The 15 -year -old girl has a stomach pain. I almost can’t keep here?IntersectionExperts reversed 5 laps as soon as they checked

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From small to large, everyone may have experienced "stomach pain" experience

The first reaction is often

Did you eat bad things?


Is the belly cold?

Maybe the "aunt" is going to drive?

But there is another kind of stomach pain

The above reasons are not all, you need to identify it carefully

Otherwise, it may cause damage to the body that cannot be made up

Recently, First Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College

Sudden abdominal pain

15 -year -old girl Meimei (pseudonym)

When I checked, the ovarian sisters on one side turned to 5 laps

Nani?The ovaries will turn!

It will even make female compatriots face the danger of losing the ovaries

This is how the same thing?

Middle school girls have reversed several laps, and experts have successfully reset under laparoscopy

The 15 -year -old Hangzhou girl Meimei was in the third grade. She was 1.61 meters tall and weighed 118 pounds. She was strong and rarely sick.Girls of this age also love beauty, and Meimei is the most dissatisfied place for her body is the slight belly.In order to prepare for the sports in the middle school entrance examination, plus "slightly losing weight to make it more beautiful", Meimei insists on running and skipping rope every day.Good scores of sports.

On the weekend on November 19th, the beauty of the beautiful abdomen that had jumped at home and turned 15 minutes of Hulai began to appear."It’s like a dense needle with a small needle to pierce my belly!" Meimei recalled that her stomach was not so painful after she compressed her belly with a warm water bottle. She thought that the menstruation was coming, and the endurance would pass.

Unexpectedly, the continuous abdominal pain is like a mountain and endless, and her mother mistakenly thinks that Meimei is eating too much and indigestion. She also gave her medicine to promote gastrointestinal power.In the afternoon, Meimei’s face was pale, her lips were not bloody, her foreheads were sweaty, and she was nauseous and vomiting. "Are you afraid of acute appendicitis?!" The family in the family sent her to the first emergency department of Zhejiang University Hospital.

Emergency doctors have found that there is no problem with the appendix of Meimei for B -ultrasound, CT, etc., but there are cystic blocks (10 cm × 8 cm) inside her pelvic cavity and the right attachment area above the uterus.liquid.Seeing the unbearable pain of Meimei, combined with imaging reports, Hu Jinghui, deputy chief physician of gynecological Hu Jinghui, who has rich clinical experience, judged that Meimei is likely to be the symptoms of digestive tract that caused severe pain in the reversal of ovarian cysts.Because severe ovarian cysts can be died, surgical treatment is needed to be performed immediately.

In order to save Midea’s ovarian function to the greatest extent, Deputy Chief Physician Hu Jinghui first explained the condition to Meimei parents, led the team to formulate surgery plans, and urgently launched minimally invasive surgery of laparoscopy.

It was found that her right ovarian cyst was reversed, the ovarian enlargement, and the fallopian tubes were significantly rough edema. A ligament of the ovary was twisted clockwise for 4 to 5 weeks. The entire ovaries and fallopian tubes were purple and black.Fortunately, gynecological experts twist the ovaries and fallopian tubes in time, and the right fallopian tubes slowly begin to restore blood supply, and the color gradually turns red.Then, the experts quickly peeled the cysts and the ovaries were completely retained.The operation was very smooth, the bleeding during the operation was rare, and the beautiful abdominal pain quickly relieved.

After surgery, the fallopian tubes and ovarian blood transportation on the right side of Meimei resumed well. Due to the operating port with single -hole laparoscopic surgery, it was opened in the Meimei umbilical cord, and the traces of surgery were almost not seen. A few days ago, she was discharged safely.

Gynecological experts suggest: unmarried and unborn, and regular medical examinations for gynecology

The most common symptoms of ovarian to reverse are abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Common symptoms are tenderness, mass, fever, and abnormal bleeding.However, it also has a strong confusion, and it is easily misdiagnosed as acute appendicitis, kidney stones, incarcerated hernia, intestinal lymphitis, pelvic infectious diseases, and ectopic pregnancy.Early ultrasound examination helps identification.

"We can understand the ligament to support the ovaries!" Deputy Chief Physician Hu Jinghui said that ovarian torsion refers to the ovarian or attachment (ovaries and fallopian tubes).The blood of the ovarian and fallopian tubes will be cut off, which will cause ovarian ischemia, necrosis, rupture and infectious shock, and may also occur.Once ovarian necrosis occurs, the solution is only -remove the ovaries!Without one side of the ovarian, this also means that this girl has half of the eggs, which may lead to decline in fertility and premature ovarian function. It will also lead to the decline of female physiological functions, which can easily cause a series of symptoms such as menstrual disorders and endocrine disorders.

Ovarian reversal

Ovarian reversal is a severe gynecological acute abdomen. Since it is so terrible, is the probability of occurrence?Data show that the incidence of ovarian torsion is 5.9 of each 100,000 women, accounting for about 2 to 3%of the gynecological emergency department.It may occur in women of all ages such as children, adolescents, and childbearing age. People between 20 and 40 are most likely to have ovarian reversal, accounting for 70%of the incidence of this age.

"Ovarian cyst is the most common pathological basis for ovarian torsion. Ovarian torsion is related to the size of the cyst, attachment activity, ovarian ligament relaxation, etc. In the study confirmed by the surgery, it is found that the ovarian mass greater than 5 cm will increase the ovarian ovarian.The opportunity to rotate on the two ligament shafts. "Hu Jinghui said that the main causes of ovarian torsion also include congenital factors, such as the tubal and ovarian membrane;Pregnancy leads to increasing uterine volume, changes in ovarian positions, and auxiliary reproduction.Of course, changes in sharp positions and strenuous exercise are also external incentives that have reversed ovarian.

"The 15 -year -old flower season girl like Meimei has a 10 -centimeter block on the ovaries, but I have not found it. It was not until the reversal, which was heartbroken!" Hu Jinghui said that he recently received 3 or 4 cases.Patients with ovarian reversal are concentrated in the age of 20. These patients, like Meimei, think that they are young, have no sexual life, do not do or do gynecological examinations.In fact, the key to finding the ovarian reversal is that the function of saving the ovary is early and early treatment.

Deputy Chief Physician of Hu Jinghui emphasized that unmarried and unborn young women (over 14 years old or after the early menstrual tide) also have the possibility of uterine ovarian fallopian tube disease. It is necessary to regularly check the gynecological B ultrasound of the stomach.Just add a simple gynecological B -ultrasound to the medical examination items, and you can find most ovarian or uterine problems.It is not necessary to check each year, but it is still very beneficial to do one every two or three years. After all, the B -ultrasound is also a non -invasive examination.If you find problems during the medical examination, you should follow up in time.Especially young women who have found ovarian cysts or ovarian teratoma, if abdominal pain occurs suddenly, must go to the doctor in time!

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