a seat appropriately when we are riding a bus on weekdays.Even in some job occasions, there will be some slogans that care for them.But in recent times, there was a shocking thing in Mexico.That is a woman in Mexico. Because she cannot have birth, she brutally killed a 17 -year -old pregnant mother. What was even more frightened was that after the woman killed the pregnant mother, she would still beThe baby in his belly was cut out.Then pretending that the baby was born.This incident was discovered because the body of the pregnant woman was discovered by the local residents, so she called the police.Then the police, after a series of clues launched an investigation, revealed the truth of the matter.

The happiness of a family is the crystallization of the couple’s love, that is, a child.There is an inseparable relationship.The cruel killing of the female murderer of the 17 -year -old pregnant mother was said to be abandoned by her husband because he didn’t want to be unable to give birth.This incident has related reports in the "Daily Mail" on June 5.

Police from the City of Platradercan on the 30th last month received reports from the local people.That is, in a sidewalk, in the packaging of plastic bags, the locals even found a 17 -year -old female body.What is even more surprising is that the female body has been pregnant for more than 7 months. However, when the female corpse was found, the pregnancy’s belly had disappeared, and the children in the belly were gone.Just after the police launched a series of investigations, it was found that this cruel event had an inseparable relationship with a woman named Hu Antita.

Police said the woman named Hu Antita invited the 17 -year -old pregnant mother who was 7 months pregnant to visit her home.But after the pregnant mother arrived at their house, Hu Annita did not let the pregnant mother leave.Then use non -human means to kill the pregnant mother.After killing, took out the baby in the pregnant mother’s belly and went to the hospital at the time, and then lying that it was his own child because the premature birth was weak.

Fortunately, doctors discovered that the woman named Hu Annita was not pregnant at all.So the doctor at the hospital immediately reported the case.Judging from the current situation, the baby who came out of the pregnant mother’s abdomen, although was taken to the hospital for treatment in a short period of time, has not yet escaped the danger of life.Hu Annita, who killed this pregnant mother, has also been prosecuted now. According to the charges he sued, it will be a 50 -year punishment for this female murderer.

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