The 15 -year -old girl in India was sexually assaulted by her cousin, and was burned by the perpetrators and her mother to fire.

(Observer News) According to the US CNN (CNN) reported on October 15, a 15 -year -old pregnant girl in India was struggling to survive in a hospital in northern India. She was burned by two family members before, and one of them was a girl.The cousin was also accused of sexually assaulted her and became pregnant.

In this case that shocked India across the country, the Northern Police arrested the 18 -year -old perpetrator and his mother on the 10th.According to the police quoted by the Indian newspaper Trust (PTI), they reported that after learning that the girl was pregnant, they tricked the victims in the name of "marriage", and then poured kerosene on the girl and ignited it.

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According to CNN, Kamlesh Kumar Dixit, a senior police officer of the northern state, said that about 3 months ago, the girl was sexually assaulted by her 18 -year -old cousin.But at first, the girl did not disclose her encounter to her family."India Times" reported on October 10 that later, due to the pain of the girl’s stomach, her family took her to the hospital for examination, only to find that she was pregnant.

Later, the local village committee was informed of the incident and asked the two parties to "reach compromise" on October 6, because the criminal behavior occurred in the "internal family".The girl’s mother said that because the village committees put pressure on them, they had to compromise and agreed not to call the police.

The girl’s mother also told CNN that the mother of the perpetrator had promised that they would pay the expenses of abortion and let the girl and the perpetrator marry.After discussion, the girl’s mother agreed to the idea.

According to Jayna Kothari, a senior lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, the idea of getting married by the victim and the perpetrators was not unheard of in India."(Sexual assault) girl is considered a burden. She will face violence, and her family will also face violence, so the family will want to marry her."

However, in the later October 6th, the girl was attacked more seriously.According to the police quoted by the Indian newspaper Trust (PTI), it was reported that the girl was deceived to the perpetrator’s home in the name of "marriage", and then the perpetrator and her mother poured kerosene on the girl and ignited her.Fortunately, the neighbors eventually rescued the minor and sent her to the hospital.

According to a doctor responsible for the treatment of girls, about 80%of the girl’s whole body was burned, and the condition was not out of danger."The doctor is trying to save her, but (maybe) there is no hope of survival," the girl’s mother told CNN on the 13th, and she also said that she now hopes that the rapist will be strangled.

According to the police officer Dixte, the perpetrator and his mother were arrested by the police on the 10th for attempts on suspicion of murder. The motivation of the attack was unclear and the police were investigating.

It is worth noting that this malignant case occurred in the Northern State with the most population in India. According to CNN, this is the main target area of "saving girls and educating girls" initiated by Indian Prime Minister Modi.The movement aims to improve India’s gender equality.However, this movement seems to have little effect, and various atrocities still frequently appear on the news headlines.According to CNN, according to the latest government data, India has an average rape every 17 minutes.

In addition, according to lawyer Kotari, India’s judicial system is "famous for its famous" and may bring "trauma" to sexual assault victims.Although the Indian Central Government had previously approved a plan in 2019 to open more than 1,000 fast courts across India to help clean up the backlog rape cases and sexual assault cases against minors.However, according to the information submitted to the Shangyuan in December 2021, the Minister of Justice and Justice of Indian law and the judicial minister set up less than 700 such courts.

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